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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41256 St.John C.E., Adams W.L. Convection Currents in Stellar Atmospheres 1924ХХ
41257 Wilson E.B. Coulombs Law and the Hydrogen Spectrum 1924ХХ
41267 Barus C. Density and Diffusion Measurement by Displacement Interferometry in Extreme Cases 1924ХХ
41302 Evans G.C. Economics and the Calculus of Variations 1924ХХ
41304 Nettleton L.L. Effective Radii of Gas Molecules 1924ХХ
41309 Rainich G.Y. Electrodynamics in the General Relativity Theory 1924ХХ
41339 Michal A.D. Functionals of Curves Admitting One-Parameter Groups of Infinitesimal Point Transformation 1924ХХ
41340 Bogert M.T., Nisson Ph.S. Further Experiments in the Field of the Terephthalic Acid Derivatives 1924ХХ
41341 Davis B., Von Nardroff R. Further Experiments on the Refraction of X-Rays in Pyrites 1924ХХ
41360 Pfund A.H. Halogen Isotopes and Infra-Red Reflection Spectra 1924ХХ
41384 Loeb L.B., Ashley M.F. Ionic Mobilities in Gaseous Mixtures 1924ХХ
41423 Gowen J.W., Leavitt H.W., Evans W.S. Mortar Strength, A Problem of Practical Statistics 1924ХХ
41426 Coblentz W.W., Lampland C.O. New Measurements of Planetary Radiation and Planetary Temperatures 1924ХХ
41430 Rabinov I.I. Note on the Diffraction of X-Rays by a Wedge-Shaped Slit 1924ХХ
41432 St.John C.E., Babcock H.D. Note on the Pressure and Currents in the Suns Atmosphere 1924ХХ
41435 Nichols E.L. Notes on Neodymium Oxide 1924ХХ
41436 Luyten W.J. Notes on Stellar Statistics II The Mathematical Expression of the Law of Tangential Velocities 1924ХХ
41437 Luyten W.J. Notes on Stellar Statistics III. On the Calculation of a Mean Absolute Magnitude from Apparent Magnitudes, Angular Proper Motions and Linear Radial Velocities 1924ХХ
41442 Allison S.K., Duane W. On Scattered Radiation Due to X-Rays from Molybdenum and Tungsten Targets 1924ХХ
41444 Lehmer D.M. On a New Method of Factorization 1924ХХ
41446 Merril G.P. On a Stony Meteorite from Anthony, Harper County, Kansas, and a Recently Found Meteoric Iron from Mejillones, Chile 1924ХХ
41447 Merrill G.P. On a Meteoric Iron from Four Corners, San Juan County, New Mexico 1924ХХ
41452 Grozier W.J., Federighi H. On the Measurement of Critical Thermal Increment for Biological Processes 1924ХХ
41453 Grozier W.J. On the Possibility of Identifying Chemical Processes in Living Matter 1924ХХ
41457 Epstein P.S. On the Simultaneous Jumping of Two Electrons in Bohrs Model 1924ХХ
41470 Simon A.W. Quantitative Theory of the Influence Electrostatic Generator 1924ХХ
41474 Keyes F.G., Sears F.W. Recent Measurements of the Joule Effect for CO_2 1924ХХ
41484 Ross P.A. Scattered X-Rays 1924ХХ
41485 Rainich G.Y. Second Note Electrodynamics in the General Relativity Theory 1924ХХ
41487 Kasner E. Separable Quadratic Differential Forms and Einstein Solutions 1924ХХ
41489 Pearl R., Reed L.J. Skew-Growth Curves 1924ХХ
41490 Bridgman P.W. Some Properties of Single Metal Crystals 1924ХХ
41495 Underwood H.W. Studies in Catalysis 1924ХХ
41504 Condon E. The Age of the Stars 1924ХХ
41515 Dickinson R.G. The Combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the Presence of Activated Mercury 1924ХХ
41516 Lemon H.B. The Comet Tail Spectrum and Deslandres First Negative Group 1924ХХ
41519 Webster D.L., Ross P.A. The Compton Effect with No Box around the Tube 1924ХХ
41520 Becker J.A. The Compton and Duane Effects 1924ХХ
41521 Bogert M.T., Bergeim F.H. The Constitution of Columbia Yellow (Chloramine Yellow) 1924ХХ
41523 Baxter G.P., Starkweather H.B. The Density and Atomic Weight of Helium 1924ХХ
41524 Baxter G.P., Starkweather H.B. The Density of Oxygen 1924ХХ
41525 Bateman H., Ehrenfest P. The Derivation of Electromagnetic Fields from a Basic Wave-Function 1924ХХ
41526 Barus C. The Diffusion of Hydrogen into Air Measured by the Interferometer U-Gauge 1924ХХ
41542 Wilson E.B., Luyten W.J. The Frequency Distribution on Apparent Magnitude of the Non-Magellanic O-Type Stars 1924ХХ
41545 Allison S.K., Clark G.L., Duane W. The Influence on Secondary X-Ray Spectra of Placing the Tube and Radiator in a Box II 1924ХХ
41546 Armstrong A.H., Duane W., Stifler W.W. The Influence on Secondary X-Ray Spectra of Placing the Tube and Radiator in a Box 1924ХХ
41549 Hogness T.R., Lunn E.G. The Ionization Potentials of Hydrogen as Interpreted by Positive Ray Analysis 1924ХХ
41555 Davis T.L. The Mechanism of Reactions in the Urea Series 1924ХХ
41557 Wahlin H.B. The Mobilities of the Positive Ions in Helium 1924ХХ
41561 Hall E.H. The Number of Free Electrons with a Metal 1924ХХ

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