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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
119667 Clisby N., McCoy B.M. Analytic Calculation of B4 for Hard Spheres in Even Dimensions 2004ХХ
126029 Clisby N., McCoy B.M. Negative Virial Coefficients and the Dominance of Loose Packed Diagrams for D-Dimensional Hard Spheres 2004ХХ
57323 Cliquet G. Geomarketing: Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing 2006ХХ
115890 Clinton Wolfe Getting Started with Mathematica 1999ХХ
165468 Clinton J.D. Ruby Phrasebook [programming] 2008ХХ
134539 Clint Eccher Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates (with CD-ROM) (Internet Series) 2002 ХХХ
22821 Clingman D., Kendall S., Mesdaghi S. Practical Java Game Programming 2004ХХ
107544 Clinger W.D. How to Read Floating Point Numbers Accurately 1990ХХ
134845 Clines S., Loughry M. Active Directory For Dummies 2008 ХХХ
41095 Cline W.R. Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country 2007ХХ
20801 Cline M., Lomow G., Girou M. C++ FAQs 1998ХХ
165127 Cline J. Building Up: The Novelway Prototype Shop, Crisis On First KESTS, And the technical background of the concepts 2009ХХ
165411 Cline E., Parshall B., Scott L. Stratifying Endomorphism Algebras (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) 1996ХХ
191449 Clifton N. Cardiac Cell and Gene Transfer: Principles, Protocols, and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 219) 2003ХХ
113356 Clifton M. Photoshop 7.0  онтурный рисунок из фотографии 2005ХХ
161946 Clifton D.W. Physical Rehabilitation's Role in Disability Management : Unique Perspectives for Success 2004ХХ
4891 Clift R., Grace J.R., Weber M.E. Bubbles, drops, and particles 1978ХХ
136253 Clift P., Acosta J. Geophysics of the Canary Islands: Results of Spain's Exclusive Economic Zone Program 2005ХХ
39487 Clifford W.K. The Common Sense Of The Exact Sciences 1886 ХХХ
147020 Clifford W. Mathematical papers, by William Kingdon Clifford 1882ХХ
184930 Clifford W. Mathematical papers 1882ХХ
167702 Clifford J. Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Language Querying 1990ХХ
143115 Clifford J. Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Language Querying 1990ХХ
113030 Clifford I. The Autobiography of Howard Hughes 1999ХХ
21756 Clifford E., Mansfield.P.E. Design Manual. Metric 2001ХХ
186561 Clifford A. The algebraic theory of semigroups. Volume 2 1967 ХХХ
187410 Clifford A., Williams J. Supercritical Fluid Methods and Protocols 2000ХХ
125411 Cliff Z.-W. Liu, Irwin Oppenheim Spatial Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluid Systems 1996ХХ
52544 Cliff S. (ed.) Fifty Trade Secrets Of Great Design Packaging 2002ХХ
170012 Cliff R. The Military Potential of China's Commercial Technology 2001ХХ
9473 Cliff N., Keats J.A. Ordinal Measurement in the Behavioral Sciences 2003ХХ
48665 Cliff Moughtin, Taner Oc, Steven Tiesdell Urban Design: Ornament and Decoration 1989 ХХХ
136091 Cliff B. Jones, Zhiming Liu, Jim Woodcock Formal Methods and Hybrid Real-Time Systems: Essays in Honour of Dines Bjorner and Zhou Chaochen on the Occasion of Their 70th Birthdays 2007 ХХХ
195123 Clif Flynt Tcl Tk, Second Edition : A Developer's Guide (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Software Engineering and Programming) 2003 ХХХ
132874 Clif Droke Technical Analysis Simplified 1999ХХ
11201 Click R.L., Duening T.N. Business Process Outsourcing: The Competitive Advantage 2005ХХ
55278 Clews H. Fifty Years in Wall Street 2006ХХ
54304 Clewlow L., Strickland C. Energy Derivatives: Pricing and Risk Management 2004ХХ
41830 Cleveland C.M. Concerning Points of a Continuous Curve That Are Not Accessible from Each Other 1927ХХ
53895 Cleveland C.J. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Energy (Vol. 4) 2004ХХ
24618 Clevé B. Film Production Management 2006 ХХХ
80191 Clessa J.J. Math and Logic Puzzles for PC Enthusiasts 1996ХХ
162731 Clessa J. Math and Logic Puzzles for PC Enthusiasts 1996ХХ
187095 Clermont G., Vodovotz Y., An G. Complex Systems and Computational Biology Approaches to Acute Inflammation 2013ХХ
13347 Clerici M. Finite-Elemente-Modellierung und Simulation von Geometrisch Exakten Timoshenko-Balken 2001ХХ
26735 Clercq J.D. Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures: Core Security Features of Windows.NET 2004ХХ
139179 Clerck F., Hirschfeld J. Finite Geometries and Combinatorics 1993ХХ
32851 Clerc M. Particle Swarm Optimization 2008ХХ
84509 Cleophas T.J.M., Zwinderman A.H., Cleophas T.F. Statistics applied to clinical trials 2009 ХХХ
48233 Cleophas T.J. Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials 2006 ХХХ

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