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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
25616 Dierschow C. Mondays Stink!: 23 Secrets To Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment in Your Work 2003ХХ
43243 Bancroft W.D., Morton D.S. Monatomic iodine and molecular hydrogen 1929ХХ
133290 Michael Ruse Monad to Man: The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology 2009ХХ
135111 Ruse M. Monad to Man: The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology 1996ХХ
23448 Oakley A., Snover J. Monad Jumpstart 2005ХХ
14432 Chan L.K.C., Jegadeesh N., Lakonishok J. Momentum Strategies 1996ХХ
123063 Berger N.E., Twersky V. Moments of the Percus-Yevick Hard-Sphere Correlation Function 1990ХХ
99484 J. K. E. Tunaley Moments of the Montroll-Weiss continuous-time random walk for arbitrary starting time 1976ХХ
123883 Benjamin Lindner Moments of the First Passage Time under External Driving 2004ХХ
43242 Rider P.R. Moments of moments 1929ХХ
197431 Dang Dinh Ang, Gorenflo R., Vy Khoi Le Moment Theory and Some Inverse Problems in Potential Theory and Heat Conduction (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 2002ХХ
2698 Ang D.D., Gorenflo R., Le V.K. Moment theory and inverse problems in potential theory and heat conduction 2002ХХ
151288 Guillemin V., Ginzburg V., Karshon Y. Moment maps, cobordisms, and Hamiltonian group actions 2002ХХ
173465 Guillemin V., Ginzburg V., Karshon Y. Moment Maps, Cobordisms, and Hamiltonian Group Actions 1997ХХ
3163 Guillemin V. Moment Maps and Combinatorial Invariants of Hamiltonian TN-Spaces 1994ХХ
122710 Bobylev A.V., Gamba I.M. Moment Inequalities and High-Energy Tails for Boltzmann Equations with Inelastic Interactions 2004ХХ
124332 Bobylev A.V. Moment Equations for a Granular Material in a Thermal Bath 2002ХХ
123496 David Levermore Moment Closure Hierarchies for Kinetic Theories 1995ХХ
162040 Govindaraju R.S., Das B.S. Moment Analysis for Subsurface Hydrologic Applications (Water Science and Technology Library) 2007ХХ
156761 Govindaraju R., Das B. Moment Analysis for Subsurface Hydrologic Applications 2007ХХ
66540 Lansdown A.R. Molybdenum Disulphide Lubrication 1999ХХ
188525 Lantelme F., Groult H. Molten salts chemistry: from lab to applications 2013ХХ
1080 Hitchin N. Molopoles, Minimal Surfaces and Algebraic Curves 1987ХХ
137966 Efferth T. Molekulare Pharmakologie und Toxikologie: Biologische Grundlagen von Arzneimitteln und Giften 2006 ХХХ
19850 von Sengbusch P. Molekular und Zellbiologie 1979ХХ
163464 Landau L., Kitaigorodsky A. Molecules.  нига 2. 1980 ХХХ
154711 Vicente M., Tamames J., Valencia A. Molecules in Time and Space: Bacterial Shape, Division, and Phylogeny 2004ХХ
5665 Cowling T.G. Molecules in motion 1950ХХ
54878 Haaland A. Molecules and Models: The Molecular Structures of Main Group Element Compounds 2008 ХХХ
50081 Arkel A.E. Molecules and Crystals: In Inorganic Chemistry 1956 ХХХ
48782 Lars Ohrstrom, Krister Larsson Molecule-Based Materials: The Structural Network Approach 2005ХХ
183961 Turnbull M., Sugimoto T., Thompson L. Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials. Theory, Techniques, and Applications 1996ХХ
190903 Lawley K. Molecule Surface Interactions (Advances in Chemical Physics) (Vol 76) 1989ХХ
132916 Lawley K.P. Molecule Surface Interactions 1989ХХ
122349 Gruber C., Ueltschi D. Molecule Formation and the Farey Tree in the One-Dimensional Falicov-Kimball Model 1994ХХ
49534 Sellergren B. (ed.) Molecularly Imprinted Polymers 2000ХХ
657 Ciccotti G., Hoover W.G. Molecular-dynamics simulation of statistical-mechanical systems 1986ХХ
83260 Luch A. Molecular, clinical and environmental toxicology 2009ХХ
132782 de Cola L. Molecular Wires: From Design to Properties 2005ХХ
186748 Santiago A., Munoz R., Garcia R. Molecular Wine Microbiology 2011ХХ
15855 Wilson E.B. Molecular Vibrations. The Theory of Infrared and Raman Vibrational Spectra 1980 ХХХ
50647 Allen H.C., Cross P.C. Molecular Vib-Rotors: the Theory and Interpretation of High Resolution Infrared Spectra 1963 ХХХ
170418 Keohavong P., Grant S. Molecular Toxicology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2005ХХ
159047 Keohavong P., Grant S.G. Molecular Toxicology Protocols 2005ХХ
175582 Peters M. Molecular Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena (Nanoscience and Technology) 2005ХХ
36879 Peters M.H. Molecular Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena 2005ХХ
51283 Simon J.D., McQuarrie D.A. Molecular Thermodynamics 1999ХХ
50225 Ben-Naim A. Molecular Theory of Solutions 2006 ХХХ
123674 Rowlinson J.R. Molecular Theory of Capillarity 1984ХХ
178019 Jain S., Brar D. Molecular Techniques in Crop Improvement 2010 ХХХ

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