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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
161589 Hollowell J. Moodle as a Curriculum and Information Management System 2011ХХ
148413 Rice W., Nash S. Moodle 1.9 Teaching Techniques 2010ХХ
171407 Rice W., Nash S. Moodle 1.9 Teaching Techniques 2010ХХ
150989 Ian Wild Moodle 1.9 Math 2009ХХ
155166 Paul Taylor Moodle 1.9 for Design and Technology 2010ХХ
167031 Taylor P. Moodle 1.9 for Design and Technology 2010ХХ
76971 Griez E. J. L., Faravclli C., Nutt D. J. Mood Disorders: Clinical Management and Research Issues 2005ХХ
22184 Power M. Mood Disorders: A Handbook of Science and Practice 2003ХХ
163207 Montroll W., Bendler J. Montroll, Bendler Levi distributions and relaxation 1984ХХ
40087 Ridpath I., Tirion W. Monthly Sky Guide 2006 ХХХ
55390 Alcouffe R., Dautray R. Monte-Carlo Methods and Applications in Neutronics, Photonics and Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
4252 Fishman G.S. Monte Carlo: concepts, algorithms, and applications 1996ХХ
123385 Fitzgerald M., Picard R.R., Silver R.N. Monte Carlo Transition Dynamics and Variance Reduction 2000ХХ
123259 Kalle C., Winkelmann V. Monte Carlo Technique for Very Large Ising Models 1982ХХ
121957 O. F. de Aleantara Bonfim Monte Carlo Study of Tricritical Dynamics in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
97703 Binder K., Stauffer D. Monte Carlo study of the surface area of liquid droplets 1971ХХ
122660 Madras N., van Rensburg E.J.J. Monte Carlo Study of the O-Point for Collapsing Trees 1997ХХ
125740 D'Onorio De Meo M., Heermann D.W., Binder K. Monte Carlo Study of the Ising Model Phase Transition in Terms of the Percolation Transition of "Physical Clusters" 1990ХХ
125742 Tesi M.C., van Rensburg E.J.J., Orlandini E. Monte Carlo Study of the Interacting Self-Avoiding Walk Model in Three Dimensions 1996ХХ
123724 Marro J. Monte Carlo Study of the Generalized Reaction-Diffusion Lattice-Gas Model System 1990ХХ
119523 Monette L., Klein W., Zuckermann M. Monte Carlo Study of the Effect of Perturbations on Critical Droplets 1992ХХ
121832 P. Braun Monte Carlo Study of the Critical Behavior of Pure and Site-Diluted Ising Ferro- and Ferrimagnets 1988ХХ
121011 Glaus U. Monte Carlo Study of Self-Avoiding Surfaces 1988ХХ
119842 Guo H., Miller B.N. Monte Carlo Study of Localization on a One-Dimensional Lattice 2000ХХ
123868 Kurt Binder, David Landau, Marcus Müller Monte Carlo Studies of Wetting, Interface Localization and Capillary Condensation 2002ХХ
125613 Guttman C.M. Monte Carlo Studies of Two Measures of Polymer Chain Size as a Function of Temperature 1984ХХ
97150 Amit Sur, Lebowitz J.L., Marro J. Monte Carlo studies of percolation phenomena for a simple cubic lattice 1976ХХ
120167 Alexander F.J., Laberge C.A., Lebowitz J.L. Monte Carlo Studies of a Driven Lattice Gas. I. Growth and Asymmetry During Phase Segregation 1996ХХ
124994 Caillol J.M., Gilles D. Monte Carlo Simulations of the Yukawa One-Component Plasma 2000ХХ
120448 Manificat G., Caillol J. M. Monte Carlo Simulations of the Two-Dimensional Two-Component Plasma on a Line 1993ХХ
120238 Barkema G.T., McCabe J. Monte Carlo Simulations of Conformal Theory Predictions for the Three-State Potts Model 1996ХХ
124542 Sander E., Wanner T. Monte Carlo Simulations for Spinodal Decomposition 1999ХХ
121218 Plischke M., Abraham F.F. Monte Carlo Simulation Using the Fourier Transform of the Interatomic Potential 1988ХХ
124319 Chowdhury D., Stauffer D. Monte Carlo Simulation of Three-Dimensional Dilute Ising Model 1986ХХ
119837 Bowen C., Hunter D.L., Jan N. Monte Carlo Simulation of the Two-Dimensional Planar Model 1992ХХ
121093 Yaldram K., Binder K. Monte Carlo Simulation of Phase Separation and Clustering in the ABV Model 1991ХХ
123870 Kaoru Ohno, Kurt Binder Monte Carlo Simulation of Many-Arm Star Polymers in Two-Dimensional Good Solvents in the Bulk and at a Surface 1991ХХ
125066 Stephan Wansleben, John G. Zabolitzky, Claus Kalle Monte Carlo Simulation of Ising Models by Multispin Coding on a Vector Computer 1984ХХ
186424 Binder K., Heermann D. Monte Carlo simulation in statistical physics: an introduction 2002 ХХХ
62580 Binder K., Heermann D.W. Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics 2002 ХХХ
153315 Binder K., Heermann D. Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics 2002 ХХХ
122432 Swendsen R. Monte Carlo Renormalization Group 1984ХХ
138052 Newman M. E. J., Barkema G. T. Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
166472 Glasserman P. Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineering: v. 53 2003ХХ
31502 Glasserman P. Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineeing 2003 ХХХ
50933 Glasserman P. Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineeing 2003ХХ
4141 Jäckel P. Monte Carlo methods in finance 2001ХХ
50510 Ferguson D.B., Truhlar D.G., Siepmann J, Monte Carlo Methods in Chemical Physics 1999ХХ
74467 Sadiku M.N.O. Monte Carlo Methods for Electromagnetics 2009ХХ
124829 Madras N., Orlitsky A., Shepp L. A. Monte Carlo Generation of Self-Avoiding Walks with Fixed Endpoints and Fixed Length 1989ХХ

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