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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
150717 Mielenz J. Biofuels. Methods and Protocols 2009ХХ
160173 Mielenz J., Klasson K., Adney W. Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Twenty-Ninth Symposium (ABAB Symposium) 2008ХХ
188246 Miele L., Giordano A., Romano G. Cell Cycle Control and Dysregulation Protocols: Cyclins, Cyclin-Dependent Kinases, and Other Factors 2004ХХ
46025 Miele G., Longo G. Observing, Thinking and Mining the Universe 2004ХХ
141503 Miele A., Frediani A. Advanced Design Problems in Aerospace Engineering: Volume 1. Advanced Aerospace Systems 2004ХХ
122615 Miekisz J. An Ultimate Frustration in Classical Lattice-Gas Models 1998ХХ
121599 Miekisz J. Stable Quasicrystalline Ground States 1997ХХ
122228 Miekisz J. A Microscopic Model with Quasicrystalline Properties 1990ХХ
124992 Miekisz J. Classical Lattice-Gas Models of Quasicrystals 1999ХХ
123677 Miekisz J. Stochastic Stability in Spatial Games 2004ХХ
119404 Miekisz J. Frustration without Competing Interactions 1989ХХ
23179 Miehe C. Strain-driven homogenization of inelastic microstructures and composites based on an incremental variational formulation 2002ХХ
181908 Mieghem J., Landsberg H. Advances in Geophysics, Volume 13 1969ХХ
164170 Mieghem J. International Geophysics Series 1965ХХ
112762 Midlam M., McWaters G., O'Donnell J. The Retirement Guide: A Comprehensive Handbook on Aging, Retirement, Caregiving and Health - How to Plan and Pay for it 2004ХХ
150366 Midiwo J., Clough J. Aspects of African Biodiversity: Proceedings of the Pan Africa Chemistry Network Biodiversity Conference Nairobi, 10-12 September 2008 (Special Publications) 2010ХХ
179909 Midgley M. Utopias, Dolphins and Computers : Problems of Philosophical Plumbing 2000ХХ
160076 Middleton P., Gurevitz S. Music Technology Workbook: Key concepts and practical projects 2009ХХ
18107 Middleton J. (ed.) Africa. An Encyclopedia for Students (Vol. 2 Ecosystems - Laws) 2002ХХ
18109 Middleton J. (ed.) Africa. An Encyclopedia for Students (Vol. 4 Sadat - Zulu & Index) 2002ХХ
18108 Middleton J. (ed.) Africa. An Encyclopedia for Students (Vol. 3 Leakey - Rwanda) 2002ХХ
18106 Middleton J. (ed.) Africa. An Encyclopedia for Students (Vol. 1 Abidjan - Economic) 2002ХХ
165273 Middleton J., Goepfert P. Inventive Strategies for Teaching Mathematics: Implementing Standards for Reform 1996ХХ
76560 Middleton J. New Encyclopedia of Africa. Volume 1 2007ХХ
55838 Middleton J. Organizational Behavior 2002 ХХХ
82817 Middleton C. Epidural analgesia in acute pain management 2006ХХ
21067 Middleton B. Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide 2002 ХХХ
186979 Middleditch B., Amer A. Kuwaiti plants: distribution, traditional medicine, pytochemistry, pharmacology and economic value 1991ХХ
184244 Middlecamp C., Jorgensen A. Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum 2011ХХ
3590 Middlebrook M. AutoCAD 2005 For Dummies 2004ХХ
3587 Middlebrook M. AutoCAD 2004 For Dummies 2003ХХ
162253 Middeldorp A., van Oostrom V., van Raamsdonk F. Processes, Terms and Cycles: Steps on the Road to Infinity: Essays Dedicated to Jan Willem Klop on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday (Lecture Notes in ... Computer Science and General Issues) 2006ХХ
175979 Middeldorp A., Sato T. Functional and Logic Programming, 4 conf., FLOPS'99 1999ХХ
78806 Middeldorp A. Processes, Terms and Cycles: Steps on the Road to Infinity: Essays Dedicated to Jan Willem Klop on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday 2006ХХ
74240 Middelburg C.A. Logic and specification: extending VDM-SL for advanced formal specification 1993 ХХХ
20990 Miczo A. Digital Logic Testing and Simulation 2003 ХХХ
164945 Micunovic M. Thermomechanics of Viscoplasticity: Fundamentals and Applications (Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics) 2009ХХ
155545 Miculan M., Scagnetto I., Honsell F. Types for Proofs and Programs, TYPES 2007 2008ХХ
27637 Microsoft Press Staff MCSE: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementation Training Kit 2001ХХ
27765 Microsoft Press Testing . Net Application Blocks 2005ХХ
27651 Microsoft Press Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 System Administration Training Kit 1999 ХХХ
25677 Microsoft Press Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 : MCSD Training Kit 1999ХХ
26476 Microsoft Press Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Data Analysis and Business Modeling 2007ХХ
26483 Microsoft Press Software Requirement Patterns 2007ХХ
26481 Microsoft Press Microsoft Windows PowerShell Step by Step 2007ХХ
29161 Microsoft Corporation Staff, IT Professional Staff Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Operations Guide 2002ХХ
27273 Microsoft Corporation Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solutions Architecture: MCSD Training Kit 1999ХХ
27513 Microsoft Corporation A+ Certification Training Kit 2000 ХХХ
27641 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft C# Language Specifications 2001ХХ
27472 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft .Net Server Solutions for the Enterprise 2002ХХ

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