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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
80391 Miller J., Inwood B. Hellenistic and Early Modern Philosophy 2003ХХ
25225 Miller J., Neale R. (ed) The Slayer's Guide to Derro 2003ХХ
145429 Miller J. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Freud's Papers on Technique 1953-1954 1991ХХ
140725 Miller J., Serrato R., Miguel J. The Handbook of Nanotechnology: Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law 2005ХХ
141276 Miller J., Thompson A., Thomson P. Evolvable Systems: From Biology to Hardware: Third International Conference, ICES 2000, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, April 17-19, 2000 Proceedings 2000ХХ
162738 Miller J., Edelman D., Appleby J. Numerical Methods for Finance 2008ХХ
167497 Miller J., Serrato R., Represas-Cardenas J. The Handbook of Nanotechnology: Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law 2005ХХ
155517 Miller J., Haynes J. Inconceivable Conceptions: Psychological Aspects of infertility and Reproductive Technology 2003ХХ
101535 Miller J. MiG-29 Fulcrum 1991ХХ
124382 Miller J., Derrida B. Weak-Disorder Expansion for the Anderson Model on a Tree 1994ХХ
33715 Miller I.L. An Introduction To Mathematics with Applications to Science and Agriculture 1930ХХ
138695 Miller H.R., Ravenel D.C. Algebraic topology 1987ХХ
82928 Miller H.J., Han J. Geographic data mining and knowledge discovery 2009 ХХХ
148158 Miller H., Ravenel D. Elliptic cohomology.Geometry, Applications, and Higher Chromatic Analogues. 2007ХХ
39734 Miller G.A. Groups Possessing at Least One Set of Independent Generators Composed of as Many Operators as There are Prime Factors in the Order of the Group 1915ХХ
44207 Miller G.A. Sets of Conjugate Cycles of a Substitution Group 1923ХХ
44433 Miller G.A. Upper Limit of the Degree of Transitivity of a Substitution Group 1915ХХ
44385 Miller G.A. The Subgroup of a Group of Finite Order 1914ХХ
44080 Miller G.A. Group of Isomorphisms of a Transitive Substitution Group 1921ХХ
41918 Miller G.A. Note on the Temperature Relations of Photo-Electric Emission and Thermionic Emission of Electrons 1927ХХ
44081 Miller G.A. Groups of Order 2m in Which the Number of the Sub-Groups of at Least One Order Is of the Form 1 + 4k 1923ХХ
40746 Miller G.A. On the Holomorphisms of a Group 1918ХХ
42192 Miller G.A. Transformation of Conjugate Elements or of Conjugate Subgroups 1928ХХ
44187 Miller G.A. Prime Power Substitution Groups Whose Conjugate Cycles Are Commutative 1924ХХ
42487 Miller G.A. Determination of All the Groups Which Contain a Given Group as an Invariant Subgroup of Prime Index 1928ХХ
41989 Miller G.A. Postulates in the History of Science 1926ХХ
44072 Miller G.A. Form of the Number of the Subgroups of a Prime Power Group 1923ХХ
41147 Miller G.A. An Overlooked Infinite System of Groups of Order pq2 1921ХХ
44543 Miller G.A. Non-Group Operations 1932ХХ
42616 Miller G.A. Possible α -Automorphisms of Non-Abelian Groups 1929ХХ
43914 Miller G.A. Sets of Distinct Group Operators Involving All the Products but Not All the Squares 1931ХХ
41326 Miller G.A. Felix Klein and the History of Modern Mathematics 1927ХХ
40639 Miller G.A. Groups Generated by Two Operators, s1, s2, Which Satisfy the Conditions s1m = s2n, (s1s2)k = I, s1s2 = s2s1 1919ХХ
42970 Miller G.A. Automorphisms of Order 2 of an Abelian Group 1931ХХ
43204 Miller G.A. Groups Involving a Small Number of Conjugates 1931ХХ
43036 Miller G.A. Groups Involving a Cyclic, a Dicyclic, or a Dihedral Group as an Invariant Subgroup of Prime Index 1928ХХ
43030 Miller G.A. Groups which are decomposable into two non-invariant cyclic subgroups 1930ХХ
43029 Miller G.A. Groups which admit three-fourths automorphisms 1929ХХ
43028 Miller G.A. Groups generated by two given groups 1930ХХ
43027 Miller G.A. Group of isomorphism of an Abelian group 1930ХХ
43722 Miller G.A. Orders For Which A Given NumberOf Groups Exist 1932ХХ
43721 Miller G.A. Orders For Which There Exist Exactly Four Or Five Groups 1932ХХ
42975 Miller G.A. Automorphism commutators 1929ХХ
41815 Miller G.A. Arithmetization in the History of Mathematics 1925ХХ
43037 Miller G.A. Groups Which Admit Five-Eighths Automorphisms 1930ХХ
41347 Miller G.A. Groups Containing a Relatively Small Number of Sylow Subgroups 1926ХХ
43038 Miller G.A. Groups Which Admit Five-Eighths Automorphisms 1929ХХ
43220 Miller G.A. Inverse Commutator Subgroups 1931ХХ
43302 Miller G.A. Non-Abelian Groups Admitting More Than Half Inverse Correspondencies 1930ХХ
42553 Miller G.A. On the number of cyclic subgroups of a group 1929ХХ

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