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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
49831 Scarpignato C. (ed.) Rifaximin: A Poorly Absorbed Antibiotic. Pharmacology and Clinical Use 2005 ХХХ
76622 Tompkins C. A., Lehman M. T. Right Hemisphere Brain Damage 1998ХХ
62272 Russell Ch. Right Person Right Job. Guess of Know. The Breakthrough Technologies of Performance Information. 2003 ХХХ
77628 Biber-Klemm S., Cottier T., Berglas D.S. Rights to Plant Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge: Basic Issues and Perspectives 2006ХХ
57436 Aiello J.L. Rightsizing Inventory 2007ХХ
17027 Borisov A.V., Mamaev I.S. Rigid Body Dynamics 2001ХХ
32335 Featherstone R. Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms 2007 ХХХ
132191 William B. Heard Rigid Body Mechanics: Mathematics, Physics and Applications 2006 ХХХ
179714 Heard W. Rigid Body Mechanics: Mathematics, Physics and Applications (Physics Textbook) 2006ХХ
33128 Le Stum B. Rigid Cohomology 2007ХХ
48368 Wang P Rigid Flexibility: The Logic of Intelligence 2006ХХ
120371 Holicky P., Kotecky R., Zahradnik M. Rigid Interfaces for Lattice Models at Low Temperatures 1988ХХ
1219 Katz N.M. Rigid local systems 1996ХХ
77313 Featherstone R. Rigid-Body Dynamics Algorithms 2009ХХ
123384 Datta N., Messager A., Nachtergaele B. Rigidity of Interfaces in the Falicov-Kimball Model 2000ХХ
122462 Gielis G., Grimmett G. Rigidity of the Interface in Percolation and Random-Cluster Models 2002ХХ
4803 Thorpe M.F. (ed.), Duxbury P.M. (ed.) Rigidity theory and applications 2002ХХ
120456 Michele Pasquini, Giovanni Paladin Rigorous Bounds of the Lyapunov Exponents of the One-Dimensional Random Ising Model 1994ХХ
123036 Anton Bovier, V6ronique Gayrard Rigorous Bounds on the Storage Capacity of the Dilute Hopfield Model 1992ХХ
120129 Tidriri M. Rigorous Derivation and Analysis of Coupling of Kinetic Equations and Their Hydrodynamic Limits for a Simplified Boltzmann Model 2001ХХ
123829 Kandel D., Domany E. Rigorous Derivation of Domain Growth Kinetics without Conservation Laws 1990ХХ
122391 Simon B. Rigorous Entropy-Energy Arguments 1981ХХ
121212 Jared C. Bronski, Richard M. McLaughlin Rigorous Estimates of the Tails of the Probability Distribution Function for the Random Linear Shear Model 1999ХХ
121422 De Coninck J., Miracle-Sole S., Ruiz J. Rigorous Generalization of YoungТs Law for Heterogeneous and Rough Substrates 2003ХХ
7509 Kearfott R.B. Rigorous global search: continuous problems 1996ХХ
151058 James T. Kinard, Alex Kozulin Rigorous Mathematical Thinking: Conceptual Formation in the Mathematics Classroom 2008 ХХХ
121976 Peter Neu, Roland Speicher Rigorous Mean-Field Model for Coherent-Potential Approximation: Anderson Model with Free Random Variables 1995ХХ
160110 Abrial J., Glasser U. Rigorous Methods for Software Construction and Analysis: Essays Dedicated to Egon Borger on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2009ХХ
123607 Mastropietro V. Rigorous Proof of Luttinger Liquid Behavior in the 1d Hubbard Model 2005ХХ
122221 Sokal A.D. Rigorous Proof of the High-Temperature Josephson Inequality for Critical Exponents 1981ХХ
135945 de Monvel A.B., Buchholz D., Iagolnitzer D. Rigorous Quantum Field Theory 2007ХХ
143249 de Monvel A.B., Buchholz D., Iagolnitzer D. Rigorous Quantum Field Theory: A Festschrift for Jacques Bros 2006ХХ
191493 Monvel A., Buchholz D., Iagolnitzer D. Rigorous Quantum Field Theory: A Festschrift for Jacques Bros (Progress in Mathematics) 2007ХХ
97874 Newman C.M. Rigorous results for general ising ferromagnets 1976ХХ
123892 Grannan E.R., Swindle G. Rigorous Results on Mathematical Models of Catalytic Surfaces 1990ХХ
123138 Bovier A., Gayrard V. Rigorous Results on the Thermodynamics of the Dilute Hopfield Model 1993ХХ
146097 Almeida J., Frade M.J. Rigorous Software Development: An Introduction to Program Verification 2011ХХ
124459 Schulz-Baldes H., Zarrouati M. Rigorous Spectral Analysis of the Metal-Insulator Transition in a Limit-Periodic Potential 1998ХХ
119497 Denker M., Keller G. Rigorous Statistical Procedures for Data from Dynamical Systems 1986ХХ
96338 Penrose O., Lebowitz J.L. Rigorous Treatment of Metastable States in the van der Waals-Maxwell Theory 1971ХХ
154182 William P. Taylor, Thomas Barrett, Paul-Pierre Pastoret Rinderpest and Peste des Petits Ruminants: Virus Plagues of Large and Small Ruminants 2005 ХХХ
145550 Albu T., Birkenmeier G., Erdoğan A. Ring and module theory 2010ХХ
170831 Hesse M. Ring Enlargement in Organic Chemistry 1991ХХ
930 Stenstroem B. Ring of quotients. Introduction to methods of ring theory 1975ХХ
36163 Handelman D., Lawrence J. (eds.) Ring Theory 1979ХХ
36862 Van Oystaeyen F. (Ed) Ring Theory 1980 ХХХ
127361 van Oystaeyen F. Ring Theory 1980ХХ
133687 Bueso J.L., Jara P., Torrecillas B. Ring Theory 1988ХХ
108664 Granja A. Ring Theory and Algebraic Geometry 2001ХХ
129591 Kirschenbaum A. Ring Theory And Algebraic Geometry 2001ХХ

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