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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
153150 Crone D.A., Hawken L.S., Horner R.H. Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools: The Behavior Education Program 2010 ХХХ
11979 Schweitzer D. Responding to System Breaches: Incident Response and Computer Forensics Toolkit 2003ХХ
119858 Zhang G., Percus J.K. Response Factorization of Simply Connected Ising Lattices with Application to Bethe Lattice Spin Glasses 1993ХХ
124361 Gu X.-Y., Kalman G. Response Function of the Second Kind in Many-Body Systems 1993ХХ
125607 Luzzi R., Vasconcellos A.R. Response Function Theory for Far-from-Equilibrium Statistical Systems 1980ХХ
191826 Alderman G. Response in the Yield of Milk Constituents to the Intake of Nutrients by Dairy Cows (Afrc Technical Committee on Responses to Nutrients) 1998ХХ
56170 Arias J.M., Lozano M., Gallardo M.I. Response of the Nuclear System to External Forces 1995ХХ
33688 Khuri A.I. Response Surface Methodology and Related Topics 2006ХХ
35043 Box G.E.P., Draper N.R. Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses 2007 ХХХ
50492 Brandas E., Jensen H.J. Response Theory and Molecular Properties: A Tribute to Jan Linderberg and Poul Jorgensen, Vol. 50 2005ХХ
123832 Keizer J. Response to "Comments on Keizer's Critique on Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics" by B.C. Eu 1984ХХ
124276 Landauer R. Response to "The Buttiker-Landauer Model Generalized" 1990ХХ
125483 Dorfman J.R. Response to B. C. Eu 1994ХХ
96972 Mayer J.E. Response to book review:Statistical mechanics, 2nd ed. 1 1978ХХ
97663 Brush S.G. Response to book review:The kind of motion we call heat 1978ХХ
123351 Swendsen R.H. Response to NagleТs Criticism of My Proposed Definition of the Entropy 2004ХХ
124102 Byung Chan Eu Response to Review of Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics 1994ХХ
64713 World Bank Staff Responsible Growth For The New Millennium. Integrating Society, Ecology, And The Economy 2004ХХ
24822 Stahl B.C. Responsible Management of Information Systems 2004ХХ
149102 Committee on Laboratory Security and Personnel Reliabil, National Research Council Responsible Research with Biological Select Agents and Toxins 2009ХХ
106698 Hamburger A. Restabschaetzung bei asymptotischen Darstellungen der Integrale lin.D.Gl. 2er Ordnung 1904 ХХХ
25395 Richardson L., Ruby S., Hansson D.H. RESTful Web Services 2007ХХ
38794 Born M. Restless Universe 1951 ХХХ
145744 Bell J.D., Rothlisberg P.C., Munro J.L. Restocking and Stock Enhancement of Marine Invertebrate Fisheries. Volume 49 (Advances in Marine Biology) 2005ХХ
83660 Winegardner D.L., Testa S.M. Restoration of contaminated aquifers: petroleum hydrocarbons and organic compounds 2000 ХХХ
121929 V. Privman Restoration of Universality for the Rod-to-Coil Transition Scaling in the Infinite-Dimensionality Limit: Exact Results for Directed Walks 1987ХХ
76270 Craig R.G., Powers J.M. Restorative dental materials 2002 ХХХ
76165 Duggal M.S., Curzon M.E.J., Fayle S.A. Restorative Techniques in Paediatric Dentistry 2002 ХХХ
59161 Thompson D.F. Restoring Responsibility: Ethics in Government, Business, and Healthcare 2005ХХ
122897 Hioe F. T. Restricted Walks, Stability-Instability Transitions, and Dynamic Symmetries 1989ХХ
114297 Fink E., Wood D. Restricted-orientation convexity 2004ХХ
30078 Pingoud A.M. Restriction Endonucleases 2004ХХ
126118 James L. Monroe Restrictions on the Phase Diagrams for a Large Class of Multisite Interaction Spin Systems 1991ХХ
135594 Pohl G., Djankov S., Anderson R. Restructuring Large Industrial Firms in Central and Eastern Europe: An Empirical Analysis 1996ХХ
162866 Karhum?ki J., Maurer H., Rozenberg G. Results and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science 1994 1994ХХ
121697 Monroe J.L. Results from the Holsztynski-Slawny Reduction Method for Ferromagnetic Ising Models 1988ХХ
40824 Adams W.S., Burwell C.G. Results of an Investigation of the Flash Spectrum Without an Eclipse 1915ХХ
61104 Pennington R. Results Rule!: Build a Culture That Blows the Competition Away 2006ХХ
59168 Whitcomb S.B. Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer 2007 ХХХ
166045 Bodin E., Cosset F., Lagier F. Resumes des memoires. Centre d'Etudes Actuarielles 1994ХХ
132767 The Editors of VGM Career Books Resumes for Computer Careers 2002 ХХХ
145093 McGraw-Hill Education Resumes for Computer Careers 2008 ХХХ
174511 0 Resumes for Computer Careers (Professional Resumes Series) 2008 ХХХ
80445 Kennedy J.L. Resumes for dummies 2007 ХХХ
122887 Luciani J. F., Mora P. Resummation Methods of the Chapman-Enskog Expansion for a Strongly Inhomogeneous Plasma 1985ХХ
68021 Wheeler D., Wong H.R., Shanley T. Resuscitation and Stabilization of the Critically Ill Child 2008ХХ
125896 Sexton R.J., Richards T.J., Patterson P.M. Retail consolidation and produce buying practices: A summary of the evidence and potential industry and policy responses 2002ХХ
60170 Greco A.J., Michman R.M. Retailing Triumphs and Blunders: Victims of Competition in the New Age of Marketing Management 1995ХХ
30079 Thomassen L., Aconis A. Retailization: Brand Survival in the Age of Retailer Power 2006ХХ
83718 Smith R.M. (ed.) Retention and selectivity in liquid chromatography: prediction, standardisation, and phase comparisons 1995 ХХХ

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