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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124403 Cirillo E.N.M., Olivieri E. Renormalization Group at Criticality and Complete Analyticity of Constrained Models: A Numerical Study 1997ХХ
119464 Freed K.F., Kholodenko A.L. Renormalization Group Description of Polymer Excluded Volume 1983ХХ
121156 Lisyansky A.A., Ivanchenko Yu.M., Filippov A.A. Renormalization Group Equations in Local Approximation 1992ХХ
123596 Scoppola E. Renormalization Group for Markov Chains and Application to Metastability 1993ХХ
124587 Lemaitre A., Chate H. Renormalization Group for Strongly Coupled Maps 1999ХХ
125773 Ito K.R. Renormalization Group Recursion Formulas and Flows of 2D O(N) Spin Models 2002ХХ
124521 Murilo P., de Oliveira C., Barreto F.C.S. Renormalization Group Studies of the Ashkin-Teiler Model 1989ХХ
121775 Lavis D.A., Southern B.W. Renormalization Group Study of a Three-Dimensional Lattice Model with Directional Bonding 1984ХХ
121944 Geza Gyorgyi, Robert Graham Renormalization Group Study of Quantum Fluctuations near Classical Critical Points of Hamiltonian Systems 1991ХХ
121175 Lee B.P., Cardy J. Renormalization Group Study of the A + B -> 0 Diffusion-Limited Reaction 1995ХХ
5963 Fisher M.E. Renormalization group theory: its basis and formulation in statistical physics 1998ХХ
119831 Carvalho A.D., Lyubich M., Martens M. Renormalization in the Henon Family, I: Universality But Non-Rigidity 2005ХХ
125173 Escande D.F., Doveil F. Renormalization Method for Computing the Threshold of the Large-Scale Stochastic Instability in Two Degrees of Freedom Hamiltonian Systems 1981ХХ
74196 McComb W.D. Renormalization methods: a guide for beginners 2004ХХ
121842 Achi Brandt, Dorit Ron Renormalization Multigrid (RMG): Statistically Optimal Renormalization Group Flow and Coarse-to-Fine Monte Carlo Acceleration 1999ХХ
119391 Veerman J.J.P., Tangerman F.M. Renormalization of Aubry-Mather Cantor Sets 1989ХХ
120034 Go Y., Rusjan E., Zweifel P. Renormalization of Binary Trees Derived from One-Dimensional Unimodal Maps 1990ХХ
5466 Becchi C., Rouet A.,, Stora R. Renormalization of gauge theories 1976ХХ
125597 den Hollander W. Th. F., Swart J . M . Renormalization of Hierarchically Interacting Isotropic Diffusions 1998ХХ
120565 Jeff Hasty Renormalization of One-Dimensional Avalanche Models 1996ХХ
122510 Slemrod M. Renormalization of the Chapman-Enskog Expansion: Isothermal Fluid Flow and Rosenau Saturation 1998ХХ
106516 Caprasse H., Hans M. Renormalization schemes and renormallzation group functions in Yang-Mills theories with massive fermions 1987ХХ
112605 Bialynicki-Birula I. Renormalization, diagrams, and gauge invariance in QED 1970ХХ
51020 Smith L.M., Woodruff S.L. Renormalization-group analysis of turbulence. 1998ХХ
6976 Shankar R. Renormalization-group approach to interacting fermions 1994ХХ
126008 Visscher P. B. Renormalization-Group Derivation of Navier-Stokes Equation 1984ХХ
126132 Lorenzo Bertini, Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Enzo Olivieri Renormalization-Group Transformations Under Strong Mixing Conditions: Gibbsianness and Convergence of Renormalized Interactions 1999ХХ
6919 Salmhofer M. Renormalization: an introduction 1999ХХ
188837 Collins J. Renormalization: An Introduction to Renormalization, the Renormalization Group and the Operator-Product Expansion (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) 1984ХХ
129005 Collins J.C. Renormalization: an introduction to renormalization, the renormalization group, and the operator-product expansion 1984ХХ
122342 Cichocki B., Felderhof B. U. Renormalized Cluster Expansion for Multiple Scattering in Disordered Systems 1988ХХ
125115 Bruce M. Boghosian, Washington Taylor Renormalized Equilibria of a Schliigl Model Lattice Gas 1995ХХ
124206 Olaf Stenull, Hans-Karl Janssen Renormalized Field Theory of Resistor Diode Percolation 2001ХХ
97796 Harvey A. Rose Renormalized kinetic theory of nonequilibrium many-particle classical systems 1979ХХ
97124 Tenti G., McCourt F.R. Renormalized theory of the time-dependent pair distribution function. I. General formulation 1976ХХ
121162 Joshua Feinberg, A. Zee Renormalizing Rectangles and Other Topics in Random Matrix Theory 1996ХХ
69583 Teich S.(ed.), Caniano D. A. (ed.) Reoperative Pediatric Surgery 2008ХХ
70011 Billingham R.P. (ed.), Kobashi K.C. (ed.), Peters V.A. (ed.) Reoperative Pelvic Surgery 2009ХХ
192020 Kittner M., Slyke C. Reorganizing Information Technology Services in an Academic Environment 2000ХХ
112372 Ahn S.-H., Springer G.S. Repair of composite laminates 2000ХХ
84040 Perkins P. Repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete structures 1997 ХХХ
173743 Johnson P., Boyd J. Repair, Retrofit and Inspection of Building Exterior Wall Systems (ASTM special technical publication, 1493) 2009ХХ
16030 Thompson R.B., Thompson B.F. Repairing and Upgrading Your PC 2006ХХ
131835 Whisenant S. Repairing Damaged Wildlands: A Process-Orientated, Landscape-Scale Approach 1999ХХ
190810 Whisenant S. Repairing Damaged Wildlands: A Process-Orientated, Landscape-Scale Approach (Biological Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainability) 1999ХХ
191437 Whisenant S. Repairing Damaged Wildlands: A Process-Orientated, Landscape-Scale Approach (Biological Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainability) 1999ХХ
91615 Baboussenko S. Reparation des tracteurs et des automobiles 1990ХХ
37290 Rauzy G. Repartition Modulo 1 1975ХХ
52980 Schrag P.G. Repay As You Earn: The Flawed Government Program to Help Students Have Public Service Careers 2002 ХХХ
34973 Mailath G.J., Samuelson L. Repeated Games and Reputations: Long-Run Relationships 2006ХХ

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