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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
126287 Ouseley G. Biographical Notices of Persian Poets: with critical and explanatory remarks 1846ХХ
68652 Ousey  . (ed.), Mcintosh C. (ed.) Lower Extremity Wounds. A Problem-Based Learning Approach 2008ХХ
82442 Oussama Khatib, Vijay Kumar (Editor), Rus D. (Editor) Experimental Robotics: The 10th International Symposium on Experimental Robotics 2008 ХХХ
24323 Ousterhout J.K. Tcl and the Tk Toolkit 1993ХХ
76939 Outman J. L., Outman E.M. Industrial Revolution. Biographies 2003ХХ
76518 Outman J.L. Industrial Revolution Reference Library Almanac 2003ХХ
77032 Outman J.L. Industrial Revolution Reference Library Primary Sources 2003ХХ
3619 Outmesguine M. Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment 2004ХХ
58349 Ouwerkerk M., Overbeek T.J.M., Pasveer W.F. Probing Experience: From Assessment of User Emotions and Behaviour to Development of Products 2008ХХ
153334 Ovadi J., Orosz F. Protein folding and misfolding: neurodegenerative diseases (Focus on Structural Biology) 2009ХХ
119333 Ovchinnikov A.A., Timashev S.F., Belyy A.A. Book Review: Kinetics of Diffusion Controlled Chemical Processes 1991ХХ
47759 Ovchinnikov S.G. Hubbard Operators in the Theory of Strongly Correlated Electrons 2004ХХ
182846 Ovchinnikov V. The method of orbits in interpolation theory 1984ХХ
46481 Ovchinnikov V.I. The Method of Orbits in Interpolation Theory 1984ХХ
49536 Ovchinnikov V.V. Mossbauer Analysis of the Atomic and Magnetic Structure of Alloys 2006ХХ
152468 Overby A. CNC Machining Handbook: Building, Programming, and Implementation 2010ХХ
164756 Overduin J.M., Wesson P.S. Dark Sky, Dark Matter (Series in Astronomy and Astrophysics) 2002ХХ
6931 Overduin J.M., Wesson P.S. Dark sky, dark matter 2003ХХ
92773 Overhage S. (editor), Szyperski C.A. (editor), Reussner R. (editor) Lecture notes in computer science. Volume 4880. Software architectures, components and applications. 3rd international conference on quality of software architectures, QoSA 2007, Medford, MA, USA, july 11-13, 2007, revised selected papers 2007ХХ
105330 Overhagen T. Elemente der Geometrie 2006ХХ
176154 Overholt J., Kincheloe L. Math Wise! Over 100 Hands-On Activities that Promote Real Math Understanding, Grades K-8 (Jossey-Bass Teacher) 2010 ХХХ
138086 Overington I. Computer Vision: A Unified, Biologically-Inspired Approach 1992ХХ
102202 Overland Br. C++ In Plain Engish. 2000 ХХХ
27740 Overly M., Kalyvas J. Software Agreements Line by Line: How to Understand & Change Software Licenses & Contracts to Fit Your Needs 2004ХХ
192920 Overman A., Scholtz III R. Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists: Complex Analysis, Determinants and Matrices 2007ХХ
150769 Overman A.R., Scholtz R.V. Mathematical Models of Crop Growth and Yield 2002ХХ
8458 Overman L.E., Boeckman R.K., Coffen D.L. (eds.) Organic Syntheses (vol. 71) 1992ХХ
84121 Overman L.E. (ed.) Organic Reactions (volume 71) 2008 ХХХ
84043 Overman L.E. (ed.) Organic reactions (volume 56) 2000 ХХХ
83190 Overton D. Small Business Server 2008 Installation, Migration, and Configuration 2009ХХ
189373 Overton M. Numerical Computing with IEEE Floating Point Arithmetic 2001ХХ
74567 Overton M.L. Numerical Computing with IEEE Floating Point Arithmetic 2001ХХ
24154 Overton R., Hayward D. Now You Know Tungsten E 2004ХХ
149458 Overwalle G. Gene Patents and Collaborative Licensing Models: Patent Pools, Clearinghouses, Open Source Models and Liability Regimes (Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law) 2009ХХ
175981 Ovretveit J. Action Evaluation of Health Programmes And Changes: a Handbook for a User-focused Approach: A Handbook for a User-focused Approach 2002ХХ
150397 Ovsiannikov V. Lecture Notes for Physics. Part 1. Mechanics. 2002ХХ
154239 Ovsienko V., Tabachnikov S. Projective differential geometry old and new 2004ХХ
135663 Ovsienko V., Tabachnikov S. Projective Differential Geometry Old and New: From the Schwarzian Derivative to the Cohomology of Diffeomorphism Groups (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) 2004ХХ
114276 Ovsyannikov V.D., Tchaplyguine E.V. Lecture Notes for Physics. Part 3. Electricity and Magnetsim 2003ХХ
15301 Owad T., Wozniak S. Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage 2005ХХ
123096 Owczarek A. L, Prellberg T. Exact Scaling Behavior of Partially Convex Vesicles 1994ХХ
124559 Owczarek A.L., Essam J.W., Brak R. Scaling Analysis for the Adsorption Transition in a Watermelon Network of n Directed Non-Intersecting Walks 2001ХХ
123218 Owczarek A.L., Baxter R.J. A Class of Interaction-Round-a-Face Models and Its Equivalence with an Ice-Type Model 1987ХХ
121329 Owczarek A.L., Prellberg T. The Collapse Point of Interacting Trails in Two Dimensions from Kinetic Growth Simulations 1995ХХ
123366 Owczarek A.L., Preilberg T., Brak R. The Tricritical Behavior of Self-Interacting Partially Directed Walks 1993ХХ
125184 Owczarek A.L., Prellberg T. Exact Solution of the Discrete (1 + 1)-Dimensional SOS Model with Field and Surface Interactions 1993ХХ
175929 Owe O., Krogdahl S., Lyche T. From Object-Orientation to Formal Methods: Essays in Memory of Ole-Johan Dahl (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2004ХХ
189164 Owe O., Krogdahl S., Lyche T. From Object-Orientation to Formal Methods: Essays in Memory of Ole-Johan Dahl 2004ХХ
35174 Owen A.B. Empirical Likelihood, Vol. 92 2001 ХХХ
74230 Owen B. The Organ Music of Johannes Brahms 2007ХХ

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