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Cohen B.J. — Medical terminology: an illustrated guide
Cohen B.J. — Medical terminology: an illustrated guide

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Название: Medical terminology: an illustrated guide

Автор: Cohen B.J.


This easy-to-read, highly illustrated text serves as a comprehensive introduction to the field of medical terminology. It provides a detailed examination of normal structure and function, diseases, diagnosis and treatment. With four-color illustrations in every chapter, this informative text covers normal anatomy, physiology and clinical material. Flashcards, study exercises and case studies make this an ideal study tool. This second edition includes more key words for disorders, diagnosis and treatment, 50 additional illustrations of clinical concepts, more clinical case studies and expanded coverage of medications. Also included are crossword puzzles for review, learning objectives, chapter outlines and an index. A set of three supplementary review tapes is available to instructors, containing over three hours of study exercises.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Медицина и здравоохранение/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 584

Добавлена в каталог: 11.12.2005

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Предметный указатель
$HbA_{lc}$ (hemoglobin $A_{lc}$ glycohemoglobin; glycosylated hemoglobin)      440t 441
$O_2$ (oxygen)      270
$P_{aco_2}$ (arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide)      270
$P_{ao_2}$ (arterial partial pressure of oxygen)      270
$S_1$ (first heart sound)      199
$S_2$ (second heart sound)      199
$S_{po_2}$ (oxygen percent saturation)      270
$T_3$ (triiodothyronine)      441
$T_4$ (thyroxine; tetraiodothyronine)      441
$T_7$ (free thyroxine index)      441
$V_{TG}$ (thoracic gas volume)      270
$\bar{aa}$ (of each), Greek, ana      145
$\bar{s}$ (without), Latin, sine      146
$\beta$-thalassemia      226
$\tilde{a}$ (before), Latin, ante      145
$\tilde{c}$ (with), Latin, cum      145
-ac      19t
-al      19t
-algesia      100t 502t
-algia      100t
-ar      19t
-ary      19t
-ase, suffix, body chemistry      54t
-blast      53t
-capnia      254t
-cele      100t
-centesis      126t
-clasia      100t
-clasis      100t
-cyte      50t
-desis      126t
-ectomy      126t
-emia      221t
-esthesia      502t
-form      19t
-geusia      502t
-gram      125t
-graph      125t
-graphy      125t
-hernia      221t
-ia      16t
-ian      17t
-iatrics      17t
-iatry      17t
-ic      19t
-ical      19t
-ics      17t
-ile      19t
-ism      16t
-ist      17t
-itis      7 100t
-lalia      466t
-lepsy      466t
-lexia      4661
-logy      17t
-lytic      1431
-mania      466t
-megaly      100t
-meter      125t
-metry      125t
-mimetic      143t
-odynia      100t
-oid      19t
-oma      100t
-opia      517t
-opsia      517t
-ory      19t
-ose      54t
-osmia      502t
-ous      19t
-oxia      254t
-paresis      466t
-pathy      100t
-penia      221t
-pexy      126t
-phasia      466t
-phobia      466t
-phonia      254t
-plasty      126t
-plegia      466t
-pnea      254t
-poiesis      221t
-rhage      100t
-rhagia      100t
-rhaphy      126t
-rhea      100t
-rhexis      100t
-schisis      100t
-scope      125t
-scopy      125t
-sis      16t
-some      51t
-sthen/o      515
-stomy      126t
-tome      126t
-tomy      126t
-tripsy      126t
-tropic      143t 426
-tropin      426
-y      16t
99mTc (Technetium-99m)      199
A (accommodation)      524
A-      31t
AB (abortion)      410t
Ab (antibody)      235
Ab-      33t
Abbreviations, blood and immunity      235
Abbreviations, body structure      76
Abbreviations, definitions      9—10 640—652
Abbreviations, disease      105t
Abbreviations, drugs      145—146
Abbreviations, history and physical examination      130—131
ABC (aspiration biopsy cytology)      131
Abdomen      67 67 68 80
Abdomin/o      72t
Abdominal aorta      182 321 323 430
Abdominal aponeurosis muscle      586
Abdominal cavity      66 66 71t 79
Abdominal pelvic cavity      79
Abdominopelvic cavity      66 66 71t
Abducens nerve (cranial nerve VI)      456t
Abduction      584t
ABGs (arterial blood gases)      261 264t 270
ABO system      217
Abortion      398 403t
ABR (auditory brainstem response)      511
Abscess      104t
Absorption      152t
AC (air conduction)      511
ac (before meals), Latin, ante cibum      145
Accommodation      512 512t
Ace (accommodation)      524
ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitor      183 197t 199 321
Acetabulum (socket for femur)      544 557t
Acetylcholine (ACh)      477t 481 583 588t 595
Achalasia      302t
Achilles tendon      587 5931
Achlorhydria      302t
Achondroplasia      558t
Acid-base balance (pH)      321
Acid-fast stain      104t
Acidosis      257 262t 330 335t
Acini (digestive cells)      431
Acne      621t
Acous      505t
Acoustic neuroma      507 508t
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome      see AIDS
Acromegaly      434 437t
Acronyms, definition      9—10 11
Acrophobia      472
ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone)      428t 433—434 441
Actin      583 588t
Actinic      621t
Activated partial thromboplastin time clotting (APPT)      2351
Active immunity      219
Acupuncture      119 123t
Acus      505t
Acute      96t
Acute disease      91
Acute lymphoblastic (lymphocytic) leukemia (ALL)      227
Acute myeloblastic (myelogenous) leukemia (AML)      227
Acute pancreatitis      445
Acute renal failure (ARF)      270 331
AD      481 see
AD (right ear)      511
ad lib (As desired), Latin, ad libitum      145
Ad-      33t
Adam's apple      249
Addison disease      171 435 437t
Adduction      584t
Adductors of thigh muscle      586
Aden/o      51t 95
Adenocarcinoma      95
Adenohypophysis      426
Adenoidectomy      267t
Adenoids      249 253t
Adenoma      437t
Adenomectomy      434
Adenovirus      257
ADH (antidiuretic hormone)      324 325t 341 426 428t 434 434t 441
ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder)      472 476t 481
Adhesion      104t
Adhesive strips      118
Adip/o      54t
Adipose (fat) cells      611
Adipose tissue      381
Adjective suffixes      19—21 19t
ADL (activities of daily living)      130
Adnexa      405t
Adren/o      432t
Adrenal cortex      171 428t 430 435
Adrenal glands      321 322 427 430 431t 435—436 460
Adrenal medulla      428t 430
Adrenal/o      432t
Adrenaline (epinephrine)      228 231t
Adrenergics      146t
Adrenocortic/o      432t
Adrenogenital syndrome      439t
Adult-onset diabetes mellitus      436
AE (above the elbow)      563
AED (automated external defibrillator)      196t 199
Aer/o      124t
Aero      73t
Aerosol therapy      267t
Aerosols      154t
AF (atrial fibrillation)      199
AFB (acid-fast bacillus)      258 270
Afferent      477t
Afferent arteriole      323
Afferent loop      304
AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)      128t 131 408t 410t
Afterbirth      405t
Ag (antigen)      235
AGA (appropriate for gestational age)      410t
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)      519
Agglutination      232t
Agoraphobia      472
Agranulocytes      214 216t 220t
Agranulocytosis      232t
AI (artificial insemination)      408t
AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)      216 228 229t 235 363t 367 410t 619
AK (above the knee)      563
Albinism      399t 621t
Albumin      214 220t
Aldosterone      337t 427 434t 435
Alg/o      98t 144t
Algesi/o      98t 144t
Algi/o      98t 144t
Alimentary canal      283
Alkaline phosphatase      557t
Alkalosis      257 263t
ALL (acute lymphoblastic (lymphocytic) leukemia)      227 235
Allergens      228 229t
Allergies      95 228 229t
Allograft      560t
Aloe      151t 624t
Alopecia      622t
Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)      128t 131 408t 410t
ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)      478t 481 593t 595
ALT (alanine aminotransferase)      199
Alternative therapies      119 123t
Alveolar bone      284
Alveolar duct      250
Alveoli      250 251 253t
Alzheimer disease      171 470 473
AMA (against medical advice)      131
AMB (ambulatory)      131
Amblyopia      522t
AMD (age-related macular degeneration)      519
American Psychiatric Association      473
American Society of Health System Pharmacists      141
AMI (acute myocardial infarction)      199
Amino acids      55t 426
AML (acute myeloblastic (myelogenous) leukemia)      227 235
Amnesia      478t
Amnio      392t
Amniocentesis      401 402 404t
Amniotic fluid      386 401
Amniotic sac      384 386 388t
Amoeba      30
Ampules      154t 155
Ampulla of ductus deferens      356
Amyl/o      54t
Amylase      298
Amyloid      470 473t
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)      478t 593t
An-      31t
An/o      290t
Anabolism      55t
Analgesics      146t
Anaphase      47
Anaphylactic reaction      228 229t
Anaphylaxis      142t
Anaplasia      105t
Anastomosis      293 300t
Anatomic position      64 71t
Anatomical directions      65t
Anatomical position      71t
Androgen      358t
Anemia      224—226 225 2251 229t
Anencephalus      400 403t
Anesthesia      118 121t
Anesthetics      146t
Aneurysms, aortic      183
Aneurysms, atherosclerosis and      182
Aneurysms, cerebral      468
Aneurysms, definition      189t
Aneurysms, nervous system and      467 467—468 468 473t
Angi/o      179t
Angina pectoris      183 189t
Angioedema      228 229t
Angioplasty      184 191t
Angiotensin II receptor antagonist      197t
Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor      197t 321 325t
Animal cell      56
Anion gap      339t
Ankle (tarsal)      69 70
Ankylosing spondylitis      554 554—555 555 556t
Ankylosis      553 556t
Annulus fibrosus      554 555 557t
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