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Weinberg G.M. Ч Psychology of computer programming
Weinberg G.M. Ч Psychology of computer programming

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Ќазвание: Psychology of computer programming

јвтор: Weinberg G.M.


This book has only one major purposeЧto trigger the beginning of a new field of study: computer programming as a human activity, or, in short, the psychology of computer programming. All other goals are subservient to that one. For instance, I have tried to make the book interesting and nontechnical, insofar as is possible, so as to encourage the greatest number of people to read it: not just programmers, but programming managers and others connected with programming in the many ways we are connected with programming these days. What I am trying to accomplish is to have the reader say, upon finishing the book, "Yes, programming is not just a matter of hardware and software.
I shall have to look at things in a new way from now on."

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 1971

 оличество страниц: 288

ƒобавлена в каталог: 25.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Abbreviations, and documentation      267
Abbreviations, arbitrary use of      224
Abbreviations, as compression      225Ч226
Ability, differences in      135Ч136
Acceptance testing      75Ч76
Access to machine room      110Ч111
accounting      253Ч254
Accounting, as observation tool      31Ч32
ACM Special Interest Group on Personal Research      37
Activity Vector Analysis      157
Adaptability      20Ч22 150
Adaptability, and egoless programming      59
Adaptability, and language      240
Adaptability, in debugging      166
Adaptability, of a democratic group      81Ч83
Adaptability, of a language      236Ч237
Adaptability, to operating environment      256Ч258
Administrative assistant, as status symbol      111
Administrative terminal system      264
Admission of weakness      189
Aggressiveness      53
Aily, in pressure situations      104Ч106
Allport, F.H.      93
Amateur programming      122Ч125
Amateur programming, language for      212
Ambiguity, psychological versus physical      222Ч223
Analytical mind      137
Anteroom, information exchange in      51
Anthropology      39
Anthropology, contrast with sociology      37
Anthropology, participant observation      31
Antisocial behavior      87Ч88
APL, success of      238
Appearance of work, reward for      109Ч110
Appley, M.H.      199
Appointed leader      80Ч82
Archeology on programs      12 39
Arithmetic reasoning, and programming aptitude      173Ч174
Aron, Joel      113 140
Arousal      248
Array operations, and linearity      232
Asch, S.E.      93 103Ч104 115
Assembly language, block structure in      244
Assembly language, influence on JCL      233Ч234
Assertiveness      150
Assumptions, in a psychological study      259
Assumptions, role in debugging      165Ч166
Attachment to a programming language      212
Attitude, about women      111Ч112
Attitude, professional versus amateur      125Ч126
Attributes, shown in documentation      267
Audition for programming      175Ч176
Auditory learning      193Ч194
Authoritarian      78Ч79 86Ч88
Authority, reactions to      147
Avoiding problems      164Ч166
awards      see УRewardФ
Background, for programming      69 184Ч185
Bad programming days      57
Bakunin, Mikhail      119
Baliachey, E.L.      93
Batch, and beginners      190
Batch, simulated on-line      32Ч33
Batch, social structures associated with      48Ч49
Batch, versus time-sharing      259Ч262
Bebugging      248
Benefits, and employee satisfaction      80
Berkeley, Edmund C      272
Biamonte A.J.      177
Bierce, Ambrose      39
Bit-picking      76
Blackboard, importance of      207
blanks      186Ч188 233Ч234
Block structure, and linearity      232
Block structure, shown in documentation      267
Block structure, with assembly language      244
Bonus, importance of      183Ч184
boredom      96
Bouvard, Jacques      14
Bower, G.      200
Branching      232
Broadcast transmission      207
Brown, J.A.C      41
Bruner, Jerome      208 215
Bucholz, Werner      14
Burton, N.G.      245
Buxton, J.N.      115
Call, reference versus value      221
Cannon, W.M.      154 159
Capacity, mentai      224Ч229 277
Capacity, system      237Ч238 277
Categories, covert      220 245
Chaiienge, and motivation      99
Chaiienge, and program design      126Ч128
Chaiienge, and satisfaction      79Ч80
Change in personality      143Ч145
Character set, effects of      221
Cheating, in school programming      199
Cheating, on personality tests      155
Chief programmer teams      94
chunking      225
Clarity of goals      76Ч78
Closed shop and status      110
COBOL, goals of      239Ч240
Coding      76
Coding, requirements for      132
Cofer, C.H.      199
Cognitive dissonance      54Ч56
Cognitive dissonance, and avoidance of extremes in reporting      103
Cognitive dissonance, and goal acceptance      76
Commands, batch versus on-line      33
Comments, arbitrary placement of      224
Comments, failure to close      260
Comments, in JCL      233Ч234
Comments, stripped from listing      266
Comments, study of      164
Commitment to goals      76
Common room, communication functions of      49
Communication, asymmetry of      208
Communication, of objectives      130Ч131
Communication, operators and programmers      141Ч143
Communication, versus adaptability      237
Compatability, and efficiency      23
Compatability, machine to machine      8 22
Competence of supervisors      80
Compile-time facilities and adaptability      237
Compiler, diagnostics      29
Compiler, performance measures      16 23
Complementary leaders      85
Complex tasks, motivation In      182Ч184
Compliance      53
Composition of programming teams      69 184Ч185
Compression      224Ч229
Compression, and testing      249Ч250
Compression, through positional parameters      252
Compression, versus locality and linearity      231
Compromise, false      82Ч84
Computer Personnel Research Conference      42 200
Computing center, informal structure of      48Ч49
Confidence, effect on testing      247Ч248
Conflict, and social climate      108
Conflict, between goals      77Ч78
Connotative function of language      208Ч210
Consensus, false      76
Conservatives, liking for      156
Constraints on subject behavior      32
Consulting service      49Ч50
Contextual declaration      227
Continuation cards      188Ч188
Conversion problems      73Ч76
Coordination, among teams      95
Coordination, amount required      69
Corbato, F.J.      66
Correcting errors      136
Correlation coefficient      172Ч173
Cost, decrease per unit of computation      25
Cost, of documentation      264
Cost, of not having program on time      19Ч20
Cost, of psychological studies      33Ч35
Covert categories      220 245
Creativity in design      166
Crisis, group reaction to      81Ч83
Crisis, the team in      85Ч91
Critical case, for learning      197
Cronbach, L.J.      42 159
Cross-cultural study      85Ч86
CRT in debugging      274
Crutchfield, R.S.      93
Culture      39
Data structure, and compression      226
Data structure, choice of      29
Data structure, in special purpose languages      240
Data, versus information      32
Dead-end techniques      190Ч191
Debugging, and accounting information      253
Debugging, aptitude for      169 174Ч175
Debugging, documentation for      264Ч267
Debugging, proper placement of aids      251Ч253
Debugging, role of set ln      162Ч164
Debugging, technique for consulting      165Ч166
Decision tables      244
Decision tables, in documentation      267
Declaration of data types, arbitrary      29 224
Declaration of data types, implicit and contextual      227
Declaration of data types, placement of      230Ч231
Default, compression by      227Ч228
Dehumanization      211Ч212
Delimiter, blank as      233
Delivery service and social structure      52
Democratic, leadership of group      81Ч85
Democratic, team      86Ч88
Demonstrations      111
Depth of documentation      263
Design features, of natural language      206Ч208
Design features, of programming language      30Ч31 210Ч214 218Ч245
Designated leader      80Ч82
Detachment      53
Detecting errors      136
Devil's advocate      105Ч106
Diagnostics      16
Diagnostics, more explicit      29
Diagnostics, value of      23Ч24
Diaiects      245
Dialogue, man-machine      208
Dialogue, terminal possibilities      223
Difficulty of a program      165
Dijkstra, E.W.      176
Dimensions, number of      30Ч31
Directional reception      207
Dishonesty, in a manager      82
Dissonance      see УCognitive dissonanceФ
Distance      162Ч163
Distance, of reference      249Ч250
Distortion of information      82
Dixon, Paul      244
Documentation      262Ч266
Documentation, abilities required for      132 169Ч170
Documentation, distaste for      183
Documentation, for modification      21
Documentation, prestige of      107Ч108
Drive      181
Dummy arguments      221
Duplex system, errors in      75Ч76
Early returns, effect on testing      250Ч251
Education      184Ч188
Effect on locality      232
Effectiveness, opposed to efficiency      25
Efficiency, and egoless programming      60
Efficiency, and subscript limitations      222
Efficiency, false      127
Efficiency, measures of      22Ч25
Egalitarian teams      72
Ego and programming      52Ч60
Egoless programming, and documentation      268
Egoless programming, and efficiency      60
Egoless programming, and personality requirements      146Ч147
Egoless programming, and team structure      72
Einstein, Albert      3
Elevators and informal structure      51
Elision of cases      227
Emotive function of language      208Ч209
Enforcement of rules      256
Enthusiasm for terminal systems      189Ч190
Environment, enrichment of      258
Environment, for learning      193Ч195
Environment, of a program      21Ч22
Error, and ego      52Ч60
Error, and turnaround      254Ч255
Error, automatic correction of      273
Error, extinction curve      259Ч260
Error, intentional introduction of      248
Error, location of      162Ч164
Esthetics of a program      209
Estimating, and egoless programming      59
Estimating, and operating system priority      256
Estimating, and team structure      68Ч69
Estimating, influenced by objectives      130Ч131
Estimating, of efficiency      24
Estimating, variance in      20
Ethical problems      31Ч32
Ethical problems, of using personality tests      153
Evaluation of programmers, through accounting      253
Evaluation of programmers, through introduced bugs      248
Exceptions, effect on memory      218Ч224
Executive appreciation courses      124Ч125
Experience, and team structure      68 70Ч72
Experience, as factor in subject selection      33Ч35
Experience, as training      185
Experienced programmers, selection of      175Ч176
Experienced programmers, temptation to hire      64
experiments      32Ч35
Extensibility, in languages      216
Extensibility, of techniques      190Ч191
Extremes, avoidance of      103
Fading of utterances      207
Failure, fear of      189
Failure, reasons for      113
False consensus      76
Familiarity with first programming language      212
Fano, R.M.      66
Father figure, as task specialist      85Ч86
Father figure, played by manager      84
Favored modes of perception      193Ч195
Feedback in reporting systems      102
Festinger, L.A.      54 66
Files, benefits of eliminating      238
Filtering of progress reports      100Ч104
First-level manager      109
Fisher, Ronald A.      21 26 240
Fixation on a programming language      104
Flexibility in debugging      166
Flow diagrams      264Ч265
Folk wisdom      36Ч37 183 262
Followership      78
Forgetting, importance of      171
Formal languages      210
Formal leader      81Ч62
Formal organization      47Ч50
Formation, of a group      63Ч64
Formation, of a team      68Ч72 89
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