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Galwey A.K. Ч Thermal Decomposition of Ionic Solids
Galwey A.K. Ч Thermal Decomposition of Ionic Solids

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Ќазвание: Thermal Decomposition of Ionic Solids

јвтор: Galwey A.K.


The principal objective of this book is to stimulate interest in research that will extend available theory towards a greater understanding of the steps involved in solid-state decompositions and the properties of solids that control reactivities. Much of the activity in this field has been directed towards increasing the range of reactants for which decomposition kinetic data is available, rather than extending insights into the fundamental chemistry of the reactions being studied. The first part of the book (Chapters 1-6) is concerned with theoretical aspects of the subject. The second part (Chapters 7-17) surveys groups of reactions classified by similarities of chemical composition. The final Chapter (18) reviews the subject by unifying features identified as significant and proposes possible directions for future progress.
Studies of thermal reactions of ionic compounds have contributed considerably to the theory of solid-state chemistry. Furthermore, many of these rate processes have substantial technological importance, for example, in the manufacture of cement, the exploitation of ores and in the stability testing of drugs, explosives and oxidizing agents. Despite the prolonged and continuing research effort concerned with these reactions, there is no recent overall review. This book is intended to contribute towards correcting this omission. The essential unity of the subject is recognized by the systematic treatment of reactions, carefully selected to be instructive and representative of the subject as a whole. The authors have contributed more than 200 original research articles to the literature, many during their 25 years of collaboration.

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√од издани€: 1999

 оличество страниц: 597

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Abnormal reactions      123Ч124
Absolute reaction rate theory      117 124Ч125 133Ч134
Absolute reaction rate theory, hydroxyhalide decompositions      375
Absolute reaction rate theory, potassium permanganate decomposition      382
Acceleratory kinetic rate equations      102Ч111
Acceleratory period      106Ч110 142
Acetate ion, decomposition      450Ч451
Acetates, metal, decompositions      448Ч451
Acid metal fluorides, decompositions      374Ч375
Activated complex      117 124Ч126
Activation energies for metal oxalate decompositions      468
Activation energies, oxyhalide decompositions      376
Activation energy $(E_{a})$      117Ч134 199 567G
Activation energy, band structure, chromate decomposition      389Ч390 404
Activation energy, carbonate decomposition      345Ч346
Activation energy, nickel carboxylate decomposition      483
Activation energy, perchlorate decomposition      366
Active reaction zone      126Ч129
Additives and silver oxalate decomposition      457
Additives in lead azide decomposition      336Ч337
Additives, specific      192
Adsorbed species      47Ч48
Adsorbed species in metal promoted reactions      544
Adsorbed species, mobile      125
Adsorbed water      229 241
Alkali metals      see УGroup IA metalsФ
Alkaline earth metals      see УGroup IIA metalsФ
Alpha ($\alpha$)      see also Уfractional reactionФ 30 60 570G
Alum dehydrations      236Ч241 251
Aluminium hydride, decomposition      316 533
Aluminium hydride, irradiation      316
Aluminium hydroxides, dehydration      273Ч275
Aluminium sulfate hydrate, dehydration      235
Aluminium sulfate, decomposition      401Ч402 405
Ammine chromium(III) halides and nitrate, decompositions      504Ч506
Ammine cobalt(II) halides, nitrate and sulfate, decompositions      503
Ammine cobalt(III) azides,decompositions      500Ч502 521
Ammine cobalt(III) hydrate salts, decompositions      500
Ammine cobalt(III) iodides, decompositions      498Ч499
Ammine nickel coordination compounds, decompositions      507Ч508
Ammine palladium coordination compounds, decompositions      507
Ammine platinum coordination compounds, decompositions      507
Ammonia decomposition, iron nitride      320
Ammonium aluminium sulfate, basic, decomposition      426
Ammonium azide, thermal reactions      431
Ammonium bicarbonate, decomposition      431
Ammonium bromate, decomposition      423
Ammonium carbonate, decomposition      431
Ammonium carboxylates, decompositions      431Ч432
Ammonium chlorate, decomposition      423
Ammonium chromate, decomposition      428Ч430
Ammonium copper sulfate hexahydrate, dehydration      229
Ammonium dichromate, decomposition      429Ч430
Ammonium dichromate, decomposition, melting      430
Ammonium halates, decompositions      422Ч423
Ammonium iodate, decomposition      423
Ammonium molybdates, decompositions      432
Ammonium nitrate in ammonium salt decompositions      423 429Ч430 434Ч435
Ammonium nitrate, decomposition      424
Ammonium oxalate monohydrate, dehydration      248
Ammonium perchlorate, decomposition, catalyzed      419Ч420
Ammonium perchlorate, decomposition, high temperature      415Ч420
Ammonium perchlorate, decomposition, low temperature      415Ч420 508
Ammonium perchlorate, decomposition, mechanisms      418Ч420
Ammonium perchlorate, dislocations      416Ч417
Ammonium perchlorate, microscopy      416Ч417
Ammonium perchlorate, nucleation      416
Ammonium perchlorate, pre-irradiation      417
Ammonium perchlorate, proton transfer      417Ч419
Ammonium perchlorate, unified reaction scheme      417Ч418
Ammonium permanganate, decomposition      430Ч431
Ammonium permanganate, irradiation      431
Ammonium peroxovanadate, decomposition      428
Ammonium perrhenates, decompositions      432Ч433
Ammonium phosphate, anion condensation      425
Ammonium phosphate, decompositions      425Ч426
Ammonium phthalates, decompositions      432
Ammonium salt decompositions, sublimation      418Ч419 431 434
Ammonium salts with oxidizing anions, decompositions      545
Ammonium salts, decompositions      415Ч435
Ammonium salts, decompositions, nitrate formation      545
Ammonium salts, decompositions, proton transfer      419 423Ч425 428 434
Ammonium sulfate, decomposition      399 426
Ammonium tungstates, decompositions      432
Ammonium uranates, decompositions      433Ч434
Ammonium vanadates, decompositions      427Ч428
Anation reactions in coordination compounds      500 506 510Ч511 518 522
Anionic electron transfer, potassium permanganate      383
annealing      24 32 51 571G
Annealing and imperfection loss      558
Annealing, silver oxide      299
Aragonite-calcite transition      345Ч346
Arrhenius equation      48 67 117Ч134 567G
Arrhenius parameters      118Ч125 148Ч149 153Ч156 163Ч164 222 247 282 284
Arrhenius parameters, anomalous      223
Arrhenius parameters, decompositions of solids      529 541Ч542 551 557 559
Arrhenius parameters, normal      223 237
Arrhenius parameters, reactant area      190
Arrhenius plots      122Ч123 144Ч145 163
Atmosphere, influence on kinetic measurements      535Ч537
Auger electron spectroscopy      177Ч178
Austin Ч Rickett kinetic rate equation      95Ч96
Autocatalysis in solid decompositions      557
Autocatalytic reactions      94Ч96
Avrami Ч Erofeev equation exponents      144
Avrami Ч Erofeev rate equation      see also УJMAEK equationФ 89 91 96 99 103 107Ч108 542
Azide decomposition, exciton formation      341
Azide decomposition, radiation generation      340
Azides, band structures      329Ч330
Azides, chemical and physical properties      330
Azides, cobalt(III) ammines, decompositions      500Ч502 521
Azides, conductivites      329
Azides, crystal imperfections      329Ч330
Azides, crystal structures      330
Azides, decompositions      329Ч341
Azides, dissociative evaporation      340
Azides, Group IIA metal, decompositions      331Ч333
Azides, nucleation and growth      329
Azides, optical properties      329
Azides, radiolysis      329Ч330
Band structure, chromate decompositions      389Ч390 404
Band structure, interface      127Ч129
band theory      6 17Ч22
Barium acetate, decomposition      450
Barium azide, decomposition      331Ч333 339Ч340
Barium bromate, decomposition      372
Barium carbonate, decomposition      350Ч351 358
Barium chloride hydrates, dehydration      242
Barium chlorite, decomposition      374
Barium copper oxalate, decomposition      466
Barium hydrogen oxalate hydrate, dehydration      248
Barium iodate, decomposition      372
Barium nitrite, decomposition      395
Barium oxalate dihydrate, dehydration      248
Barium oxalate, decomposition      462Ч463
Barium perchlorate, decomposition      367
Barium permanganate, decomposition      388
Barium permanganate, decomposition, irradiation      388
Barium peroxide, decomposition      298Ч299
Barium styphnate trihydrate, dehydration      252
Barium styphnate, decomposition      477
Barium sulfate, decomposition      399 405
Barium titanyl oxalate, decomposition      466
Barrier layer, product      96Ч100
Beryllium hydride, decomposition      315
Beryllium hydroxide, dehydration      273
Beryllium sulfate, decomposition      400 405
Bidentate ligands      512
Bimolecular reactions      125
Binary compounds, decompositions      313Ч325
Binary compounds, stabilities      323
Binary compounds, sublimation      323Ч325
Binuclear coordination compounds, decompositions      517
Binuclear coordination compounds, formation      511
Block structures      306Ч307
Bond activation      129
Bond redistribution steps (Table 18.1)      126Ч127 133Ч134 199 200 530Ч532 542
Borate hydrate, dehydration      244Ч245
Borax, dehydration      244
Borchart and Daniels method of kinetic analysis      159Ч160
Bose Ч Einstein statistics      127Ч128
Boundary layer, surface      76
Bubble development      230Ч231
Burger's vector      14 24
Cadmium acetate, decomposition      450
Cadmium basic halides, decompositions      376
Cadmium carbonate, decomposition      355 358
Cadmium cyanamide, decomposition      338
Cadmium hydroxide, dehydration      276
Cadmium hydroxide, sintering and impurities      276
Cadmium hydroxide, unreacted crystals      276
Cadmium iodide, decomposition      374
Cadmium oxalate, decomposition      463Ч464
Cadmium oxide, decomposition      301
Cadmium sulfide, sublimation      44
Caesium azide, decomposition      335
Caesium bromate, decomposition      371 374
Caesium graphite, decomposition      319Ч320
Caesium orthophosphate, decomposition      397
Caesium periodate, decomposition      370
Caesium permanganate, decomposition      383 386Ч387
Cage effect      47
Calcite      see Уcalcium carbonateФ
Calcium acetate, decomposition      450
Calcium azide, decomposition      333 339
Calcium carbonate, decomposition      132Ч133 346Ч349 357Ч358 360 533 547
Calcium carbonate, decomposition, Arrhenius parameters      347Ч348
Calcium carbonate, decomposition, diffusion      348
Calcium carbonate, decomposition, heat transfer      348
Calcium carbonate, decomposition, reversibility      346Ч349
Calcium carbonate, finely divided calcium oxide      346 348
Calcium carbonate, impurities      346Ч347
Calcium carbonate, nucleation and dislocations      346Ч347 360Ч361
Calcium carbonate, reaction interface      346 360
Calcium fumarate, decomposition      475 485
Calcium hydrogen phosphate, decomposition      397
Calcium hydroxide, dehydration      272Ч274
Calcium iodate, decomposition      372
Calcium maleate, decomposition      475 485
Calcium malonate, decomposition      475 485 542Ч543
Calcium nitrate, decomposition      392Ч394
Calcium nitrate, decomposition, metal oxide catalyzed      393Ч394
Calcium oxalate hydrate, dehydration      247Ч248 559
Calcium oxalate, decomposition      462Ч463 486
Calcium oxide from calcite decomposition      547
Calcium perchlorate, decomposition      368
Calcium peroxide, decomposition      298
Calcium propionate, decomposition      451
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, dehydration      232Ч234
Calcium sulfite, decomposition      402Ч403
Calcium-magnesium oxide from dolomite decomposition      350
Carbide decompositions      317Ч320
Carbonates, decompositions      345Ч361
Carbonates, Group IA metal, decomposition      351Ч352
Carbonates, Group IIA metal,decompositions      345Ч351 358Ч361
Carboxylate decomposition, reactivity patterns      482Ч486
Carboxylate decomposition, residual solid      481Ч482
Carboxylate decompositions, controlling bond rupture step      479Ч480
Carboxylate decompositions, dehydration      478
Carboxylate decompositions, electron transfer      443 457 462 480
Carboxylate decompositions, hydrolysis      478
Carboxylate decompositions, mechanisms      479Ч480 544 557
Carboxylate decompositions, secondary reactions      479
Carboxylates, ammonium, decompositions      431Ч432
Carboxylates, metal, decompositions      54Ч55 441Ч486
Carboxylates, nickel, decompositions      475Ч476
Carroll and Manche method of kinetic analysis      157
Catalysis, metal product      544 557
Catalyst preparation      282
Catalysts, mixed oxides, permanganate decomposition      389
Catalytic decomposition, sodium and potassium chlorates      370
Chemical features, decompositions of solids      528 554
Chemical foundations of solid state reactions      202
Chemisorbed species      126
Chemisorption, oxygen on oxides      291
Chlorates, Group IA metal, decompositions      370 374
Chlorates, Group IIA metal, decompositions      371
Chlorates, metal, decompositions      370Ч371 374
Chlorites, metal, decompositions      373
Chromates, decompositions      389Ч390 404
Chrome alum, dehydration      236 253
Chromium hydride, decomposition      314Ч315
Chromium hydroxide, dehydration      277Ч278
Chromium hydroxide, topotactic oxidation      277Ч278
Chromium oxides, decompositions      302Ч303
Chromium sulfate, decomposition      400
Chromium(III) ammines, decompositions      504Ч506
Chromium(III) ethylenediamine compounds, decompositions      513Ч514
Chromium(III) oxalato ammine compounds, decompositions      516
Chromium(III) tris-N-benzoyl-N-phenylhydroxylamine, decomposition      506
Citrate, lead, decomposition      476Ч477
Classification, dehydrations of solids, (Figure 7.4)      258Ч259
Classification, reactions of solids      527Ч528 533 555 558Ч560
Clay dehydrations      283Ч287
Clays, catalytic reactions      284
Cleavage      15
Cleaved crystal faces      237
Cobalt acetate, decomposition      449
Cobalt acetate, hydrolysis      449
Cobalt carbide, decomposition      318Ч319
Cobalt carbonate, decomposition      356
Cobalt fluoride, decomposition      374
Cobalt hydroxide, dehydration      280
Cobalt iodate, decomposition      373
Cobalt malonate, decomposition      469 542Ч543
Cobalt oxalate, decomposition      454Ч455 485Ч486
Cobalt oxide, decomposition      304
Cobalt oxide, reduction      304Ч305
Cobalt phosphate hydrate, dehydration      397
Cobalt sulfate binuclear compound, decomposition      517
Cobalt sulfate, decomposition      401 406
Cobalt sulfide, decomposition      322
Cobalt(II) ammines, decompositions      503
Cobalt(II) pyridine halides, decompositions      503Ч504
Cobalt(III) ammine azides, decompositions      545 555
Cobalt(III) ammines, decompositions      495Ч502 515
Cobalt(III) bis(dioximato) compounds, decompositions      517
Cobalt(III) coordination compounds, perchlorate, decompositions      513
Cobalt(III) diammine compounds, decompositions      512Ч513
Cobalt(III) diammine compounds, dehydration      513
Cobalt(III) ethylenediamine compounds, decompositions      512Ч513
Cobalt(III) hexaammine halides, nitrate and sulfate, decompositions      495Ч499
Cobalt(III) oxalato ammine compounds, decompositions      515
Cobalt-nickel mellitate, decomposition      467
Coherent intergrowth, oxides      307
Colour centre      11
Compensation effect      48 129Ч134 235 273 284Ч285 293 541Ч542 554Ч559 569G
Compensation effect and reversibility      542
Compensation effect in coordination compound decompositions      517
Complex compounds      493
Concentrations      1 568G
Concurrent reactions      163Ч164
Concurrent reactions in decomposition      547
Conditions of reactions and coordination compounds      519 521
Conductivity and silver oxalate decomposition      456
Conductor      16Ч22
Consecutive reactions      164
Constant rate thermal analysis (CRTA)      148
Contracting area or disc rate equation      93 104
Contracting cube or volume rate equation      92 98Ч99 101Ч104 108Ч110
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