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Vandevoorde D. Ч C++ Solutions: Companion to the C++ Programming Language
Vandevoorde D. Ч C++ Solutions: Companion to the C++ Programming Language

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Ќазвание: C++ Solutions: Companion to the C++ Programming Language

јвтор: Vandevoorde D.


C++ Solutions, provides insightful, logical, and easy-to-follow solutions to selected exercises found in The C++ Programming Language, Third Edition, by Bjarne Stroustrup. The exercises are explained in detail and are extensively annotated with cross-references to Stroustrup's book.
Developers acquire a thorough understanding of ANSI/ISO C++ by working through examples. Vandevoorde solves a broad subset of illustrative and realistic exercises to facilitate this process. He also includes hints to help programmers find their own solutions, and additional exercises to provide deeper insights into modern software design.

язык: en

–убрика: “ехнологи€/

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 292

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.11.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
"Bus error" messages      150
#include directives      19
.h suffix for headers      20
<cstdarg> header      89Ч90
<limits> header      38
<stdarg.h> header      89Ч90
A1Jan1970_to_DMY() function      114
Absolute value function      108
Abstraction      125
Accessible destructors      156
Accessing containers      197Ч199
accumulate() function      257
Actuals      13
Addition of dates      92Ч95
Addition, overloading operator for      127Ч129
Address-of operator (&) for active functions      159Ч160
Aliases      8
aligner structure      151
Alignment for pointers      44Ч45
Alignment for unions      151
Alignment with memcpy()      51
allocators      227
Alternative representations      6 23
Ampersands (&) for references      11
Ampersands (&), alternative tokens for      23
Anagrams      222Ч223
and keyword, alternative tokens for      23
anonymous unions      151
apply() function      255Ч256
Arbitrary precision, class for      129
argument-dependent lookup      102
Arguments for templates      24Ч25 154Ч156 166 218 275Ч276
arguments vs. parameters      13 see
Arguments, binding      219Ч221
arguments, command-line      84Ч85
Arguments, ellipsis      15 207
Arguments, exceptions based on      106Ч107
Arguments, pointers as      83Ч84
Arguments, references as      84
Arguments, temporary variables for      47Ч48
Arguments, variable-length      89Ч90
Arguments, void type for      158
Arrays for calendar tables      48Ч49
Arrays for months      52Ч53
arrays of arrays      12
Arrays, bounds for      63
Arrays, counting pairs of letters in      55
Arrays, declarations of      12
Arrays, execution time of      207 211Ч212
Arrays, operator overloading for      258Ч265
Arrays, size of      47
Arrays, standard library algorithms for      198
Arrays, typedef for      45
assert() macro      69 180
Assignment operations vs. initialization      9
Assignment operations, computed      259
Associated containers      121
associativity of operators      16
Asterisks (*) for pointers      10Ч11
Asterisks (*), overloading for arrays      258Ч265
Asterisks (*), overloading for exponentiation function      133Ч134
atoi () function      74Ч77
auto_ptr template      163
Back() function      215
back_inserter() function for containers      199
back_inserter() function for strings      237Ч238
back_inserter_iterator iterator      237Ч238
bad_alloc exceptions      223
Balanced trees      121
Bars (|), alternative tokens for      23
base class, derived classes from      135Ч137
Base classes, construction of      173Ч174
base types      10
based structure      251Ч252
Bases, number, output manipulators for      251Ч252
basic_string class, append function for      239
basic_string class, back_inserter() for      237Ч238
benchmark() function      210Ч211
Best matches in overloading      15
Bidirectional iterators, reversing elements in      73 227Ч230
Bidirectional iterators, sorting      224Ч226
binder3() function      219Ч221
Binding arguments      219Ч221
Bitfields      57
Bitwise operators for encryption      89
Bitwise operators, alternative tokens for      23
Bitwise operators, table of      63
Board for Reversi/Othello game      176Ч183 195
Board games      see "Reversi/Othello game"
Board structure      177
BoardTextViewer.H file      182
BoardViewer class      177Ч178
BoardViewer.H file      181Ч182
bool type      22
Boundary primitives      139
Bounds for arrays      63
Brackets ([]) for arrays      12
Brackets ([]), overloading      247Ч250
Branch-back code, unrolling loops for      73Ч74
Buffers, stacks for      214Ч216
Byte addresses      45
c prefix for headers      20
C-style arrays, execution time of      207 211Ч212
C-style strings for String class      131Ч132
C-style strings vs. C++ strings      235Ч237
C-style strings, counting pairs of letters in      55
Calculator, invoking      110Ч111
Calculator, line numbers for errors in      78Ч79
Calculator, module dependency diagrams for      111
Calendars, addition for      92Ч95
Calendars, leap years in      113Ч115
Calendars, tables for      48Ч49
calibrate() function      209Ч210
Callbacks, classes and templates for      165Ч168
call_from_C technique      164
Capitalization of identifiers      6
Casting, undefined behavior for      64
cat utility      85
cat() function      72Ч73
catching exceptions      102
Catching exceptions, based on arguments      106Ч107
Catching exceptions, level in      103Ч106
cat_stream() function      85
char type and characters for calendar tables      48Ч49
char type and characters in names      38Ч40
char type and characters, accessing and outputting      197Ч199
char type and characters, displaying      36Ч37
char type and characters, inputting from files      247Ч250
char type and characters, reversing in strings      73
char type and characters, typedef for      45
CharProxy structure      249Ч250
CHAR_MIN symbol      38
Char_queue class      117Ч120
Char_vec objects      137Ч138
Chrono namespace      115
cin operator      239Ч241
Circle class      138Ч141
Class keyword      14 24 271
Classes      113
Classes for arbitrary precision      129
Classes for callbacks      165Ч168
Classes for dates      113Ч115
Classes for histograms      116Ч117
Classes for queues      117Ч120
Classes for symbol tables      121
Classes, definitions for      14Ч15 31
classes, derived      135Ч141
Classes, frameworks for      273Ч275
Classes, hierarchies of      169Ч174
classes, interface      277
classes, templates for      24Ч26 271Ч273
clock() function      51 104
Code contexts for comments      79Ч81
collect_data() function      61
Collisions, name      97
Colons (:) in scope-resolution operator      7
Combinations of words      222Ч223
command-line arguments      84Ч85
Comments in preprocessing      5
Comments, stripping from programs      79Ч81
Comments, styles for      82
comparing strings      68Ч69
Compilers      5
Compilers, diagnostics from      69Ч70
Compilers, operation of      29Ч30
Compilers, pointer and indexing iteration by      50Ч51
Compilers, template argument tests by      154Ч156
compl keyword, alternative tokens for      23
complex class, operator overloading for      128
complex class, template for      244
Complex numbers from floating-point numbers      243Ч244
Composing operations as function objects      276Ч277
compound types      8
Computed assignment operations      259
Computer player in Reversi/Othello game      188Ч194
concatenating strings      72Ч73 235Ч237
Concrete elements      125
const specifier      10
const specifier for arrays      12
const specifier for functions      13
const specifier for pointers      11
Constant-time operations in measurements      205Ч206
Constants      10Ч11
Constructors, sequence of      169Ч174
Constructors, side effects in      121Ч122
Containers for word lists      212Ч214
Containers, accessing      197Ч199
Containers, allocators for      227
Containers, associated      121
Containers, deleting items from      201Ч202
Containers, duplicate items in      202Ч204
Containers, inputting and sorting      199Ч200
Containers, operation measurements on      205Ч212
Containers, outputting      197Ч201
Containers, queues      214Ч216
Contexts for comments      79Ч81
Contexts, callbacks for      166
convenience functions      168
Conversions in overloading      15 125Ч127
Conversions, integers to strings      77Ч78
Conversions, strings to integers      74Ч77
copy() function      53
Copying containers      198
Copying Name_and_Address items      244Ч247
copying strings      68Ч69
copy_with_indices() function      50
copy_with_pointers() function      50
corner_value() function      192
Counting pairs of letters in strings      55
count_charpair() function      55
CTOR macro      170Ч171
Cursor type      98Ч99
cv-qualifiers      11
c_array_fill() function      207
c_array_lookup() function      207
c_array_traverse() function      207
Data members of class templates      26
Date class      93
Date class, completing and testing      114Ч115
Date class, leap year handling in      113Ч115
Date class, member access in      115
Dates, addition for      92Ч95
Dates, leap years      113Ч115
Dates, structures for      56Ч57
Days of week, calculating      94Ч95
Days, adding to dates      92Ч95
Days, tables for      48Ч49
Declarations      6Ч7 9 29
Declarations of arrays      12
Declarations of explicit specializations      24
Declarations of functions      13Ч14 83Ч84
Declarations of pointers      43Ч44
Declarations of variables and constants      10Ч11
Declarations vs. definitions      30Ч32
Declarations, using-declarations      21 115
Declarator operators      10
declarators      10
Decoupling      227
Decrement operations with pointers      161Ч162
Deduced template arguments      25 218 276Ч277
Default template arguments      24Ч25
Definitions vs. declarations      30Ч32
Definitions, class      14Ч15 31
Definitions, macro      90Ч91
Deleting container items      201Ч202
Dependencies in initialization      140Ч141
Deques vs. vectors and lists      212
Deques, execution measurements of      208 211
Deques, operations for      117Ч120
dequeue() function      118Ч120
deque_fill() function      208
deque_lookup() function      208
deque_traverse() function      208
derived classes      135
Derived classes from Shape      138Ч141
Derived classes, memory allocation for      137Ч138
Derived classes, virtual functions in      135Ч137
Desk calculator, invoking      110Ч111
Desk calculator, line numbers for errors in      78Ч79
Desk calculator, module dependency diagrams for      111
Destroyed objects, undefined behavior for      63
Destructors, accessible      156
Destructors, exceptions with      165
Destructors, side effects from      121Ч122
Diagnostics from compilers      69Ч70
digit() function      75
Digits in itoa()      74Ч77
Digits, displaying      36Ч37
directives      21Ч22
DispatchMap class      141
Distributed file systems      110
divide() function, overflow checking for      107Ч108
Division by zero      67
Division, overloading      128Ч129
dotconnect() functions      236
Double dispatch problem      138Ч139
Doubly-linked lists for names      97Ч101
Doubly-linked lists, reversing      99Ч100
Doubly-linked lists, sorting      100Ч101
draw() function for Board      177
draw() function for BoardTextViewer      182Ч183
DTOR macro      170Ч171
Duplicate items in containers      202Ч204
duplicate_items() function      202Ч203
Edit-compile-link-test cycle      109
Elaborated names      10
Ellipsis arguments in optimizations      207
Ellipsis arguments in overloading      15
Encryption      89
Enqueue operations      117Ч120
enqueue() function      118Ч120
enter_word() function      87Ч88
enum, definitions for      31
enum, size of      34
Equal signs (=) in assignment and initialization      9
Equal signs (=) in macro definitions      90Ч91
Error messages for main function      164Ч165
error() function in calculator      111
error() function, variable-length argument lists for      89Ч90
Errors, compiler diagnostics for      69Ч70
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