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Kundu P.K., Cohen I.R. Ч Fluid mechanics
Kundu P.K., Cohen I.R. Ч Fluid mechanics

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Ќазвание: Fluid mechanics

јвторы: Kundu P.K., Cohen I.R.


This book is a basic introduction to the subject of fluid mechanics and is intended for undergraduate and beginning graduate students of science and engineering. There is enough material in the book for at least two courses. No previous knowledge of the subject is assumed, and much of the text is suitable in a first course on the subject. On the other hand, a selection of the advanced topics could be used in a second course. I have not tried to indicate which sections should be considered advanced; the choice often depends on the teacher, the university, and the field of study. Particular effort has been made to make the presentation clear and accurate and at the same time easy enough for students. Mathematically rigorous approaches have been avoided in favor of the physically revealing ones.

язык: en

–убрика: ‘изика/ лассическа€ физика/ћеханика жидкости и газа/

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»здание: second edition

√од издани€: 2002

 оличество страниц: 730

ƒобавлена в каталог: 19.06.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Ackeret, Jacob      663 702
Acoustic waves      665
Adiabatic density gradient      541 557
Adiabatic process      17
Adiabatic temperature gradient      19 541 557
Advection      53
Advective derivative      53
Aerodynamics, aircraft parts and controls      630Ч633
Aerodynamics, airfoil forces      633Ч635
Aerodynamics, airfoil geometry      633
Aerodynamics, con formal transformation      638Ч642
Aerodynamics, defined      629
Aerodynamics, finite wing span      645Ч646
Aerodynamics, gas      629
Aerodynamics, generation of circulation      636Ч638
Aerodynamics, incompressible      629
Aerodynamics, Kutta condition      635Ч636
Aerodynamics, lift and drag characteristics      653Ч655
Aerodynamics, Prandtl and Lanchester lifting line theory      646Ч651
Aerodynamics, propulsive mechanisms offish and birds      655Ч656
Aerodynamics, sailing      656Ч658
Aerodynamics, Zhukhovsky airfoil lift      642Ч645
Air, physical properties of      708
Aircraft, parts and controls      630Ч633
Airfoil(s), angle of attack/incidence      633
Airfoil(s), camber line      633
Airfoil(s), chord      633
Airfoil(s), compression side      635
Airfoil(s), conformal transformation      638Ч642
Airfoil(s), drag, induced/vortex      646 649Ч650
Airfoil(s), finite span      645Ч646
Airfoil(s), forces      633Ч635
Airfoil(s), geometry      633
Airfoil(s), lift and drag characteristics      653Ч655
Airfoil(s), stall      644 653
Airfoil(s), suction side      635
Airfoil(s), supersonic flow      702Ч704
Airfoil(s), thin airfoil theory      638
Airfoil(s), Zhukhovsky airfoil lift      642Ч645
Alternating tensors      35Ч36
Analytic function      153
Angle of attack/incidence      633 648
Angular momentum principle/theorem, for fixed volume      92Ч93
Antisymmetric tensors      38Ч39
Aspect ratio of wing      631
Asymptotic expansion      361Ч363
Atmosphere, properties of standard      709
Atmosphere, scale height of      21
Attractors, aperiodic      490
Attractors, dissipative systems and      486Ч488
Attractors, fixed point      486
Attractors, limit cycle      486
Attractors, strange      489Ч490
Autocorrelation function      502
Autocorrelation function, normalized      503
Autocorrelation function, of a stationary process      503
Averages      499Ч502
Axisymmetric irrotational flow      181Ч187
Babuska Ч Brezzi stability condition      404
Baroclinic flow      132Ч133
Baroclinic instability      615Ч623
Baroclinic/internal mode      240 584
Barotropic instability      613Ч614
Barotropic/surface mode      239Ч240 584
Barotropicflow      111 131 132
Baseball dynamics      350
Benard, H.      345
Benard, H., convection      433
Benard, H., thermal instability      432Ч443
Bernoulli equation      110Ч114
Bernoulli equation, $\beta$-plane model      564
Bernoulli equation, applications of      114Ч117
Bernoulli equation, energy      114
Bernoulli equation, one-dimensional      669Ч670
Bernoulli equation, steady flow      112Ч113
Bernoulli equation, unsteady irrotational flow      113Ч114
Bifurcation      487
Birds, flight of      656
Blasius solution, boundary layer      323Ч329
Blasius theorem      166Ч167
Blocking, in stratified flow      248
Body forces      83
Body of-evolution, flow around arbitrary      188Ч189
Body of-evolution, flow around streamlined      187Ч188
Bound vortices      647Ч648
boundary conditions      121Ч122 619
Boundary conditions, at infinity      151
Boundary conditions, geophysical fluids      582
Boundary conditions, kinematic      200
Boundary conditions, on solid surface      151
Boundary layer, approximation      313Ч318
Boundary layer, Blasius solution      323Ч329
Boundary layer, breakdown of laminar solution      330Ч332
Boundary layer, closed form solution      321Ч323
Boundary layer, concept      312Ч313
Boundary layer, decay of laminar shear layer      371Ч374
Boundary layer, displacement thickness      319Ч320
Boundary layer, drag coefficient      328Ч329
Boundary layer, dynamics of sports balls      347Ч350
Boundary layer, effect of pressure gradient      335Ч336 477Ч478
Boundary layer, Falkner Ч Skan solution      329Ч330
Boundary layer, flat plate and      321Ч329
Boundary layer, flow past a circular cylinder      339Ч345
Boundary layer, flow past a sphere      346
Boundary layer, instability      480Ч482
Boundary layer, Karman momentum integral      332Ч335
Boundary layer, momentum thickness      320Ч321
Boundary layer, perturbation techniques      359Ч371
Boundary layer, secondary Hows      358Ч359
Boundary layer, separation      336Ч339
Boundary layer, simplification of equations      313Ч318
Boundary layer, skin friction coefficient      328Ч329
Boundary layer, technique      2 149
Boundary layer, transition to turbulence      337Ч338
Boundary layer, two-dimensional jets      350Ч358
Boundary layer, u = 0.99U thickness      318Ч319
Boussinesq approximation      69 81 108Ч109
Boussinesq approximation, continuity equation and      118Ч119
Boussinesq approximation, geophysical fluid and      559Ч561
Boussinesq approximation, heat equation and      119Ч121
Boussinesq approximation, momentum equation and      119
Brunt Ч Vaeisaelae frequency      243Ч244
Buckingham's pi theorem      262Ч264
Buffer layer      533
Bulk strain rale      57
Bulk viscosity, coefficient of      96
Buoyancy frequency      243 559
Buoyant production      516Ч517 542
Bursting in turbulent flow      540
Camber line, airfoil      633
Capillarity      9
Capillary waves      213 216
Cascade, enstrophy      624
Cauchy Ч Riemann conditions      150 153
Cauchy's equation of motion      87
Centrifugal force, effect of      102Ч103
Centrifugal instability (Taylor)      44JM53
Chaos, deterministic      485Ч493
Characteristics, method of      226
Chord, airfoil      633
Circular Couette flow      279
Circular cylinder, flow at various Re      339Ч345
Circular cylinder, flow past, boundary layer      339Ч345
Circular cylinder, flow past, with circulation      163Ч166
Circular cylinder, flow past, without circulation      160Ч163
Circular Poiseuille flow      277Ч279
Circulation      58Ч60
Circulation, Kelvin's theorem      130Ч134
Clausius Ч Duhem inequality      96
Cnoidal waves      231
Coefficient of bulk viscosity      96
Coherent structures, wall layer      539Ч540
Comma notation      46Ч47 136
Complex potential      153
Complex variables      152Ч154
Complex velocity      154
Compressible flow, classification of      663Ч664
Compressible flow, friction and heating effects      690Ч694
Compressible flow, internal versus external      661
Compressible flow, Mach cone      694Ч695
Compressible flow, Mach number      662Ч663
Compressible flow, one-dimensional      667Ч671 676Ч679
Compressible flow, shock waves, normal      680Ч685
Compressible flow, shock waves, oblique      696Ч700
Compressible flow, speed of sound      665Ч667
Compressible flow, stagnation and sonic properties      671Ч675
Compressible flow, supersonic      700Ч704
Compressible medium, static equilibrium of      17Ч18
Compressible medium, static equilibrium of, potential temperature and density      19Ч21
Compressible medium, static equilibrium of, scale height of atmosphere      21
Compression waves      194
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), advantages of      379Ч380
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), conclusions      424Ч427
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), defined      378
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), examples of      406Ч424
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite difference method      380Ч385
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element method      385Ч393
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), incompressible viscous fluid flow      393Ч406
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), sources of error      379
Concentric cylinders, laminar flow between      279Ч282
Conformal mapping      171Ч173
Conformal mapping, application to airfoil      638Ч642
Conservation laws, Bernoulli equation      110Ч117
Conservation laws, boundary conditions      121Ч122
Conservation laws, Boussinesq approximation      117Ч121
Conservation laws, differential form      76
Conservation laws, integral form      76Ч77
Conservation laws, mechanical energy equation      104Ч107
Conservation laws, Navier Ч Stokes equation      97Ч99
Conservation laws, of mass      79Ч81
Conservation laws, of momentum      86Ч88
Conservation laws, rotating frame      99Ч104
Conservation laws, thermal energy equation      108Ч109
Conservation laws, time derivatives of volume integrals      77Ч79
Conservative body forces      83 132
Consistency      382Ч385
Constitutive equation, for Newtonian fluid      94Ч97
Continuity equation      69Ч70 79 81
Continuity equation, Boussinesq approximation and      118Ч119
Continuity equation, one-dimensional      668
Continuum Hypothesis      4Ч5
Control surfaces      77
Control volume      77
Convection      53
Convection, forced      543
Convection, free      543
Convection, sloping      622
Convection-dominated problems      394Ч396
Convergence      382Ч385
Conversion factors      707
Coriolis force, effect of      103Ч104
Coriolis frequency      563
Coriolis parameter      563
Correlations and spectra      502Ч506
Couctic flow, circular      279
Couctic flow, plane      276 477
Creeping flow, around a sphere      297Ч302
Creeping motions      296
Cricket ball dynamics      347Ч349
Critical layers      474Ч475
Critical Re for transition over circular cylinder      342Ч344
Critical Re for transition over flat plate      330Ч332
Critical Re for transition over sphere      346
Cross product, vector      36Ч37
Cross-correlation function      506
Curl, vector      37
Curvilinear coordinates      710Ч714
D'Alembert's paradox      162 170
d'Alembert's solution      195
Dead water phenomenon      237
Decay of laminar shear layer      371Ч374
Defect law, velocity      531
Deflection angle      696
Deformation of fluid elements      105Ч106
Deformation, Rossby radius of      594
Degree of freedom      486
Delta wings      655
Density, adiabatic density gradient      541 557
Density, potential      19Ч21
Density, stagnation      672
Derivatives, advective      53
Derivatives, material      52Ч53
Derivatives, particle      53
Derivatives, substantial      53
Derivatives, time derivatives of volume integrals      77Ч79
Deviatoric stress tensor      94
Differential equations, nondimensional parameters determined from      257Ч260
Diffusion of vorticity from impulsively started plate      282Ч288
Diffusion of vorticity from line vortex      290Ч292
Diffusion of vorticity from vortex sheet      289Ч290
Diffusivity, eddy      537Ч538
Diffusivity, effective      551Ч552
Diffusivity, heat      273
Diffusivity, momentum      273
Diffusivity, thermal      109 120
Diffusivity, vorticity      132 289Ч292
Difraser flow      676Ч678
Dimensional homogeneity      261
Dimensional matrix      261Ч262
Dipole      See Doublet
Dirichlet problem      176
Discretization error      379
Discretization error of transport equation      381Ч382
Dispersion of particles      547Ч549
dispersion relation      203 605Ч606 610Ч613
Dispersion, Taylor's theory      546Ч552
Dispersive wave      203 221Ч225 248Ч250
Displacement thickness      319Ч320
Dissipation of mean kinetic energy      513
Dissipation of temperature fluctuation      545
Dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy      517
Dissipation, viscous      105Ч106
Divergence, flux      104Ч105
Divergence, tensor      37
Divergence, Theorem      43 80
Divergence, vector      37
Doppler shift of frequency      199
Dot product, vector      36
Double-diffusive instability      444Ч448
Doublet ir. axisymmetric flow      186
Doublet ir. plane flow      157Ч159
Downwash      648Ч649
Drag, characteristics for airfoils      653Ч655
Drag, coefficient      264 328Ч329
Drag, force      633Ч635
Drag, form      338 654
Drag, ir. duced / vortex      646 649Ч650
Drag, on circular cylinder      344
Drag, on flat plate      328Ч329
Drag, on sphere      346
Drag, pressure      634 654
Drag, profile      654
Drag, skin friction      328Ч329 634 654
Drag, wave      267Ч268 649 704
Dynamic pressure      115 273Ч274
Dynamic similarity, nondimensional parameters and      264Ч266
Dynamic similarity, role of      256Ч257
Dynamic viscosity      7
Eddy diffusivity      537Ч539
Eddy viscosity      536Ч539
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