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Preim B., Bartz D. Ч Visualization in Medicine: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
Preim B., Bartz D. Ч Visualization in Medicine: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

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Ќазвание: Visualization in Medicine: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

јвторы: Preim B., Bartz D.


Visualization in Medicine is the first book on visualization and its application to problems in medical diagnosis, education, and treatment. The book describes the algorithms, the applications and their validation (how reliable are the results?), and the clinical evaluation of the applications (are the techniques useful?). It discusses visualization techniques from research literature as well as the compromises required to solve practical clinical problems.

The book covers image acquisition, image analysis, and interaction techniques designed to explore and analyze the data. The final chapter shows how visualization is used for planning liver surgery, one of the most demanding surgical disciplines. The book is based on several years of the authors' teaching and research experience. Both authors have initiated and lead a variety of interdisciplinary projects involving computer scientists and medical doctors, primarily radiologists and surgeons.

* A core field of visualization and graphics missing a dedicated book until now
* Written by pioneers in the field and illustrated in full color
* Covers theory as well as practice

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 680

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
$5\times 5$ filter      89 90
26-neighborhood      17
2D component functions      272Ч274
2D component functions, color and opacity specification      274
2D component functions, interval selection      272
2D component functions, templates      272Ч273
2D visualization      6Ч7
3D interaction      259Ч260
3D ultrasound      59
3D visualization      6Ч7
3D visualization, 3D interaction      79Ч80
3D visualization, based on row segmentation      122
3D visualization, diagnosis with      77Ч80
3D visualization, interactive manipulations      259
3D visualization, maximum intensity projection      77
3D visualization, multiplanar reformatting      78
3D visualization, summary      80Ч81
3D visualization, surface shaded display (SSD)      77Ч78
3D visualization, ultrasound data      91
3D visualization, virtual endoscopy      78Ч79
3D visualization, volume rendering      78 (see also УVisualizationsФ)
3D widgets      315
3D widgets, distance lines      317Ч319
3D widgets, outlook      338
3D widgets, rulers      319Ч320
6-neighborhood      17
Absorption      184Ч185
Active appearance models (AAMs)      114Ч115
Active appearance models (AAMs), defined      114Ч115
Active appearance models (AAMs), summary      115
Active contour models      109Ч111
Active contour models, 3D extension      110Ч111
Active contour models, problem      111
Active shape models (ASMs)      111Ч114 559
Active shape models (ASMs), allowable shape domain      112
Active shape models (ASMs), applications      113Ч114
Active shape models (ASMs), defined      111
Active shape models (ASMs), model fitting      113
Active shape models (ASMs), requirements      113
Active shape models (ASMs), variability      114
Adaptive propagation      107Ч108
Adaptive ray sampling      200
Adaptive supersampling      226Ч227
Additive Gaussian noise      234
Adhesio interthalamica      393
Algebraic reconstruction techniques (ART)      43
Aliasing      19Ч21
Aliasing in direct volume rendering      217
Aliasing visual result      19
Ambient light      146
Amira      367 579Ч580
Anatomic tree structures, examples      371Ч372
Anatomic tree structures, performance measurements      374
Anatomic tree structures, small      353
Anatomic tree structures, summary      377Ч378
Anatomic tree structures, validation and evaluation      365Ч371
Anatomic tree structures, vessel analysis      345Ч350
Anatomic tree structures, visualization      343Ч379
Anatomy education      546Ч552
Anatomy education, AnatomyBrowser      549
Anatomy education, Digital Anatomist      547Ч549
Anatomy education, VoxelMan      547
Anatomy education, ZoomIllustrator      549Ч552 (see also УMedical educationФ)
AnatomyBrowser      549
Angiogenesis      249
Angiography, defined      39
Angiography, digital subtraction (DSA)      39 40
Angiography, MRI      53
Angiography, phase-contrast (PCA)      53
Angioscopy of cerebral blood vessels      397Ч399
Angioscopy of coronary blood vessels      399Ч400
Angular measurements      321Ч323
Angular measurements in CT data      323
Angular measurements, behavior      322
Angular measurements, geometry      321Ч322
Angular measurements, orthopedic applications      323
Angular measurements, view coupling      322
animations      541Ч545
Animations for anatomy and surgery education      542Ч544
Animations, author specification      541
Animations, changing object focus with      545
Animations, interactive control      545
Animations, manual specification      541
Animations, script-based specification      542Ч545
Anisotropic dataset      400
Anisotropic interpolation      466
Anisotropy, color-coding      470
Anisotropy, functional      469
Anisotropy, metrics      467Ч469
Annotation      76
Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC)      461
Area measurements      323Ч324
Area under the curve (AUC)      27
Arrows, emphasis with      441Ч442
Artifacts      17Ч26
Artifacts, bilinear slice interpolation      216
Artifacts, binary segmentation block      23
Artifacts, bricking      218
Artifacts, CT      25
Artifacts, interpolation      22Ч25
Artifacts, Moire      19Ч20
Artifacts, MR image      54
Artifacts, partial volume effects      21Ч22
Artifacts, signal      25Ч26
Artifacts, staircasing      23 24
ARToolkit      413Ч414
Automatic labeling      531
Automatic navigation      385
Axis-aligned bounding box (AABB)      171Ч172 331 336 363
Backface culling      173
Band-limited signals      21
Bilateral mesh denoising      177
Bilinear interpolation      16
Bivariate color scales      33
Blending      360Ч361
Blending, strength      361
Blending, strength at branchings      360
Blending, unwanted      360
Boundary model      264Ч265
Bounding cylinders      172
Bounding spheres      172
Bounding volumes      171Ч173
Bounding volumes, axis-aligned bounding box (AABB)      171Ч172 331 336 363
Bounding volumes, bounding cylinders      172
Bounding volumes, bounding spheres      172
Bounding volumes, convex hull      172
Bounding volumes, k-dimensional orientation polytope (k-DOP)      172Ч173
Bounding volumes, oriented bounding box (OBB)      172 299 336
Box clipping      294 295
Brain perfusion      240 253Ч256
Brain perfusion, computer support      255
Brain perfusion, imaging      254
Brain perfusion, visualization techniques      255Ч256
Branch-on-need-octrees (BONO)      169Ч170
Branching, blending strength at      360
Branching, labeling      537Ч539
Branching, transitions at      363
Branching, undesired effects      349
Bricking artifacts      218
BSP-trees      169
Bulging      361
Cache-sensitive memory, management      202Ч203
Calibrated mixed reality endoscope      415Ч416
Catmull Ч Clark subdivision      356
Cell projection      220
Center of gravity (COG)      336 447
Central difference operator      148Ч149
Central nervous system (CNS)      391
Cerebral aneurysms      398
Cerebral ventricular system      328 391Ч394
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)      391
Choroid plexus      393
Clinical anatomy      528
Clinical surgery, basis      552
Clinical surgery, CBT systems for studying      553
Clipping      291Ч294
Clipping, box      294 295
Clipping, planes      291Ч292
Clipping, planes, tilting      292
Clipping, selective      293Ч294
Clipping, uses      291
Closest vessel projection (CVP)      192Ч193 252
Clustering      486Ч492
Clustering, algorithms      488Ч489
Clustering, features      493
Clustering, fiber tracts      486Ч492
Clustering, hierarchical      488Ч489
Clustering, motivation      487
Clustering, partitional      489
Clustering, proximity metrics      487Ч488
Clustering, uses      489
Clustering, validation      492 (see also УFiber tractsФ)
Coherence metrics      469
collimation      46
Collision detection      307 560
Collision detection, deformable object      560
Collision detection, hierarchical data structures for      560
Collision detection, rigid body      560
Color perception      30Ч33
Color scales      32Ч33
Color scales for encoding scalar values      32
Color scales, bivariate      33
Color scales, discrete      33
Color scales, trivariate      33
color spaces      31
Color spaces, defined      31
Color spaces, device-oriented      31
Color spaces, intuitive      31
Color spaces, perceptually uniform      31Ч32
Color transfer functions      144Ч145
Color-coded visualization      368
Color-coding, anisotropy      470
Color-coding, diffusivity      470
Color-coding, directional information      470Ч471
Comparative anatomy      528
Complete neighborhood      17
Composting      187 189Ч195
Composting, accuracy issues      189
Composting, defined      187
Composting, operator      189
Composting, variations      190Ч193
Computed tomography (CT)      4 41Ч48
Computed tomography (CT), brain perfusion      254
Computed tomography (CT), contrast-enhancement      47
Computed tomography (CT), data generation principle      42Ч45
Computed tomography (CT), datasets      45
Computed tomography (CT), defined      41
Computed tomography (CT), fan beam methods      44
Computed tomography (CT), flat panel detector      45
Computed tomography (CT), helical      43
Computed tomography (CT), Hounsfield units      47Ч48
Computed tomography (CT), localization of anatomical structures      41
Computed tomography (CT), lung parenchyma identification      390
Computed tomography (CT), MRI versus      56Ч57
Computed tomography (CT), multislice example      43
Computed tomography (CT), new devices      45
Computed tomography (CT), quantitative measurements      41
Computed tomography (CT), radiation dose      46
Computed tomography (CT), reconstruction filters      44
Computed tomography (CT), scanners      43 45
Computed tomography (CT), scanning parameters      45Ч47
Computed tomography (CT), sensitivity      41
Computed tomography (CT), slice of abdominal dataset      91
Computed tomography (CT), slice with additional information      67
Computed tomography (CT), slices      46
Computed tomography (CT), spiral      43
Computed tomography (CT), standardization      47Ч48
Computed tomography (CT), summary      63
Computed tomography (CT), thorax diagnostics      282Ч284
Computed tomography (CT), tilted dataset      46
Computed tomography (CT), X-ray imaging versus      41Ч42
Computer-aided detection (CAD)      376Ч377
Computer-based training (CBT)      525 526
Computer-based training (CBT) for clinical surgery study      553
Computer-based training (CBT) for comparative anatomy      528
Computer-based training (CBT) for operative techniques study      562Ч566
Computer-based training (CBT), basics      545Ч546
Computer-based training (CBT), rules of thumb      545
Computer-based training (CBT), successful      546
Computerized medical imaging      2Ч6
Computerized medical imaging, diagnosis      4
Computerized medical imaging, educational purposes      3Ч4
Computerized medical imaging, intraoperative support      4
Computerized medical imaging, treatment planning      4
cones      30
Connected component analysis (CCA)      98
Consequences      361
Constrained elastic surface nets      178Ч179
Container objects (CAO)      435 439
Context objects (CO)      435
Context-preserving volume rendering      429
Contour tracing      158
Contrast-enhanced CT scans      47
Contrasts for emphasis      445Ч446
Contrasts, darkness      445
Contrasts, perception      29Ч30
Contrasts, saturation      445
Convex hull      172
Convolution surfaces      358Ч360
Convolution surfaces, bulging and      359
Convolution surfaces, computational complexity      362Ч364
Convolution surfaces, filter modification      361Ч362
Convolution surfaces, filter selection      359Ч360
Convolution surfaces, geometric model construction      364Ч365
Convolution surfaces, radius representation      360
Convolution surfaces, visualization with      361Ч365
Cool-to-warm tone shading      432Ч433
Cool-to-warm tone shading, discrete      433
Cool-to-warm tone shading, illustrated      432
Coronary blood vessels, angioscopy of      399Ч400
Coronary blood vessels, noninvasive assessment      400
Corrected normals      24
Cross-sectional anatomy      528
Crossings      467
CT artifacts      25
Cuberille voxel representation      158Ч159
Cuberille voxel representation, defined      158
Cuberille voxel representation, illustrated      159
Currently selected object (CSO)      419
Curved planar reformation (CPR)      156
Cut surfaces, high-quality representation      308Ч310
Cut surfaces, resolution      308
Cutaway views      423 443Ч445
Cutaway views, cut region shape      443
Cutaway views, illustrated      446
Cutaway views, realization      444
Cutting plane, boundaries, defining      298
Cutting plane, cut path definition      298
Cutting plane, initial, generation of      298Ч302
Cutting plane, orientation and extent      300
Cutting plane, virtual resection with      297Ч307
Cylindrical bounding volume (CBV)      362
Darkness contrast      445
Data processing      242Ч244
Data processing, fitting pharmacokinetic models      243Ч244
Data processing, image registration      242Ч243
Data processing, model fitting      243
Data processing, segmentation      243
Data processing, signal intensities calibration      243
Data processing, temporal denoising      243
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