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Laudati P. Ч Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE
Laudati P. Ч Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE

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Ќазвание: Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE

јвтор: Laudati P.


Get the best information available for enabling application interoperability between the Microsoft .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development platforms. This book offers practical and prescriptive guidance for developers responsible for creating enterprise-level business solutions where platform interoperability is a requirement and a reality. If you're experienced with one set of enterprise technologies but new to the other, you can ramp up quickly with focused introductions written from either the .NET or Java developer perspective. The book delivers expert technical information and recommendations for using Web services, runtime bridges, and asynchronous techniques; interoperability methods for point-to-point and resource tiers; and designing application architecture for interoperability. The companion CD-ROM includes a functional sample application, trial software, and a complete eBook. Patterns & Practices guides are reviewed and approved by Microsoft engineering teams, consultants, partners, and customers - delivering accurate, real-world information that's been technically validated and tested.

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 359

ƒобавлена в каталог: 19.08.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
.msi, other installation strategies      20
.msi, XBikes on .NET      317
.msi, XBikes on J2EE      277
.NET      see also Business tier .NET .NET Presentation
.NET Framework and ADO.NET      33
.NET Framework and EJB      31
.NET Framework and J2EE Application Architecture      159Ч175
.NET Framework Business tier and J2EE Web tier with Ja.NET adapters      297Ч298
.NET Framework Business tier, adding to Data tier interoperability      196Ч197
.NET Framework Business tier, services interfaces of      194
.NET Framework Data tier and J2EE Business tier with Ja.NET adapters      298Ч299
.NET Framework Data tier, service interfaces      198
.NET Framework Presentation tier and Business tier with interoperability elements added      193
.NET Framework Presentation tier, adding interoperability to Business tier      192Ч196
.NET Framework Presentation tier, adding interoperability to Data tier      196Ч200
.NET Framework Presentation tier, adding to Business tier interoperability      192Ч193
.NET Framework Web service, .NET Framework Business tier      186
.NET Framework Web service, between the Business and Data tiers      328Ч329
.NET Framework Web service, Data Access Logic resource WS service interface in the .NET Framework Data tier      191
.NET Framework Web service, encapsulating the .NET Framework business service facade      241Ч242
.NET Framework, accessing EJB from      77
.NET Framework, accessing JMS Messages from clients      148
.NET Framework, accessing servers from Java      75
.NET Framework, architecture      159Ч161
.NET Framework, architecture and XBikes implementations      175
.NET Framework, asynchronous interoperability adapter      268
.NET Framework, asynchronous interoperability with Java applications      129
.NET Framework, availability      20
.NET Framework, best practice design of application architecture      160Ч161
.NET Framework, Business and Data tiers with interoperability elements added      197
.NET Framework, business service facade in the Business tier      243
.NET Framework, CLR      20
.NET Framework, connecting to WebSphere MQ from      146Ч147
.NET Framework, creating asynchronous interoperability adapters      268Ч269
.NET Framework, creating Web services in      95Ч96
.NET Framework, cross language integration      22
.NET Framework, custom service interfaces for the business service facade      252
.NET Framework, data types definition based on an XML Schema      238Ч241
.NET Framework, distributed and multi-tiered architecture      159
.NET Framework, installation choices      20
.NET Framework, investigating      19Ч27
.NET Framework, Java-side component with      86
.NET Framework, key features of      19
.NET Framework, linking types with Java      78Ч79
.NET Framework, mapping data types to Java data types      78Ч79
.NET Framework, message consumers      266Ч267
.NET Framework, resource interoperability adapters      198Ч199
.NET Framework, resource interoperability factories      200
.NET Framework, sending messages from Java Applications      152
.NET Framework, sending messages to Java Applications      151Ч152
.NET Framework, service interfaces      194
.NET Framework, service interfaces for the .NET Framework business service facade      242
.NET Framework, use case interoperability adapter factory      195
.NET Framework, use case interoperability adapters      194Ч195
.NET Framework, Web service client in      98Ч99
.NET Framework, XML configuration file      196 200
.NET Framework, XMLSerializer in typed DataSets      239
.NET Remoting adapter, Data Access Logic resource in the .NET Framework Data tier      199
.NET Remoting adapter,.NET WS service interface      195
.NET Remoting, .NET Framework Business tier      194
.NET Remoting, .NET Framework Data Access Logic resource      198
.NET Remoting, advantages of      67
.NET Remoting, channels      68Ч69 72
.NET Remoting, comparing to Web services      108Ч110
.NET Remoting, configuration files      72Ч73
.NET Remoting, configuring on Business tier      323Ч324
.NET Remoting, described      26Ч27
.NET Remoting, diagram of typical implementation      70
.NET Remoting, hosting objects as ASP.NET components on IIS      71
.NET Remoting, implementing      69Ч73
.NET Remoting, on the Presentation tier      321Ч322
.NET Remoting, Remoting calls and DataSet object      194
.NET Remoting, understanding      68Ч69
.NET Remoting, using for connectivity      67Ч72
.NET Remoting, vs. SOAP      81
.NET, building applications based on      27Ч29
.NET, components      5 18
.NET, components in the Business Tier      12
.NET, components in the Presentation tier      11
.NET, configuring the COM+ application on .NET platform      318Ч319
.NET, Data tier resources for XBikes      196
.NET, defining      5
.NET, diagram of comparison to J2EE      10
.NET, directory services      34
.NET, features compared with J2EE      45Ч46
.NET, fundamentals for J2EE developers      18Ч35
.NET, fundamentals of J2EE for .NET developers      35Ч44
.NET, goal of      18
.NET, installing XBikes on      317Ч335
.NET, installing XBikes on platform      318
.NET, integrating in the Business tier      235Ч260
.NET, integrating in the Presentation tier      203Ч233
.NET, interoperability adapters and initialise method      215Ч216
.NET, linking Presentation tier to the J2EE Business tier      205
.NET, mapping data types      62
.NET, mapping XSDs and classes in      60
.NET, migrating to      8
.NET, Presentation tier linked to J2EE Business tier      11
.NET, shared databases      113Ч114
.NET, unifying vision      18
.NET, using WebSphere MQ Classes for      146Ч147
.NET, vs. J2EE      17 18
.NET, vs. Java      36
.NET, Web services adapter to address Data Access Logic resource in the .NET Framework Data tier      199
.NET, Web services between the Web and Business tier      295
/class switch      238 239
/dataset switch      214 238
/namespace switch      238
<appSettings>      101
Abstraction layers and connection points      177
Abstraction layers and Data Access Logic Components      170
Abstraction layers and JMs      134
Abstraction layers and Web services interoperability best practices      108
Abstraction layers, interoperability layers in a multi-tiered application      182
account      87
Acronyms of Java terms      37
Active Directory Group Policy      20
Active Directory Service Interface      see ADSI
Active Directory, accessing directory services      34
Active Directory, administering MSMQ      128
Active Directory, choosing between private and public queues      129
Active Directory, MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge      152Ч153 264
Active Server Pages      see ASP
ActiveX Data Objects      see ADO.NET
Adapter classes, creating J2EE interoperability adapters      250
Add Web Reference dialog box      99
additional resources      340Ч345
ADO.NET and .NET Framework      33
ADO.NET, connecting databases with      116Ч119
ADO.NET, connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with      119
ADO.NET, database drivers      118
ADO.NET, DataSet class      116Ч117
ADO.NET, design goals of      33 116Ч117
ADO.NET, sharing data with JDBc      119Ч122
ADSI      34
AmqmdNET.dll      146Ч147
And other Java Web services stacks      102 103
Ant      38Ч39
Apache Cocoon      56
Apache Jakarta project      38Ч39
Application architecture for .NET Framework and J2EE      172Ч174
Application architecture for .NET Framework version of XBikes      173
Application architecture for J2EE version of XBikes      174
Application architecture, design in .NET Framework      160Ч161
applications      see also XBikes
Applications on Ja.NET      226
applications, building      27Ч29
Applications, data passing options      68Ч69
Applications, deploying for J2EE      44
Applications, interoperability points in multi-tiered      177
Applications, shared databases      113Ч114
Applications, using callbacks in      125
Application_OnStart event      232
Application_Start method      73
Architecture for J2EE version of XBikes      174
architecture, J2EE      159Ч161
Architecture, J2EE Business and Data tiers      189
Architecture, J2EE Presentation and Business tier      185
Architecture, Web services      93
Architecture,.NET Framework      159Ч161
Architecture,.NET Framework best practice design      160Ч161
Architecture,.NET Framework Presentation and Business tier      193
Architecture,.NET Framework version of XBikes      173
ASP vs. JSp      31
ASP.NET, data types      204
ASP.NET, linking application to the service interface      205
ASP.NET, Presentation tier, J2EE application      203
ASP.NET, Presentation tier, linking to J2EE business tier      50Ч51
ASP.NET, web applications      31
AsyncCallback      137
Asynchronous communications, data formats      266
Asynchronous communications, interoperability adapters      263
Asynchronous communications, message consumer      266Ч267
Asynchronous communications, role of Ja.NET in      273
Asynchronous communications, role of JNBridge in      270
Asynchronous communications, service interfaces      263
Asynchronous interoperability      see also Asynchronous interoperability adapters Interoperability
Asynchronous interoperability adapters for asynchronous interoperability      263Ч264
Asynchronous interoperability adapters for Ja.NET      274Ч275
Asynchronous interoperability adapters for JNBridge      271Ч272
Asynchronous interoperability adapters, J2EE      268Ч269
Asynchronous interoperability, asynchronous interoperability implementation      261Ч275
Asynchronous interoperability, between .NET Framework and Java applications      129
Asynchronous interoperability, calls between .NET and Java applications      123Ч125
Asynchronous interoperability, choosing data formats      262
Asynchronous interoperability, Data tier implementation      122Ч150
Asynchronous interoperability, HIS      149Ч153
Asynchronous interoperability, implementation overview      5
Asynchronous interoperability, main types of      123
Asynchronous interoperability, message queues for      125Ч149
Asynchronous interoperability, scenario      13
Asynchronous interoperability, transactional support      171
Asynchronous interoperability, using message queues for      125Ч127 172
Attributes described      30
Auditing      128
AuthenticateCustomer business method      44
AuthenticateCustomer use case in XBikes      158
AuthenticateCustomer use case, business facade in XBikes      168
AuthenticateCustomer use case, creating .NET interoperability adapters      215Ч216
AuthenticateCustomer use case, creating Java class from      207Ч208
AuthenticateCustomer use case, GLUE      207Ч208
AuthenticateCustomer use case, interoperability adapters      237
AuthenticateCustomer use case, J2EE interoperability adapters      186Ч188
AuthenticateCustomer use case, Ja.NET      226Ч227
AuthenticateCustomer use case, service interface for JNBridgePro      218Ч220 222
AuthenticateCustomerCommand use case command      162
AuthenticateCustomerCommandAdapter adapter class      250 260
AuthenticateCustomerInteropAdapter class      223
AuthenticateCustomerInteropAdapter class, authentication      104Ч105
Basic Profile 1.0, overview      94 107
Basic Profile 1.0, protocol support      97
Basic Profile 1.0, transactional support      136
Basic Profile 1.0, XBikes compliance with      244
Bean Managed Persistence beans      see BMP
Begin method      124
BeginGetProductsByCategory method      124
BeginReceive method      137
Best practices, ADO.NET and JDBc      120
Best practices, architecture design in .NET Framework      160Ч161
Best practices, data exchange recommendations      63Ч65
Best practices, ideals and reality      159
Best practices, Ja.NET      81Ч82
Best practices, JNBridgePro      84Ч89
Best practices, multi-tiered applications      160Ч161
Best practices, Web services      107Ч108
Best practices,.NET Framework      160Ч161
Binary communications protocol      85
Binary protocol for .NET Remoting      81
Binary serialization      52
Binary/TCP communication      85
Bit collections      34
Bllconfig.xml      192
BLLServiceInterface object      223
BLLServiceInterface object, BusinessServiceFacade      220
BMP vs. CMP      170
BMP, described      42Ч43
BMP, LDAP      43
BodyStream property      130
bridges      see Ja.NET JNBridge MSMQ-MQSeries Runtime
Bridging products and JMS      147Ч149
Brokers, integration brokers described      14Ч15
Brokers, table in interoperability scenarios      15
Brokers, WebSphere MQ      144Ч145
Build errors in WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1      283Ч285
Business components      162Ч163
Business entities in XBikes      164Ч166
Business entities, comparison table      175
Business entities, in the XBikes application      170
Business entities, introduction      163Ч164
Business facades      168 see
Business logic and reflection      35Ч36
Business logic and session beans      42
Business logic, abstracting database code from      120
Business logic, service interfaces      167 179
Business tier and .NET Framework Presentation      193
Business tier and Data Access Logic tier      122
Business tier, .NET Framework Web service interface to expose in      243
Business tier, abstracting Data Access Logic Components from      120
Business tier, adding .NET Framework Presentation to      192Ч193
Business tier, adding J2EE to      184Ч188
Business tier, components in XBikes      309
Business tier, configuring .NET remoting on      323Ч324
Business tier, configuring COM+ application on      323
Business tier, Data tier interoperability      13
Business tier, deleting items from computer      337Ч338
Business tier, element implementation      162Ч168
Business tier, integrating .NET components in      12
Business tier, integrating .NET in      4 235Ч260
Business tier, JNDI lookups      293
Business tier, mulitple computer setup      322Ч324
Business tier, Web tiers with Web service adapters      326Ч327
Business tier, WebSphere Application Server 5.0 on multiple computers      291Ч292
Business tier, XBikes on      322Ч323
Business workflows      163
BusinessServiceFacade EJB, generating proxies      220
BusinessServiceFacade method integrating .NET in the business tier      242
BusinessServiceFacade session bean and service interfaces      204Ч205
BusinessServiceFacade session bean Java class as Web service      210 213
BusinessServiceFacade session bean service interface for Ja.NET      226Ч227
BusinessServiceFacade session bean service interface for JNBridgePro      218Ч220
BusinessServiceFacade session bean Web services implemention      210Ч213
Callbacks and .NET Remoting      109
Callbacks and Web services      90
Callbacks calling End methods      124
Callbacks in client applications      125
CASPOL.EXE      24
catch clause      23
CategoriesData      164
CategoriesDataAdapterBean      170
CD      159
Channels in .NET Remoting      68Ч69 72
Classes binary serialization      52
Classes building a Java application      38Ч39
Classes collections classes      34
Classes data helper classes      211
Classes evaluating Ja.NET      74
Classes exposing an existing class as a Web service      96Ч97
Classes garbage collection      22
Classes Java wrapper classes      87
Classes libraries in .NET      19
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