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Krantz S.G. — A mathematician's survival guide: Graduate school and early career development
Krantz S.G. — A mathematician's survival guide: Graduate school and early career development

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Название: A mathematician's survival guide: Graduate school and early career development

Автор: Krantz S.G.


Graduate school marks the first step toward a career in mathematics for young mathematicians. During this period, they make important decisions which will affect the rest of their careers. Here now is a detailed guide to help students navigate graduate school and the years that follow.

In his inimitable and forthright style, Steven Krantz addresses the major issues of graduate school, including choosing a program, passing the qualifying exams, finding an advisor, writing a thesis, and getting that first job. As with his earlier guide, How to Teach Mathematics, he avoids generalities, giving clear advice on how to handle real situations. The book also contains a description of the basic elements of a mathematical education, as well as a glossary and appendices on the structure of a typical department and university and the standard academic ranks.

Steven G. Krantz is an accomplished mathematician and an award-winning author. He has published 130 research articles and 45 books. He has worked in many different types of mathematics departments, supervised both masters and doctoral students, and is currently the Chair of the Mathematics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Рубрика: Математика/

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 236

Добавлена в каталог: 05.12.2013

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Предметный указатель
$Bulletin$ $of$ $the$ $American$ $Mathematical$ $Society$      47
$Curriculum$ $Vitae$      98
$MikT_{E}X$      68
$Notices$ $of$ $the$ $American$ $Mathematical$ $Society$      47
$T_{E}X$, flavors of      67
$T_{E}X$, learning of      68
$T_{E}X$, obtaining the software      68
$T_{E}X$, use of      67
$\textit"Fortran"$ for the foreign language exam      46
$\textit"MathSciNet"$      128
$\textit"PostScript"$      69
AAUP      95
Ability to perform graduate-level work      9
Ability to teach      26
Abstract algebra      10
Academic integrity      86
Academic integrity for graduate students      86
Academic integrity, Princeton style      86
Academic jobs      95
Academic ranks      197
Accelerated undergraduates      11
Actuarial industry      107
Actuary      11
Adjuncts      197
Administrative structure of a mathematics department      191
Administrative structure of a university      191
Admissions notification date      23
Adobe $\textit"Illustrator"$      69
Advanced graduate students      5
Advisor getting jobs for several students      84
Advisor, Part Zero      33
Advisor, pre-thesis      33
Advisor, preliminary      33
Aerospace Corporation      106
African — American students      25
Algebra at Stanford      18
Algebra, elements of      158
Ambition to be endowed Chair      130
American Association of University Professors      95
American Mathematical $Monthly$      47
American Mathematical Society      47
American Statistical Association      47
AMS Cover Sheet      98
AMS Employment Center      100
AMS Employment Center, interviewers at      101
AMS Employment Center, success in generating offers      102
Analysis at Harvard      18
Application deadline      21
Application dossier, extra materials      23
Application essay      23
Application essay, maudlin or sappy      23
Application to graduate school, confirming      22
Application to graduate school, cost of      21
Application, punctuality of      23
Applications, screening of      21
Applied math at Courant      18
Applied mathematics      11
Applying online      20
Area of study, choosing      79
Assistant Deans      193
Assistant Professor, life of      111
Assistant professors      198
Assistant Professors as thesis advisors      58
Assistant Professors should not write books      113
Associate Deans      193
Associate professors      198
Associate Professors as thesis advisors      58
Association for Women in Mathematics      47
Auditing classes      36
Automotive industry      108
Baccalaureate in December      24
Basic classes at Princeton      18
Battling your way back up the ranks      130
Beasts of burden      46
Being a successful mathematician      126
Benefits associated with your job      104
Benefits of getting a problem from a senior mathematician      60
Bergman Prize holders      81
Berkeley system for finding an advisor      54
Bochner, Salomon      46
Bought the barn, may as well paint it      129
Brain, banging it      63
Brain, stretching it      63
Calculus, when people take      11
Career office      109
Census Bureau      107
Central areas of mathematics      9
Chairperson of the math department      4
Chairperson vg. Head      193
Chairperson, Dean selects      193
Chairperson, Department vote for      193
Chairperson, usually a full Professor      193
Chairperson, who qualifies for      193
Chairperson, who selects      193
Changing thesis advisors      56
Changing universities      24
Child prodigy as mathematician      81
Choosing a graduate school      7
Coherent body of scholarly work      114
Collaboration is like a marriage      127
Collaborators      127
Collaborators, prevalence of      127
Collaborators, value of      127
Collecting degrees      132
College catalog      18
College guides from Borders      18
Colloquium      44
Colloquium talk, structure of      45
Communications skills      36
Competition at the thesis level      83
Competition over jobs      85
Competition with fellow graduate students      83
Complex analysis      10
Complex analysis, elements of      144
Composition of a math department      201
Computer science      11
Concentration on teaching      125
Concerns of Young Mathematicians      116
Concrete examples, value of      65
Confidentiality of salaries      124
Consult experienced faculty      19
consulting      123
Corel $\textit"DRAW"$      69
Course on how to teach      49
Course requirement      35 36
Courses without coursework      36
Courses, which to take      35
Criteria for graduate admissions      17
Cross-fertilization of mathematical areas      166
Cross-fertilization of teaching and research      125
Curricular preparation      10
CYM      116
Daniel Wagner Associates      106
Data Mining      107
Deans, types of      192
December baccalaureate      24
Deductive vs. inductive method      65
Denial of tenure      130
Department Chairpersons      193
Departmental caution about English ability      26
Departmental Office Manager      103
Departmental service as tenure criterion      112
Departmental staff      51
Departmental staff, services they can provide      51
Departmental staff, who is on      51
Departmental tea      44
Departments tenured up      202
Depression for the mathematician      131
Dickson Instructor ships      96
Difficulty with your advisor over ideas      63
Dinner after the colloquium      45
Disenchantment with research      125
Dishonesty of mathematics professionals      87
Doing mathematics, the process of      66
Dream schools      20
Dynamical systems      10
Early graduation      24
Educational Testing Service      10
Endowed research Instructorships      96
Energetic collaborators      126
English ability      26
English ability and getting a job      27
English ability, lack of and end of mathematical career      27
English facility and ability to teach      27
English, you must learn      27
Entertainment      5
Essential mathematics is not written down      65
Everyone else is succeeding      80
Excellent grades      9
Excellent teaching as tenure criterion      112
Faculty diversity      25
Faculty salaries      121
Fallback schools      20
Fellow graduate students, learning from      43
Fields Medalists      81
Filming of your teaching      50
Filtering applicants to graduate school      12
Financial aid office      29
Financial aid, sources of      29
Financial declaration for graduate school      28
Financial support in graduate school      48
Find the hottest professor around and work for him/her      54
Finding a thesis advisor by asking someone cold      56
Finding a thesis advisor by reading some papers      56
Finding a thesis advisor through advanced classes      55
Finding a thesis advisor through oral exams      55
Finding a thesis advisor through reading courses      55
Finding a thesis advisor through seminars      55
Finding a thesis advisor, methods for      55
Finding a thesis problem      59
Finding a thesis problem through reading      60
Finding a thesis problem with help      59
Finding a thesis problem yourself      59
Finding a thesis; advisor before taking the quals      54
First day of graduate school      3
Focus your work and burrow deeply      114
Focusing your attentions      80
Foreign language exam, waiving of      47
Foreign language requirement      45
Four-year colleges, emphasis on teaching      97
Four-year colleges, Instructorships at      97
Four-year colleges, jobs at      97
Four-year colleges, number of jobs at      105
Four-year colleges, tenure-track jobs at      97
Fox sniff      23
Fraternization, rules against      89
Free ride in graduate school      48
French, German, and Russian for the foreign language exam      45
General Electric      106
Generosity in mathematical practice      88
Genome Project      107
Geometry      10
Geometry/topology, elements of      149
Getting advice      36
Getting around to doing research      126
Getting fired by your thesis advisor      85
Getting people to serve on your thesis committee      70
Getting your degree at another university      24
Go to the best school you can get into      54
Going to conferences      5
Golden Parachute programs      203
Good instructors      5
Good thesis advisors      5
Grades      17
Graduate Chairperson      4 193
Graduate classes, effort to expend on      37
Graduate classes, level of work required      37
Graduate classes, performance expected      37
Graduate classes, work expected      37
Graduate Committee      4
Graduate Director      4
Graduate education, duration      4
Graduate faculty      58
Graduate program, attrition rate in      78
Graduate program, mathematical reasons for quitting      79
Graduate program, personal reasons for quitting      78
Graduate program, quitting      78
Graduate Record Exam      10 12 16
Graduate school as a mistake      131
Graduate school checklist      205
Graduate school, deciding to return to      79
Graduate school, financial support      28
Graduate school, getting thrown out of      78
Graduate school, hell on wheels in      42
Graduate school, living stipend      28
Graduate school, M.D. student in      38
Graduate school, paying for      27
Graduate school, qualifications for      22
Graduate school, tuition for      28
Graphics in the thesis      68 69
GRE      10 12 16
GRE has two parts      17
GRE, perfect score on      17
Group photograph      3
Gupta fiasco      12
Handbook for writing the thesis      69
Harvard Graphics      69
Harvard University, no Associate Professors at      129
Health insurance      29
Health insurance, paying for      29
Hedrick Instructorships      96
Helping each other study for the quals      83
Hewlett — Packard      106
Hiring someone to type your thesis      67
Holding an outside job while a student      75
Hours outside class for each hour inside      38
How different areas of mathematics fit together      165
How much work and how much play      43
How the thesis advisor selects a problem      57
Hughes Aircraft      106
I don’t seem to know anything      79
Ideas, restructuring of      64
Impostor syndrome      131
Improving your teaching, assistance in      49
Inductive vs. deductive method      65
Industrial jobs and thesis advisors      109
Institute for Defense Analyses      106
Institute of Mathematical Statistics      47
Instructor positions      96
instructors      197
Instructorship, interview not required for      101
Intellectual development beyond the thesis      94
International reputation, establishing an      113
International students vs. American students      43
International students, better prepared      43
International students, comparing yourself with      43
International students, with Master’s thesis in hand      43
Intimacy with colleagues      88
Intimacy with the staff      89
Intimacy with undergraduates      88
Introduce yourself to senior faculty      112
Isolation and depression      131
Japanese for the foreign language exam      46
Job applications      98
Job applications, number to submit      102
Job gotten with a phone call      98
Job interview center      109
Job interviews      101
Job offer, accepting      103
Job offer, getting      103
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