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Krantz S.G. — A mathematician's survival guide: Graduate school and early career development
Krantz S.G. — A mathematician's survival guide: Graduate school and early career development

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Название: A mathematician's survival guide: Graduate school and early career development

Автор: Krantz S.G.


Graduate school marks the first step toward a career in mathematics for young mathematicians. During this period, they make important decisions which will affect the rest of their careers. Here now is a detailed guide to help students navigate graduate school and the years that follow.

In his inimitable and forthright style, Steven Krantz addresses the major issues of graduate school, including choosing a program, passing the qualifying exams, finding an advisor, writing a thesis, and getting that first job. As with his earlier guide, How to Teach Mathematics, he avoids generalities, giving clear advice on how to handle real situations. The book also contains a description of the basic elements of a mathematical education, as well as a glossary and appendices on the structure of a typical department and university and the standard academic ranks.

Steven G. Krantz is an accomplished mathematician and an award-winning author. He has published 130 research articles and 45 books. He has worked in many different types of mathematics departments, supervised both masters and doctoral students, and is currently the Chair of the Mathematics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 236

Добавлена в каталог: 05.12.2013

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Предметный указатель
Job offer, responding to      103
Job offer, thinking about      103
Job opportunities for mathematicians      106
Job search, helping yourself      100
Jobs are mainly for young people      105
Journal, keeping a      64
Keeping your research alive      126
Lack of representation      50
Learning as a non-formalized process      36
Learning without exams      36
Learning without going to class      36
Leave, Dean’s control of      121
Leave, paid      121
Leaves of absence      79
Leaving graduate school prematurely      78
Letter of acceptance of job offer      103 104
Letters addressing mathematical attributes      22
Letters for a job application      98
Letters from mathematicians      22
Letters from outside your department      100
Letters in your tenure dossier      115
Letters of recommendation      10 17
Letters of recommendation, asking for      22
Letters of recommendation, forged      22
Letters of recommendation, making sure they are written      22
Letters of recommendation, number of      21 23
Letters of recommendation, reminding the writers      22
Letters of recommendation, three      21
Letters of recommendation, three needed      99
Letters of recommendation, who from      21
Letters, getting good ones for job application      100
Life of a mathematician      133
Lifelong friends from graduate school      133
Loan, getting a      75
Loan, paying off a      75
Loans from the university      79
Los Alamos      107
MacArthur Prize winners      81
Major Oral      55
Majors leading to graduate school      9
Manifold theory      10
Master’s Degree as entry level      132
Master’s Degree as tarnished degree      133
Master’s Degree vs. Ph.D.      132
Master’sDegree      132
Math department composition at a four-year teaching college      203
Math department composition at a junior college      201
Math department composition at a large state university      202
Math department composition at an elite private university      204
Mathematical Association of America      47
Mathematical growth in a new direction      94
Mathematical logic programs      18
Mathematical physics      11
Mathematical writing      66
Mathematicians can only teach      105
Mathematicians on the job market      98
Mathematics as a competitive profession      81
Mathematics of finance      11
Mathematics that you need to know      137
Medical research      107
Member dues for the union      50
Mental inertia      65
Mentoring      36
Microsoft      106
Mini-tenure-review      115
Minor Oral      55
Mitre Corporation      106
Moore Instructorships      96
Moral turpitude      88
Most Ph.D.’s never do any additional research      133
Most Ph.D.’s stick to their thesis area      133
Multiple thesis advisors      57
National Aeronautics and Space Administration      108
National Security Agency      106
Native American Students      25
Navy      107
Nervous breakdown, having one      44
NeXT      116
Nine-month contract      123
Non tenure-track positions      96
Non-mathematical courses and job prospects      35
Non-mathematical courses, taking of      35
Nonacademic jobs      95 98
Normal progress      3
Notes, keeping good      64
Numerical analysis      10
Oak Ridge      107
Old qualifying exams, studying from      40
Openness in mathematical practice      88
Oral communication      36
Organized labor among graduate students      50
Orientation procedures      3
Other sources of income      123
Outside committee members      70
Outside jobs      75
Outside jobs, regulations against      76
Paper based on thesis      93
Paper based on thesis, co-authored with advisor      94
Passion for your subject area      53
Passion for your thesis problem      53
Peirce Instructorships      96
Penn State Room      128
Pharmacokinetics      107
Postdoc positions      96
Preparation for graduate school      15
Preparation for graduate school, necessary conditions      15
Preparation for graduate school, sufficient conditions      16
Priority disputes with thesis advisor      63
Professional societies      47
Professors      198
Professors as thesis advisors      58
Programmatic diversity      25
Programs that admit more students than they can graduate      19
Project NExT      116
Promotion before tenure      129
Promotion of faculty      128
Promotion to Professor, strict criteria for      129
Prospective students, interviewing of      26
Provost      192
Publication record      127
Publication record, importance of at four-year colleges and comprehensive Universities      128
Publication record, importance of at research university      127
Publish or perish      127
Publishing while an undergraduate      13
Putnam Exam      14
Putnam Exam mentality      14
Qual course, work required      37
Qualifying exam graded on a curve      83
Qualifying exam graded on an absolute scale      83
Qualifying exams      3 9
Qualifying exams at Penn State      34
Qualifying exams, Byzantine structure      34
Qualifying exams, cheating on      86
Qualifying exams, courses to prepare for      34
Qualifying exams, critical thinking skills for      40
Qualifying exams, deferring      41
Qualifying exams, failing      40
Qualifying exams, flexible structure      34
Qualifying exams, getting advice for      34
Qualifying exams, getting excused from      35
Qualifying exams, mental calisthenics for      40
Qualifying exams, passing      39
Qualifying exams, performance level required      41
Qualifying exams, preparation for      34 35
Qualifying exams, quality of work on      41
Qualifying exams, second try on      41
Qualifying exams, standardized set of      33
Qualifying exams, strict grading of      42
Qualifying exams, studying for      39
Qualifying exams, the nature of      39
Qualifying exams, too hard      34
Qualifying exams, too long      34
Qualifying exams, typical questions on      39
Qualifying exams, what you must know for      40
Qualifying exams, when to complete      33
Qualifying exams, when to take      33 40
Qualifying exams, where you stand      35
Quality of job you can expect      104
RA support for graduate students      51
Rand Corporation      106
Reading of the thesis      70
Real analysis      10
Real analysis, elements of      138
Realistic schools      20
Recitation sections vs. lectures      48
Recitation sections, teaching of      48
Records, keeping good      65
Reform teaching      99
Research as tenure criterion      113
Research Assistant support for graduate students      51
Research faculty      58
Research universities, number of jobs at      105
Respect for august faculty      59
Reviewing for publishers      123
Rules for writing the thesis      69
Sabbatical, applying for      120
Sabbaticals      119
Sabbaticals at the University of California      120
Sabbaticals only for tenure-track faculty      120
Sabbaticals, competition for      120
Safety schools      20
Salary of a Professor      122
Salary of a Research Instructor      122
Salary of an Adjunct Instructor      121
Salary of an Assistant Professor      122
Salary of an Associate Professor      122
Sanctity of your ideas      63
Seminars      126
Senior faculty mentor      115
Sex with colleagues      88
Sexual harassment      88
Shields method for directing a thesis      62
Silver Spoon College      11
Smoking gun for promotion to Professor      129
Social Security Administration      108
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics      47
Solicitation of tenure letters      115
Solving thesis problem, nonlinear path to      64
Solving your original thesis problem      61
Specializing so that you can finish      79
Sputnik era      4 118
St. Olaf College      12
Staff keeps the Department going      195
Statistician      11
Stealing of your ideas      63
Stochastic processes      11
Student voice      50
Summer research grants      123
Survival after denial of tenure      130
Sylvania      106
Synthesis of mathematical areas      137 166
Systems analysis      107
TA duties      5 48
TA training      49
Taking courses in different fields      167
Talk to people      18
Talking about your problem, the value of      65
Talking to other faculty besides the thesis advisor      56
Talking to people      36
Talking to your thesis advisor      85
Teaching Assistant      3
Teaching Assistant duties      48
Teaching Center      49
Teaching dossier      95 99
Teaching duties      26
Teaching duties, taking them seriously      48
Teaching experience and looking for a job      26
Teaching load      117
Teaching loads at elite private universities      119
Teaching loads at four-year teaching colleges      119
Teaching loads at junior colleges      118
Teaching loads at large state universities      118
Teaching seminar      49
Teaching Statement      98
Teaching statistics      99
Teaching with computers      99
Tenure appeals      95
Tenure document      128
Tenure in Florida      128
Tenure in Georgia      129
Tenure is for life      96
Tenure process      95
Tenure track      96
Tenure, Board of Trustees adjudication of      95
Tenure, Chancellor’s adjudication of      95
Tenure, Dean’s adjudication of      95
Tenure, departmental adjudication of      95
Tenure, meaning of      95
Tenure, Provost’s adjudication of      95
Tenure-track job, interview required for      101
Tenure-track positions, fresh Ph.D.’s not qualified for      96
Tenure-track positions, qualifications for      96
Texas Instruments      106
Thesis advisor      4
Thesis advisor and thesis problem      53
Thesis advisor at another university      24
Thesis advisor steers you to a problem      57
Thesis advisor that does not work out      56
Thesis advisor with several graduate students      84
Thesis advisor, choosing      53
Thesis advisor, collaboration with      94
Thesis advisor, comfortable relationship with      62
Thesis advisor, getting advice from      62
Thesis advisor, getting consolation from      63
Thesis advisor, getting fired by      85
Thesis advisor, getting help from      62
Thesis advisor, how to get in trouble with      85
Thesis advisor, no appointments with      61
Thesis advisor, personal relationship with      62
Thesis advisor, prepare to talk to      62
Thesis advisor, regular appointments with      61
Thesis advisor, what to call      59
Thesis advisor, your relationship with      61
Thesis advisors who are "nice guys      54
Thesis committee      70
Thesis committee, composition of      70
Thesis defense      70
Thesis defense proceedings      71
Thesis defense, failing      72
Thesis defense, Swedish method      72
Thesis problem, adjusting conclusions      77
Thesis problem, adjusting hypotheses      77
Thesis problem, adjusting so you can solve      76
Thesis problem, blockage on      64
Thesis problem, cannot solve      76
Thesis problem, changing      61
Thesis problem, finding      59
Thesis problem, frustration with      64
Thesis problem, how to work on      63
Thesis problem, how you know when you have solved it      78
Thesis problem, not in a book      63
Thesis problem, not solving your first      61
Thesis problem, solving      60
Thesis problem, solving by increments      64
Thesis problem, stuck on      76
Thesis problem, working by experimentation      64
Thesis to be submitted in hard-copy      70
Thesis, all arguments complete      66
Thesis, cheating on      87
Thesis, dishonesty with      87
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