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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
159372 Yndurain F. The theory of quark and gluon interactions 2006 ХХХ
125888 Pines D, Nozieres P. The Theory of Quantum Liquids. Volume 1. Normal Fermi Liquids 1966ХХ
125462 D. Pines, P. Nozieres The Theory of Quantum Liquids Superfluid Bose Liquids. Volume II 1994ХХ
73942 Nozieres P., Pines D. The theory of quantum liquids 1999ХХ
50700 Feynman R.P. The Theory of Positrons 1949ХХ
5736 Doi M., Edwards S.F. The theory of polymer dynamics 1994ХХ
76489 Sklansky D. The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How To Think Like One 1994 ХХХ
169822 Jauch J.M., Rohrlich F. The Theory of Photons and Electrons (Texts and Monographs in Physics) 1980 ХХХ
156872 Jauch J.M., Rohrlich F. The theory of photons and electrons 1980 ХХХ
9648 Andrews G.E. The Theory of Partitions 1976ХХ
150204 Andrews G. The theory of partitions 1976ХХ
55416 Aho A.V., Ullman J.D. The Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling. Volume II: Compiling 1973ХХ
55476 Aho A.V., Ullman J.D. The Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling, Volume 1: Parsing 1972ХХ
123447 Voorhees P.W. The Theory of Ostwald Ripening 1985ХХ
100014 George H. Weiss, Robert J. Rubin The theory of ordered spans of unrestricted random walks 1976ХХ
30899 Drude P. The Theory of Optics 1969ХХ
112786 Drude P. The Theory Of Optics 1959ХХ
5568 Breuer H.-P., Petruccione F. The Theory of Open Quantum Systems 2002ХХ
155522 Anthony A. Gioia The Theory of Numbers: An Introduction (Markham Mathematics Series) 2001 ХХХ
109299 Adler A., Coury J. The Theory of Numbers. A Text and Source Book of Problems 1995ХХ
156410 Anthony A. Gioia The theory of numbers 2001 ХХХ
174727 Iyanaga S. The theory of numbers 1975ХХ
50111 Wilson A.H. The Theory of Metals 1953 ХХХ
97091 Simon I., Vilenkin A. The theory of melting in heteropolymers. II. Correlated chains 1978ХХ
99477 A. Vilenkin The theory of melting in heteropolymers. I. Random chains 1978ХХ
167257 Lancaster P., Tismenetsky M. The theory of matrices: with applications 1985 ХХХ
138837 Lancaster P., Tismenetsky M. The Theory of Matrices, Second Edition: With Applications (Computer Science and Scientific Computing) 1985ХХ
128195 Alston S. Householder The theory of matrices in numerical analysis 2006ХХ
184273 Householder A. The theory of matrices in numerical analysis 1964ХХ
32929 Macduffee C.C. The Theory of Matrices 1946 ХХХ
197538 MacDuffee C.C. The theory of matrices 1946ХХ
108326 Murray F.J. The theory of mathematical machines 1948ХХ
32969 Dynkin E.B. The Theory of Markov Processes 1961ХХ
74136 Daniel C. Mattis The theory of magnetism made simple: an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods 2006ХХ
8162 Dirac P.A.M. The theory of magnetic poles 1948ХХ
33626 Davis H.T. The Theory of Linear Operators 1936ХХ
37485 Scheunert M. The Theory of Lie Superalgebras: An Introduction 1979ХХ
136838 Yano K. The theory of Lie derivatives and its applications 1957ХХ
9686 Mohannan K.P. The theory of lexical phonology 1986ХХ
168340 Hartman S., Mikusinski I. The Theory of Lebesgue Measure and Integration (International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Mathematics) 1969ХХ
108976 Hartman S., Mikusinski J. The theory of Lebesgue measure and integration 1961ХХ
84521 Dowden J.M. The theory of laser materials processing. Heat and mass transfer in modern technology 2009ХХ
111902 Gurevich M.I. The theory of jets in an ideal fluid 1966ХХ
148747 Eichler M., Zagier D. The Theory of Jacobi Forms (Progress in Mathematics) 1985ХХ
3165 Eichler M., Zagier D. The Theory of Jacobi Forms 1985ХХ
193841 Eichler M., Zagier D. The Theory of Jacobi Forms 1985ХХ
10161 Kellison S.G. The Theory of Interest 2000 ХХХ
180298 Young L. The theory of integration, (Cambridge tracts in mathematics and mathematical physics) 1927ХХ
55219 Young L.C. The theory of integration 1927ХХ
192613 Lennox J., Robinson D. The Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups (Oxford Mathematical Monographs) 2004ХХ

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