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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
181583 Tanaka K., Yamabe T., Fukui K. The Science and Technology of Carbon Nanotubes 1999ХХ
154731 Hellmut Fritzsche, Hellmut Fritzsche, Brian Schwartz The Science and Technology of an American Genius 2008ХХ
48185 Pawlowski L. The Science and Engineering of Thermal Spray Coatings 2008 ХХХ
130830 Campbell S.A. The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication 2001 ХХХ
53960 Askeland D.R. The Science and Engineering of Materials 1996 ХХХ
10865 Smith S.W. The science and engineer's guide to digital signal processing 1999 ХХХ
147056 Lederman E. The Science & Practice of Manual Therapy: Physiology, Neurology and Psychology 2005 ХХХ
153077 Toms D. The Schwinger Action Principle and Effective Action (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) 2007ХХ
62670 Schweser K. The Schweser Secret Sauce 2008ХХ
136166 Dineen S. The Schwarz Lemma 1990ХХ
178144 Dineen S. The Schwarz lemma 1990ХХ
128358 Davis P. The Schwarz function and its applications 1974 ХХХ
39378 Yamada T. The Schur Subgroup of the Brauer Group 1974ХХ
144912 Karpilovsky G. The Schur Multiplier 1987ХХ
2701 Berezin F.A., Shubin M.A. The Schroedinger equation 1991ХХ
190201 Berezin F., Shubin M. The Schrodinger Equation (Mathematics and its Applications) 1991ХХ
181947 Berezin F., Shubin M. The Schrodinger Equation 1991ХХ
189573 Berezin F., Shubin M. The Schr?dinger Equation 1991ХХ
114288 Adams D. The scholar's arithmetic or Federal accountant 1823ХХ
193896 Karanja S. The Schengen Information System and Border Control Co-operation: A Transparency and Proportionality Evaluation 2008ХХ
12274 Dybvig R.K. The Scheme Programming Language 2003 ХХХ
187567 Dybvig R. The Scheme Programming Language 2009 ХХХ
42153 Barrett Ch.S. The Scattering of X-Rays from Gases 1927ХХ
44363 Jauncey G.E.M. The Scattering of X-Rays and Braggs Law 1923ХХ
6257 Kerker M. The scattering of light 1969ХХ
74662 Romano R. The Scanning Workshop 2001ХХ
119332 Lebedev N.I., Sigov A.S. The Scaling of Higher Cumulants in a Diffusion Problem 1991ХХ
124865 Takashi Hara, Gordon Slade The Scaling Limit of the Incipient Infinite Cluster in High-Dimensional Percolation. I. Critical Exponents 2000ХХ
669 Wolf J.P. The Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method 2003ХХ
125533 Ivanchenko Yu.M., Lisyanskii A.A., Filippov A.E. The Scale Equations in the Critical Dynamics of Fluctuating Systems 1990ХХ
159739 Fujii Y., Maeda K. The Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation 2004ХХ
38629 Malchiodi A. The scalar curvature problem on Ssp n an approach via Morse theory n/aХХ
53024 Barth J.R., Yago G. The Savings and Loan Crisis: Lessons from a Regulatory Failure 2004ХХ
165422 Negri A. The Savage Anomaly: The Power of Spinoza's Metaphysics and Politics 1991ХХ
155804 Kristina Curry Rogers, Jeffrey Wilson The Sauropods: Evolution and Paleobiology 2005 ХХХ
17889 Elbert B.E. (ed.) The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook 2004 ХХХ
127100 Elbert B.R. The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook 2003 ХХХ
128427 Elbert B.R. The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook 2004 ХХХ
187168 Garton R., Nyland S., Moroni-Hall L. The SAT Companion: Math 2012ХХ
172927 Wiseman J. The SAS Self-Defense Handbook: A Complete Guide to Unarmed Combat Techniques 2000ХХ
29720 Angeli A., Gonfalonieri R., Streit U. The SAP R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces: Cut your Implementation Cost with Idocs, ALE and SapScript 2000ХХ
79550 Bryant A.J., McBride A. The Samurai (Elite) 1989ХХ
133559 Hurlbert S.H. (ed.) The Salton Sea Centennial Symposium 2008ХХ
59178 Thomas W.M. The Sales Manager's Success Manual 2008ХХ
30115 Beyster J.R., Economy P. The SAIC Solution: How We Built an $8 Billion Employee-Owned Technology Company 2007ХХ
69664 Whelan R.L. (ed.), Fleshman J.W. (ed.), Fowler D.L. (ed.) The SAGES Manual of Perioperative Care in Minimally Invasive Surgery 2010ХХ
74929 Reid G. The SAGE Handbook of Dyslexi 2008ХХ
76828 Jupp V. The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods 2006ХХ
75933 Tsatsouline P. The Russian Kettlebell Challenge 2001ХХ
120920 Piasecki J. The Runaway Effect in a Lorentz Gas 1981ХХ

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