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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
8884 Cantu-Paz E. Efficient and accurate parallel genetic algorithms 2000ХХ
27986 Bampis E., Jansen K., Kenyon C. Efficient Approximation and Online Algorithms: Recent Progress on Classical Combinatorial Optimization Problems and New Applications 2006ХХ
64855 Michaud R.O., Michaud R.O. Efficient Asset Management: A Practical Guide to Stock Portfolio Optimization and Asset Allocation 2008 ХХХ
3918 Bulka D., Mayhew D. Efficient C++ performance programming techniques 1999ХХ
142073 Bulka D., Mayhew D. Efficient C++: Performance Programming Techniques 1999ХХ
177717 Bulka D., Mayhew D. Efficient C++: Performance Programming Techniques 1999ХХ
177587 Bulka D., Mayhew D. Efficient C: Performance Programming Techniques 1999ХХ
53725 Sudan M. Efficient Checking of Polynomials and Proofs and the Hardness of Approximation Problems 1996ХХ
21777 Lin M.C. Efficient Collision Detection for Animation and Robotics 1993ХХ
108066 Gautschi W. Efficient computation of erfc 1970ХХ
106471 Spielberg K. Efficient continued fraction approximations to elementary functions 1961ХХ
47158 Mehlhorn K. Efficient data structures and algorithm 1984ХХ
108714 Weispfenning V. Efficient decision procedures for locally finite theories II 1988ХХ
53656 Dorr H. Efficient Graph Rewriting and Its Implementation 1995 ХХХ
83036 Baz I.A. (ed.), Otterpohl R. (ed.), Wendland C. (ed.) Efficient management of wastewater: its treatment and reuse in water-scarce countries 2008ХХ
13104 Han J., Dong G., Yin Y. Efficient Mining of Partial Periodic Patterns in Time Series Database n/aХХ
109024 Smith D.M. Efficient Multiple-Precision Evaluation of Elementary Functions 1985ХХ
41299 Hinkelmann R. Efficient Numerical Methods and Information-Processing Techniques for Modeling Hydro- and Environmental Systems 2005ХХ
144431 Boerm S. Efficient numerical methods for non-local operators 2010ХХ
125125 Kalvis M. Jansons, Lythe G. D. Efficient Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations Using Exponential Timestepping 2000ХХ
39561 Hastie T., Tibshirani R. Efficient quadratic regularization for expression arrays 2004ХХ
131062 Chin Ooi B. Efficient Query Processing in Geographic Information Systems 1990ХХ
105844 Woods S. Efficient solution of systems of boolean equations n/aХХ
18006 Campbell R.L. Efficient Viscous Design of Realistic Aircraft Configurations n/aХХ
144333 Rucklidge W. Efficient Visual Recognition Using the Hausdorff Distance 1996ХХ
20099 Natterer F. Effiziente numerische Algorithmen 1995ХХ
43176 Cardwell A.B. Effrects of a crystallographic transformation on the photoelectric and thermionic emission from cobalt 1929ХХ
144221 Mine Y. Egg Bioscience and Biotechnology 2008ХХ
182287 Mine Y. Egg Bioscience and Biotechnology 2008ХХ
156396 Fernando L. Consoli, Jose R. P. Parra, Roberto A. Zucchi Egg Parasitoids in Agroecosystems with Emphasis on Trichogramma (Progress in Biological Control, 9) 2010 ХХХ
163394 Andersen S., Klein G., Schulz S. eHealth Beyond the Horizon - Get IT There:Proceedings of MIE2008 (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) 2008ХХ
163602 Blobel B., Pharow P., Nerlich M. eHealth: Combining Health Telematics, Telemedicine, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics to the Edge:Global Experts Summit Textbook (Studies in Health ... in Health Technology and Informatics) 2008ХХ
107674 Baum H. Eichfeldtheorie n/aХХ
9398 Wipf A. Eichtheorien 2000ХХ
16672 Lianos E.A. (ed.) Eicosanoid Protocols 1999ХХ
190160 Lianos E. Eicosanoid Protocols 1999ХХ
33758 Pimbley G.H. (ed.) Eigenfunction Branches of Nonlinear Operators, and Their Bifurcations 1969ХХ
2647 Titchmarsh E.C. Eigenfunction expansions. Part 1 1962 ХХХ
960 Cvetkovic D., Rowlinson P., Simic S. Eigenspaces of Graphs 1997ХХ
186608 Cvetkovic D., Rowlinson P., Simic S. Eigenspaces of graphs 1997ХХ
96177 Harris S., Monroe J.L. Eigentheory of the Inhomogeneous Fokker-Planck Equation 1977ХХ
123582 Hastings M.B. Eigenvalue Distribution in the Self-Dual Non-Hermitian Ensemble 2001ХХ
38074 Mihailescu M. Eigenvalue problems for anisotropic quasilinear elliptic equations with variable exponent n/aХХ
54697 Van Deun J. Eigenvalue problems to compute almost optimal points for rational interpolation with prescribed poles 2007ХХ
124755 Risken H., Voigtlaender K. Eigenvalues and Eigenfunetions of the Fokker-Planek Equation for the Extremely Underdamped Brownian Motion in a Double-Well Potential 1985ХХ
128933 Chavel I. Eigenvalues in Riemannian geometry 1984 ХХХ
122610 Barcilon V. Eigenvalues of the One-Dimensional Smoluchowski Equation 1996ХХ
75058 Chen M.-F. Eigenvalues, Inequalities, and Ergodic Theory 2004 ХХХ
40478 Garrett P. Eigenvectors, Spectral Theorems 2005ХХ
112044 Planck M. Eight lectures on theoretical physics 1915ХХ

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