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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
48468 EEE standard for calculating the current-temperature relationship of bare overhead conductors 1993ХХ
79095 »льин ¬.≈.,  удишин ».¬. EF 2000 `“айфун`, `–афаль`, `√рипен`. ≈вропейские самолеты последнего поколени€ 2001ХХ
124733 Sumedha, Dhar D. Efficiency of the Incomplete Enumeration Algorithm for Monte-Carlo Simulation of Linear and Branched Polymers 2005ХХ
51448 Eference Document_on Best Available Techniques in the Ceramic Manufacturing Industry 2006ХХ
124448 Orfanopoulos B.A., Percus J.K. Effect of an External Field on a Modification of Luttinger's Many-Fermion Model 1987ХХ
119949 Koscielny-Bunde E. Effect of Damage in Neural Networks 1990ХХ
121308 Mirin N. Effect of Detachments in Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Processes 2003ХХ
123485 Deepak Dhar, Mustansir Barma Effect of Disorder on Relaxation in the One-Dimensional Glauber Model 1979ХХ
119960 Huber D.L., Ching W.Y. Effect of Disorder on the Trapping of Frenkel Excitons in Three-Dimensional Systems 1991ХХ
120280 Derrida B., Hakim V., Vannimenus J. Effect of Disorder on Two-Dimensional Wetting 1992ХХ
124814 Stocks N. G., Mannella R., McClintock P. V. E. Effect of External Fluctuations on the Fr6edericksz Transition in an Analogue Simulator 1988ХХ
50651 Garg A., Onuchic J.N., Ambegaokar V. Effect of Friction on Electron Transfer in Biomolecules 1985ХХ
109271 Caputo J.G., Flytzanis N., Vavalis E. Effect Of Geometry On Fluxon Width In A Josephson Junction n/aХХ
124012 Shklovskii B.I., Spivak B.Z. Effect of Impurity Scattering of a Tunneling Electron on Variable-Range Hopping Conduction 1985ХХ
39559 Delucca P., Raghavarao D. Effect of investigator bias on the significance level of the Wilcoxon rank-sum test 2000ХХ
82680 Behery H.M. (Editor) Effect of Mechanical and Physical Properties on Fabric Hand 2005 ХХХ
122765 Brunet E., Derrida B. Effect of Microscopic Noise on Front Propagation 2001ХХ
125632 Kuzovkov V., Kotomin E. Effect of Nonequilibrium Charge Screening in A + B -> 0 Bimolecular Reactions in Condensed Matter 1993ХХ
43169 Penney W.G. Effect of Nuclear Spin on the Radiation Excited by Electron Impact 1932ХХ
111739 Ghosh A., Sarkar R., Mukherjee B. Effect of spinel content on the properties of magnesiaЦspinel composite refractory 2003ХХ
47628 Wang Sh.-H. Effect of superoxide dismutase and malondialdehyde metabolic changes on carcinogenesis of gastric carcinoma 2006ХХ
124080 Baesens C., MacKay R.S. Effect of Temperature on Polaronic and Bipolaronic Structures of the Adiabatic Holstein Model 1996ХХ
124009 Ould-Lemrabott M. Effect of the Block-Spin Configuration on the Location of b_c in Two-Dimensional Ising Models 1997ХХ
199795 Zhao Y., Wang Y., Yao J. Effect of turbulence-driven secondary flow on particle preferential concentration and clustering in turbulent square duct flows 2020ХХ
43174 Salant E.O. Effect of volume changes on the infra-red vibrations of simple crystals 1929ХХ
111582 Gourdon X., Salvy B. Effective asymptotics of linear recurrences with rational coefficients 1996ХХ
158441 Robbins A. Effective awk Programming (3rd Edition) 2001 ХХХ
3917 Wagner B. Effective C#: 50 specific ways to improve your C# 2004ХХ
19173 Meyers S. Effective C++ Third Edition 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs 2005ХХ
162903 Meyers S. Effective C++. 50 Simple Ways to Improve your Programs and Designs 2000ХХ
73971 Meyers S. Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design 1997 ХХХ
58793 Kliem R.L. Effective Communications for Project Management 2008ХХ
34450 Bergh J., Teillaud M. (Ed) Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces 2007ХХ
120282 Lang R. Effective Conductivity and Skew Brownian Motion 1995ХХ
35499 International Atomic Energy Agency Effective Corrective Actions to Enhance Operational Safety of Nuclear Installations 2005ХХ
47947 Mulak J., Gajek Z. Effective Crystal Field Potential 2000 ХХХ
15959 Becker S. Effective Databases For Text And Document Management 2003ХХ
124190 Careta A., Sagues F., Ramirez-Piscina L. Effective Diffusion in a Stochastic Velocity Field 1993ХХ
48763 Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin, Eshetu Wondemagegnehu Effective Drug Regulation: A Multicountry Study 2002ХХ
13290 Lewis H.G. Effective E-Mail. The Complete Guide to Creating Successful Campaigns 2002ХХ
3933 Neward T. Effective enterprise Java 2004ХХ
61237 Barvinsky A.O., Nesterov D.V. Effective equations in quantum cosmology 2001ХХ
182286 Barvinsky A.O., Nesterov D.V. Effective equations in quantum cosmology 2001ХХ
83041 Gonzalo J.A. Effective field approach to phase transitions and some applications to ferroelectrics 2006 ХХХ
195264 Julio A. Gonzalo Effective Field Approach to Phase Transitions And Some Applications to Ferroelectrics (World Scintific Lecture Notes in Physics) 2006 ХХХ
138128 Mannel T. Effective field theories in flavour physics 2010ХХ
151479 Mannel T. Effective field theories in flavour physics 2004ХХ
178428 Mannel T. Effective field theories in flavour physics 2004ХХ
191154 Mannel T. Effective Field Theories in Flavour Physics 2005ХХ
6623 Miller R.D.C., McKellar B.H.J. Effective field theory and weak non-leptonic interactions 1984ХХ

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