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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
108110 ƒь€конов ¬.ѕ. 95 вопросов по серийной Windows 95 n/aХХ
168019 «анина ≈. 95 устных тем по английскому €зыку 2004ХХ
176189 Henney K. 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know 2010ХХ
137233 Henney K. 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts 2010 ХХХ
164309 Henney K. 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts 2010ХХ
167955 —пинеллис ƒ., ’енни  ., √удлиф ѕ. 97 этюдов дл€ програмистов. ќпыт ведущих экспертов 2012ХХ
143262 Whitley P., Olson C., Goodwin S. 99 Jumpstarts to Research: Topic Guides for Finding Information on Current Issues 2001ХХ
32971 Walser H., Pedersen J. 99 Points of Intersection: Examples, Pictures, Proofs 2006ХХ
72579 –оманова ≈.—. 99 попул€рных профессий. ѕсихологический анализ и профессиограммы 2008ХХ
60934 Mattimore B.W. 99% Inspiration: Tips, Tales and Techniques for Liberating Your Business Creativity 1993ХХ
16534 Martins-Green M. 9E3/cCAF 1997ХХ
39209 Boujot J.P. (ed) 9th Intl Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics 1985ХХ
192401 ќкунь Ћ.Ѕ. ? ? ? ... z. Ёлементарное введение в физику элементарных частиц 1985ХХ
159334 Prelle C. ?bungsbuch Finanzmathematik 2007ХХ
175500 Bourbaki N. ?l?ments de Math?matique: Algebre commutative 1998ХХ
189397 Bourbaki N. ?l?ments de Math?matique: Groupes et algebres de Lie. Chapitres 2-3. Chapitres 2 et 3 2006ХХ
99533 C. W. Gardiner A Comment on Chemical Langevin Equations 1976ХХ
37950 Bartolucci D. A "sup+ c inf" inequality for Liouville-type equations with singular potentials 2000ХХ
37951 Bartolucci D. A "sup+ c inf" inequality for the equation -delta u = [ V(x2a)]eu 2000ХХ
44529 Baldi A., Franchi B. A Γ-convergence result for doubling metric measures and associated perimeters 2003ХХ
44673 Buekenhout F., Huybrechts C. A (c. L* )-Geometry for the Sporadic Group J2 1998ХХ
43553 Kremer E. A (New) burning cost method in case of trend n/aХХ
43554 Kremer A (new) nonparametric method for XL-rating n/aХХ
87124 Katznelson I., KatznelsonY.R. A (Terse) Introduction to Linear Algebra (Student Mathematical Library) 2007ХХ
41236 Damon J. A - equivalence and the equivalence of sections of images and discriminants n/aХХ
41630 Damon J. A - equivalence and the Equivalence of Sections of Images and Discriminants n/aХХ
43551 Hernandez D.B., Spigler R. A -stability of Runge-Kutta methods for systems with additive noise n/aХХ
43549 Erkus E., Duman O. A -Statistical extension of the Korovkin type approximation theorem 2004ХХ
43552 Heinonen J., Kilpelftine T. A -superharmonic functions and supersolutions of degenerate elliptic equations n/aХХ
46045 Ruppenthal J. A -Theoretical Proof of Hartogs Extension Theorem on Stein Spaces with Isolated Singularities n/aХХ
101091 A 050 1 105 Pult I-265M. Beschreibung und Nutzung 1971ХХ
102771 A 050/1/104 Kontrollpult 4A11. Beschreibung und Nutzung 1971ХХ
43560 Kaneko J. A 1 psi 1 Summation Theorem for Macdonald Polynomials 1998ХХ
43072 Enni S. A 1-(S,T)-edge-connectivity augmentation algorithm 1999ХХ
43561 Bieri R. A 1.5-dimensional version of Hopfs Theorem on the number of ends of a group 1992ХХ
43563 Xu Y., Bao W. A 1/3 Pure Subharmonic Solution and Transient Process for the Duffings Equation 2001ХХ
46046 Ternullo M. A 10-point circle is associated with any general point of the ellipse. New properties of Fagnanos point 2007ХХ
43562 Kontodimopoulos N., Niakas D. A 12-year Analysis of Malmquist Total Factor Productivity in Dialysis Facilities 2006ХХ
43564 Zhang G. A 17/10-approximation algorithm for k -bounded space on-line variable-sized bin packing 1998ХХ
43073 Arora S., Karakostas G. A 2 + approximation algorithm for the k-MST problem 2006ХХ
43555 Carr R. A 2 1/10-Approximation Algorithm for a Generalization of the Weighted Edge-Dominating Set Problem 2001ХХ
43074 Ostergard P.R. A 2-(22, 8, 4) Design Cannot Have a 2-(10, 4, 4) Subdesign 2002ХХ
43076 Jiang M. A 2-approximation for the preceding-and-crossing structured 2-interval pattern problem 2007ХХ
43075 Guidotti P. A 2-D free boundary problem with onset of a phase and singular elliptic boundary value problems 2002ХХ
43077 Tsvetkov V.M. A 2-extension of the field of rational numbers of rational numbers 1999ХХ
43106 Dong J. A 2-factor with Short Cycles Passing Through Specified Independent Vertices in Graph 2008ХХ
43078 Lucchhini A. A 2-generated just-infinite profinite group which is not positively generated 2004ХХ
43079 Harde K.A. A 2-groupoid Characterisation of the Cubical Homotopy Pushout 2004ХХ
43565 Barnette D.W. A 2-manifold of genus 8 without the W_v-property 1993ХХ
43566 Freese R.W. A 2-metric characterization of the euclidean plane 1973ХХ

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