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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
175117 Watson I. Applying Knowledge Management: Techniques for Building Corporate Memories (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Artificial Intelligence) 2003ХХ
209847 Erik Kislik Applying Logic in Chess 2018ХХ
58786 Kardes F.R., Herr P.M., Nantel J. Applying Social Cognition to Consumer-Focused Strategy 2005ХХ
4608 Good P.I. Applying statistics in the courtroom: a new approach for attorneys and expert witnesses 2001ХХ
60409 Wingate J.A. Applying the ASME Codes: Plant Piping and Pressure Vessels 2007ХХ
178309 Larman C. Applying Uml And Patterns - An Introduction To Object Oriented Programming 2004 ХХХ
174913 Larmen C. Applying UML and Patterns An Introduction To Object Oriented Programming 2004 ХХХ
21951 Larman C. Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and the Unified Process 2001 ХХХ
17911 Rosenberg D., Scott K. Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: An Annotated e-Commerce Example 2001ХХ
200218 Dr Florian Block Appraisal of existing structures (Third edition) 2010ХХ
74116 Ohira S., Ohira N.-D. S. Appreciating Famous Games 1988ХХ
65698 Lewis S., Passmore J., Cantore S. Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management: Using AI to Facilitate Organizational Development 2008ХХ
139090 Delannoy C. Apprendre a programmer en Fortran 1985 ХХХ
152596 Barra R. Apprentissage de lanalyse.Volume 2.Continuite-limites-Continuite-uniforme. 1976ХХ
210003 Troy Francis Approach Her Like Chad: How To Meet Beautiful Girls With Rock Star Fearlessness Today 2019ХХ
148215 Lowen R. Approach Spaces: The Missing Link in the Topology-Uniformity-Metric Triad 1997ХХ
149476 Lowen T. Approach spaces: The missing link in the topology-uniformity-metric triad 1997ХХ
121402 Dickman R. Approach to Equilibrium in a One-Dimensional, Two-Component Gas of Maxwellian Molecules 1985ХХ
122065 Goldstein S., Lebowitz J.L., Ravishankar K. Approach to Equilibrium in Models of a in Contact with a Heat Bath* 1986ХХ
99529 Manuel A. Huerta, Harry S. Robertson Approach to equilibrium of coupled harmonic oscillator systems. II 1971ХХ
122910 J. Piasecki Approach to Field-Induced Stationary State in a Gas of Hard Rods 1992ХХ
107718 Kazimierczak J. Approach to natural language processing in the rule-based expert system 1990ХХ
100079 Daniel J. Amit, Marco Zannetti Approach to Two Dimensions in the n-Vector Model 1974ХХ
172949 Schmid U., Kitzelmann E. Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming: Third International Workshop, AAIP 2009, Edinburgh, UK, September 4, 2009, Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2010ХХ
212281 Francesc Torres-Tamarit,, Kathrin Linke, Marc van Oostendorp Approaches to Metaphony in the Languages of Italy 2016ХХ
193824 Bednarz N., Kieran C., Lee L. Approaches to Algebra: Perspectives for Research and Teaching 1996ХХ
144361 Weissenborn J., Hohle B. Approaches to Bootstrapping: Volume 1. Phonological, Lexical, Syntactic and Neurophysiological Aspects of Early Language Acquisition 2001ХХ
195092 Jurgen Weissenborn, Barbara Hohle Approaches to Bootstrapping: Volume 2 ~ Phonological, Lexical, Syntactic and Neurophysiological Aspects of Early Language Acquisition (Language Acquisition and Language Disorders) 2001ХХ
147665 Anand N. Approaches to Design and Synthesis of Antiparasitic Drugs 1997ХХ
129238 Stamatescu I., Seiler E. Approaches to Fundamental Physics 2004ХХ
129657 Stamatescu I., Seiler E. Approaches to fundamental physics 2007 ХХХ
129746 Stamatescu I., Seiler E. Approaches to Fundamental Physics 2007 ХХХ
127590 Balinski M.L. Approaches to integer programming 1974ХХ
158089 Hideyuki Nakashima, Chengqi Zhang Approaches to Intelligent Agents: Second Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents, PRIMA'99, Kyoto, Japan, December 2-3, 1999 Proceedings 1999 ХХХ
135339 Sartor G., Casanovas P., Biasiotti M. Approaches to Legal Ontologies: Theories, Domains, Methodologies 2010ХХ
146411 Sweet W. Approaches to Metaphysics 2004ХХ
74640 Oriti D. Approaches to Quantum Gravity: Toward a New Understanding of Space, Time and Matter 2009ХХ
13982 Apel N. Approaches to the Description of Anisotropic Material Behaviour at Finite Elastic and Plastic Deformations. Theory and Numerics 2004ХХ
137300 Ponstein J. P. Approaches to the Theory of Optimization 1980ХХ
153529 Yanful E. Appropriate Technologies for Environmental Protection in the Developing World: Selected Papers from ERTEP 2007, July 17-19 2007, Ghana, Africa 2009ХХ
77532 Faulconer J.E. (Editor),, Wrathall M.A. (Editor) Appropriating Heidegger 2000ХХ
36117 Gilewicz J. Approximants de Pade 1978ХХ
137646 Ibragimov N.H., Kovalev V.F. Approximate and renormgroup symmetries 2009ХХ
159074 Ibragimov N.H., Kovalev V. F. Approximate and Renormgroup Symmetries 2009 ХХХ
127757 Mazya V., Schmidt G. Approximate Approximations 2007ХХ
136102 Krylov V.I. Approximate Calculation of Integrals 2006ХХ
180099 Krylov V., Stroud A. Approximate Calculation of Integrals 2005ХХ
96370 Frank A. Blood Approximate calculations for the two-dimensional Ising model 1970ХХ
207752 Charles Stein Approximate Computation of Expectations 1986ХХ
178262 Powell W. Approximate Dynamic Programming for Operations Research 2005ХХ

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