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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
30232 Cassis Y., Bussiere E. London and Paris as International Finance Centres, 1890-2000 2005ХХ
77799 Olson D. London For Dummies 2008 ХХХ
44250 Genta G. Lonely Minds in the Universe: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 2007ХХ
123489 Teunis C. Dorlas, Philippe A. Martin, Joseph V. Pule Long Cycles in a Perturbed Mean Field Model of a Boson Gas 2005ХХ
54291 Teyssière G., Kirman A.P. Long Memory in Economics 2007ХХ
54647 Teyssière G., Kirman A. Long Memory in Economics 2007ХХ
142664 Ugarkovic D. Long Non-Coding RNAs (Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology, Volume 51) 2011ХХ
125735 Turova T.S. Long Paths and Cycles in Dynamical Graphs 2003ХХ
155083 0 Long Sword Techniques and History n/aХХ
44685 Lang A., Hennrich K., Dikau R. Long Term Hillslope and Fluvial System Modelling 2003ХХ
29980 Borghoff U.M., Scheffczyk J., Schmitz L. Long Term Preservation of Digital Documnets: Principles and Practices 2006ХХ
141660 Graffi S., Martinez A. Long Time Behaviour of Classical and Quantum Systems: Proceedings of the Bologna Aptex International Conference, Bologna, Italy 13-17 September 1999 (Series on Concrete and Applicable Mathematics 1) 2001ХХ
121490 Machta J., Ernst M.H. Long Time Tails in Stationary Random Media II: Applications 1984ХХ
125044 Ernst M. H., Machta J., Dorfman J. R. Long Time Tails in Stationary Random Media. I. Theory 1983ХХ
121397 Y. Almirantis, A. Provata Long- and Short-Range Correlations in Genome Organization 1999ХХ
120509 Blanco R., Pesquera L. Long-Distance Transmission at Zero Dispersion: Exact Expressions for One-Time Statistical Properties 2000ХХ
38194 Palma W. Long-Memory Time Series: Theory and Methods 2007ХХ
121791 Nieuwoudt J. C., Kirkpatrick T. R. Long-Range Boundary Effects in Simple Fluids 1983ХХ
119504 Kirkpatrick T.R., Belitz D. Long-Range Correlations and Generic Scale Invariance in Classical Fluids and Disordered Electron Systems 1997ХХ
99541 Chelluri C. A. Sastri Long-range correlations in kinetic theory 1975ХХ
123515 Peter Grassberger Long-Range Effects in an Elementary Cellular Automaton 1986ХХ
133057 Armstrong J.S. Long-range forecasting: from crystal ball to computer 1985 ХХХ
193347 Armstrong J. Long-range Forecasting: From Crystal Ball to Computer 1985 ХХХ
119446 Tejero C.F., Cuesta J.A., Brito R. Long-Range Inverse Two-Spin Correlations in One-Dimensional Potts Lattices 1989ХХ
124191 Skrypnik W.I. Long-Range Order in Nonequilibrium Systems of Interacting Brownian Linear Oscillators 2003ХХ
119775 Nishimori H., Kubo K., Ozeki Y. Long-Range Order in the XXZ Model 1989ХХ
121573 Macris N., Piguet C.-A. Long-Range Orders in Models of Itinerant Electrons Interacting with Heavy Quantum Fields 2001ХХ
97851 John M. Blatt, Alex H. Opie Long-range pair correlations in dilute gases 1975ХХ
41085 Dmowska R. (Ed) Long-Range Persistence in Geophysical Time Series (Advances in Geophysics Series, Volume 40) 1999ХХ
120291 van Beijeren H. Long-Range Spatial Correlations in a Simple Diffusion Model 1990ХХ
122725 Garcia A., Sonnino G., Mansour M. Long-Ranged Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluids 1998ХХ
57606 Bergheim S. Long-Run Growth Forecasting 2008 ХХХ
52341 Walther L.M., Skousen C.J. Long-Term Assets 2009 ХХХ
121677 Nicolis C. Long-Term Climatic Transitions and Stochastic Resonance 1993ХХ
40422 Paasivirta J. Long-term Effects of Bioaccumulation in Ecosystems n/aХХ
16216 Murphy K.W. Long-Term Fibonacci Support And Resistance n/aХХ
148251 Larson G., Collier R., Buktenica M. Long-term Limnological Research and Monitoring at Crater Lake, Oregon: A benchmark study of a deep and exceptionally clear montane caldera lake (Developments in Hydrobiology) 2007ХХ
80043 Lee J., Baranowski A. Long-Term Pain: A Guide to Practical Management 2007 ХХХ
83530 Ahlhorn F. Long-term Perspective in Coastal Zone Development: Multifunctional Coastal Protection Zones 2009 ХХХ
51846 Albertsson A.-C. Long-Term Properties Of Polyolefins 2008ХХ
16204 Williams L.R. Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading 1999ХХ
120094 Aldea A., Dulea M., Gartner P. Long-Time Asymptotics in the One-Dimensional Trapping Problem with Large Bias 1988ХХ
125206 Farago J., Peyrard M. Long-Time Bath Correlations in the Pollak-Grabert-Hanggi Theory 1998ХХ
121676 Spohn H., Zhizhina E. Long-Time Behavior for the 1-D Stochastic Ising Model with Unbounded Random Couplings 2003ХХ
124519 Price W.G. Long-Time Behavior of Navier-Stokes Flow on a Two-Dimensional Torus Excited by an External Sinusoidal Force 1997ХХ
99975 Subramanian G., Levitt D.G., Davis H.T. Long-Time Behavior of the Angular Velocity Autocorrelation Function for a Fluid of Rough Spheres n/aХХ
100017 J. Piasecki, E. Wajnryb Long-time behavior of the Lorentz electron gas in a constant, uniform electric field 1979ХХ
97659 Baus M., Wallenborn J. Long-time behavior of the nonlocal shear viscosity of a one-component plasma: A microscopic approach 1977ХХ
122779 Freidlin M.I., Wentzell A.D. Long-Time Behavior of Weakly Coupled Oscillators 2006ХХ
100019 Alder B.J., Alley W.E. Long-Time Correlation Effects on Displacement Distributions 1978ХХ

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