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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122322 Eugene R. Speer Asymmetric Abelian Sandpile Models 1992ХХ
122331 Pesheva N. C., Yitzhak Shnidman, Zia R. K. P. A Maximum Entropy Mean Field Method for Driven Diffusive Systems 1992ХХ
122345 Miiller V. F. One-Dimensional Chiral Models with First-Order Phase Transitions 1992ХХ
122369 Chernov N. I. Ergodic and Statistical Properties of Piecewise Linear Hyperbolic Automorphisms of the 2-Torus 1992ХХ
122395 Brown G. On the Multifractal Analysis of Measures 1992ХХ
122425 Just W. Projection Operator Approach to the Thermodynamic Formalism of Dynamical Systems 1992ХХ
122450 Ershov S. Macrodynamics: Large-Scale Structures in Turbulent Media 1992ХХ
122466 Program of the 66th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1992ХХ
122502 Roncaglia R., Bonci L., Grigolini P. Chaos and Quantum Irreversibility 1992ХХ
122513 Kooiman A., van Leeuwen J.M.J. Free Fermion Approximation for the Ising Model with Further-Neighbor Interactions on a Triangular Lattice 1992ХХ
122514 Figotin A. The Localization Properties of a Random Steady Flow on a Lattice 1992ХХ
122646 Suematsu K., Okamoto T. Distribution of Cyclic Species in Network Formation: Microscopic Theory of Branching Processes 1992ХХ
122653 den Hollander F., Naudts J., Redig F. lnvariance Principle for the Stochastic Lorentz Lattice Gas 1992ХХ
122669 Spohn H. Sample-to-Sample Fluctuations in the Conductivity of a Disordered Medium 1992ХХ
122696 Forrester P.J. Surface Tension for the Two-Component Plasma at √ = 2 near an Interface 1992ХХ
122719 Chu G. The Semiclassical Limit of a Quantum Fermi Accelerator 1992ХХ
122735 Gobron T. On a Discrete Model of Phase Separation Dynamics 1992ХХ
122746 Evans M.R., Derrida B. Improved Bounds for the Transition Temperature of Directed Polymers in a Finite-Dimensional Random Medium 1992ХХ
122785 Rondoni L., Streater R.F. Chemical Reactions as Dynamical Systems on the Interval 1992ХХ
122795 Taucher T., Frankel N.E. Annealed n-Vector p-Spin Model 1992ХХ
122811 Prellberg T. Maps of Intervals with Indifferent Fixed Points: Thermodynamic Formalism and Phase Transitions 1992ХХ
122856 Scacciatelli E., Tirozzi B. Fluctuation of the Free Energy in the Hopfield Model 1992ХХ
122874 Gabor Schmera, Adi Bulsara, David Pierson Looking at Fokker-Planck Dynamics with a Noisy Instrument 1992ХХ
122906 Book Review: From Microphysics to Macrophysics. Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
122910 J. Piasecki Approach to Field-Induced Stationary State in a Gas of Hard Rods 1992ХХ
122916 Australian Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1992ХХ
122929 Eyink G. L., Spohn H. Negative-Temperature States and Large-Scale, Long-Lived Vortices in Two-Dimensional Turbulence 1992ХХ
122956 Li W., Park P., Widom M. Phase Diagram of a Random Tiling Quasicrystal 1992ХХ
122957 Verbeure A., Zagrebnov V.A. Phase Transitions and Algebra of Fluctuation Operators in an Exactly Soluble Model of a Quantum Anharmonic Crystal 1992ХХ
122980 Fogedby H.C., Bohr T., Jensen H.J. Fluctuations in a L6vy Flight Gas 1992ХХ
122988 Tucker S.C., Pollak E. Microcanonical Variational Transition-State Theory for Reaction Rates in Dissipative Systems 1992ХХ
123010 Bernardin D. Global Invariants and Equilibrium States in Lattice Gases 1992ХХ
123021 Hans Gerd Evertz Vectorized Search for Single Clusters 1992ХХ
123036 Anton Bovier, V6ronique Gayrard Rigorous Bounds on the Storage Capacity of the Dilute Hopfield Model 1992ХХ
123111 H. Calisto, E. Tirapegui Omega-Expansion of van Kampen through Functional Integrals 1992ХХ
123128 Provata A., Turner J. W., Nicolis G. Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics in Low Dimensions: An Exactly Soluble Model 1992ХХ
123147 Figotin A. Model of a Nonhomogeneous Medium Conducting Light 1992ХХ
123154 Forrester P.J., Jancovici B. On the Average Distance Between Particles in the Two-Dimensional Two-Component Plasma 1992ХХ
123174 Jancovici B., Manificat G. Classical Coulomb Fluids in a Confined Geometry 1992ХХ
123178 Fogedby H.C. On the Phase Space Approach to Complexity 1992ХХ
123180 Lin B., Hu B. Frenkel-Kontorova Model with Toda Interactions 1992ХХ
123212 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
123214 Bussemaker H.J., Ernst M.H. Biased Lattice Gases with Correlated Equilibrium States 1992ХХ
123261 Aubry S., Abramovici G., Raimbault J.-L. Chaotic Polaronic and Bipolaronic States in the Adiabatic Holstein Model 1992ХХ
123271 Wagner W. A Convergence Proof for Bird's Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for the Boltzmann Equation 1992ХХ
123272 Krapivsky P.L. Kinetics of Random Sequential Parking on a Line 1992ХХ
123280 Program of the Quantum Chaos Meeting 1992ХХ
123286 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
123292 Ernst M.H., Das S.P. Thermal Cellular Automata Fluids 1992ХХ
123305 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ

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