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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
119648 Dewar R.L., Henry B.I. Book Review: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 1992ХХ
119673 Advanced Research Workshop on Lattice Gas Automata Theory, Implementation, and Simulation 1992ХХ
119688 Gwa L.-H., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Hydrodynamic Eigenmodes of Couette Flow 1992ХХ
119710 van den Berg M., Dorlas T.C., Priezzhev V.B. The Boson Gas on a Cayley Tree 1992ХХ
119739 Rivasseau V. Book Review: From Perturbative to Constructive Renormalization 1992ХХ
119744 Dunlop F., Magnen J., Rivasseau V. Pinning of an Interface by a Weak Potential 1992ХХ
119770 Messager A., Miracle-Sole S., Ruiz J. Convexity Properties of the Surface Tension and Equilibrium Crystals 1992ХХ
119774 Martinelli F. Dynamical Analysis of Low-Temperature Monte Carlo Cluster Algorithms 1992ХХ
119795 Workshop Announcement 1992ХХ
119799 Hansen J.P., Levesque D., Zinn-Justin J. Book Review: Liquids, Freezing and Glass Transition 1992ХХ
119837 Bowen C., Hunter D.L., Jan N. Monte Carlo Simulation of the Two-Dimensional Planar Model 1992ХХ
119845 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
119889 Langlands R.P., Pichet C., Pouliot Ph. On the Universality of Crossing Probabilities in Two-Dimensional Percolation 1992ХХ
119890 Mathematics Department, Australian National University Australian Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1992ХХ
119915 Benfatto G., Renn J. Nontrivial Fixed Points and Screening in the Hierarchical Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1992ХХ
119920 EIoranta K., Nummelin E. The Kink of Cellular Automaton Rule 18 Performs a Random Walk 1992ХХ
119951 Bonilla L.L., Neu J.C., Spigler R. Nonlinear Stability of Incoherence and Collective Synchronization in a Population of Coupled Oscillators 1992ХХ
119956 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
120058 Yang W., Zhang Y. A Note on Differentiability of the Cluster Density for Independent Percolation in High Dimensions 1992ХХ
120062 Weiss H. Some Variational Formulas for Hausdorff Dimension, Topological Entropy, and SRB Entropy for Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems 1992ХХ
120125 Mountford T.S. Generalized Voter Models 1992ХХ
120171 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
120256 Mackey M.C. Book Review: Time's Arrow; The Origin of Thermodynamic Behavior 1992ХХ
120280 Derrida B., Hakim V., Vannimenus J. Effect of Disorder on Two-Dimensional Wetting 1992ХХ
120303 Holovatch Yu., Shpot M. Critical Exponents of Random Ising-Like Systems in General Dimensions 1992ХХ
120314 Gaveau B., Schulman L.S. Anomalous Diffusion in a Random Velocity Field 1992ХХ
120320 Gade S., Gade E. III Natural Frequencies of the Classical Two-Spin XXZ System 1992ХХ
120345 Bovier A., Kiiiske C. Stability of Hierarchical Interfaces in a Random Field Model 1992ХХ
120362 Monroe J.L. Phase Diagrams of Ising Models on Husimi Trees II. Pair and Multisite Interaction Systems 1992ХХ
120390 Morris J. R., Gooding R. J. Finite-Size Scaling Study of a First-Order Temperature-Driven Symmetry-Breaking Structural Phase Transition 1992ХХ
120401 Melnikov V.I. Enhancement of Activated Decay of Metastable States by Resonant Pumping 1992ХХ
120427 Gruber C., Jedrzejewski J., Lemberger P. Ground States of the Spinless Falicov-Kimball Model. II 1992ХХ
120505 Herbert Spohn Interface Motion in Models with Stochastic Dynamics 1992ХХ
120513 van Hemmen J. L., Wreszinski W. F. Lyapunov Function for the Kuramoto Model of Nonlinearly Coupled Oscillators 1992ХХ
120529 јш ∆. ƒатчики измерительных систем.  нига 2 1992ХХ
120557 Calisto H., Cerda E., Tirapegui E. Comment on Noise and Bifurcations 1992ХХ
120602 Durr D., Goldstein Sh., Zanghi N. Quantum Equilibrium and the Origin of Absolute Uncertainty 1992ХХ
120606 яковлева “.’. ћатематика. »сследование функций. “ригонометрические уравнени€ и неравенства 1992ХХ
120612 ячменева “.». ѕовседневный немецкий в ситуации общени€ 1992ХХ
120680 √ор€га √.». (ред.) —борник задач по атомной физике 1992 ХХХ
120870 ќлехник —.Ќ., ѕотапов ћ. ., ѕасиченко ѕ.». ”равнени€ 1992ХХ
120946 яковлева “.’. (сост.) »сследование функций. “ригонометрические уравнени€ и неравенства. «адание є4 дл€ 10-х классов 1992ХХ
120978 Blekher P.M., Jauslin H.R., Lebowitz J.L. Floquet Spectrum for Two-Level Systems in Quasiperiodic Time-Dependent Fields 1992ХХ
120981 Chen Sh., Wang Zh., Shan X. Lattice Boltzmann Computational Fluid Dynamics in Three Dimensions 1992ХХ
120990 Littlejohn R.G. The Van Vleck Formula, Maslov Theory, and Phase Space Geometry 1992ХХ
121023 Soler M., Martinez F. Integral Kinetic Method for One Dimension: The Spherical Case 1992ХХ
121051 Hayot F. Reynolds Stresses in a Lattice Gas 1992ХХ
121063 Wolansky G. Resonance Trapping in Dissipative and Antidissipative Systems: An Ergodic Approach 1992ХХ
121069 Berretti A., Celletti A., Chierchia L. Natural Boundaries for Area-Preserving Twist Maps 1992ХХ
121075 Lebowitz J.L., Reynolds P.J. What is Quantum Chaos? Preface 1992ХХ

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