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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123280 Program of the Quantum Chaos Meeting 1992ХХ
123286 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
123292 Ernst M.H., Das S.P. Thermal Cellular Automata Fluids 1992ХХ
123305 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
123357 Fujimoto M. Eight-Vertex Model: Anisotropic Interfacial Tension and Equilibrium Crystal Shape 1992ХХ
123358 Deutsch H.-P. Optimized Analysis of the Critical Behavior in Polymer Mixtures from Monte Carlo Simulations 1992ХХ
123388 Ershov S.V. Asymptotic Theory of Multidimensional Chaos 1992ХХ
123433 Marek M., Schreiber I. Book Review: Chaotic Behavior of Deterministic Dissipative Systems 1992ХХ
123454 Penna T.J.P., de Oliveira P.M.C. Culture and Evolution on Populations of Neural Networks 1992ХХ
123455 Qian Y.H., d'Humieres D., Lallemand P. Diffusion Simulation with a Deterministic One-Dimensional Lattice-Gas Model 1992ХХ
123545 Sridhar S., Hogenboom D. O., Balam A. Willemsen Microwave Experiments on Chaotic Billiards 1992ХХ
123604 Patrascioiu A., Seiler E. Critical Behavior in a Model of Correlated Percolation 1992ХХ
123617 Dimock J., Hurd T.R. A Renormalization Group Analysis of Correlation Functions for the Dipole Gas 1992ХХ
123629 Finjord J. Structure Functions in a Model of Turbulent Energy Dissipation 1992ХХ
123637 Ivanchenko Yu.M., Lisyansky A.A., Filippov A.A New Renormalization Procedure for Eliminating Redundant Operators 1992ХХ
123650 Acosta V., Klein A. Analyticity of the Density of States in the Anderson Model on the Bethe Lattice 1992ХХ
123716 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
123757 Kohring G.A. An Efficient Hydrodynamic Cellular Automata for Simulating Fluids with Large Viscosities 1992ХХ
123765 Forrester P.J., Jancovici B., Madore J. The Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas on a Sphere: Exact Results 1992ХХ
123783 Hasslacher B., Meyer D. Lattice Gases and Exactly Solvable Models 1992ХХ
123787 Lackner T. Fluctuation Effects in Models of Adiabatic Explosion 1992ХХ
123857 Brieger L., Bonomi E. A Stochastic Lattice Gas for Burgers' Equation: A Practical Study 1992ХХ
123858 Alexander F. J., Edrei I., Garrido P. L. Phase Transitions in a Probabilistic Cellular Automaton: Growth Kinetics and Critical Properties 1992ХХ
123910 Keskin M., Meijer P. Evaluation and Comparison of Critical Lines for Various Models of Gas-Liquid Binary Systems 1992ХХ
123958 Wang X., Baker G. Monte Carlo Calculations of the Conformal Charge 1992ХХ
123959 Falconer K.J. Wavelet Transforms and Order-Two Densities of Fractals 1992ХХ
123961 de Oliveira M.J. Isotropic Majority-Vote Model on a Square Lattice 1992ХХ
124069 Nolden I.M. The Asymmetric Six-Vertex Model 1992ХХ
124083 Foster D.P., Vanderzande C. Zero-Temperature Properties of Randomly Self-Interacting Polymers 1992ХХ
124119 Balents L., Kardar M. Directed Paths on Percolation Clusters 1992ХХ
124129 den Hollander F., Naudts J. Long-Time Tails in a Random Diffusion Model 1992ХХ
124133 Lebowitz J.L. Atomic versus Ionized States in Many-Particle Systems and the Spectra of Reduced Density Matrices: A Model Study 1992ХХ
124149 Glotzer S.C., Poole P.H., Jan N. Time-Dependent Thermodynamic Properties of the Ising Model from Damage Spreading 1992ХХ
124153 Bunimovich L.A., Troubetzkoy S.E. Recurrence Properties of Lorentz Lattice Gas Cellular Automata 1992ХХ
124168 Lipowski A., Suzuki M. Convergence of Mean-Field Approximations in Site Percolation and Application of CAM to d = 1 Further-Neighbors Percolation Problem 1992ХХ
124201 den Hollander F., Shuler K. Random Walks in a Random Field of Decaying Traps 1992ХХ
124231 Tohru Koma A New Monte Carlo Power Method for the Eigenvalue Problem of Transfer Matrices 1992ХХ
124250 Duering E., Blumenfeld R. Current Distributions in a Two-Dimensional Random-Resistor Network 1992ХХ
124266 Bao J., Zhuo Y. Accurate Monte Carlo Tests of the Stochastic Ginzburg-Landau Model with Multiplicative Colored Noise 1992ХХ
124275 Kierlik E., Rosinberg M.L. The Classical Fluid of Associating Hard Rods in an External Field 1992ХХ
124301 Hunt F.Y., Miller W.M. On the Approximation of Invariant Measures 1992ХХ
124320 Zaslavsky G.M. Weak Chaos and Quasi-Regular Patterns 1992ХХ
124380 Hamm A., Graham R. Quasipotentials for Simple Noisy Maps with Complicated Dynamics 1992ХХ
124397 Gayrard V. Thermodynamic Limit of the q-State Potts-Hopfield Model with Infinitely Many Patterns 1992ХХ
124421 Flekkoy E. G., Feder J., Jossang T. Lattice Gas Simulations of Osmosis 1992ХХ
124423 Julio F. Fernfindez, Marro J. Diffusion in a One-Dimensional Gas of Hard Point Particles 1992ХХ
124457 Avellaneda M., Majda A.J. Superdiffusion in Nearly Stratified Flows 1992ХХ
124527 Gandjbakhche A.H., Bonner R.F. Scaling Relationships for Anisotropic Random Walks 1992ХХ
124541 Caracciolo S., Pelissetto A., Sokal A.D. Join-and-Cut Algorithm for Self-Avoiding Walks with Variable Length and Free Endpoints 1992ХХ
124573 Ingraham R.I. Book Review: A Survey of Nonlinear Dynamics ("Chaos theory") 1992ХХ

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