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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123635 Machta J. The Computational Complexity of Pattern Formation 1993ХХ
123636 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
123642 Gofman M., Adler J., Aharony A. Series and Monte Carlo Study of High-Dimensional Ising Models 1993ХХ
123667 Mahato M., Shenoy S. Langevin Dynamic Simulation of Hysteresis in a Field-Swept Landau Potential 1993ХХ
123673 Pereira E., O'Carroll M. Orthogonality between Scales and Wavelets in a Representation for Correlation Functions. The Lattice Dipole Gas and (Vo)4 Models 1993ХХ
123734 Pokorny M. Convergence to the Ground-State Energy in the Thermodynamic Limit of the Ising Model in a Strong Transverse Field 1993ХХ
123805 Hof A. Some Remarks on Discrete Aperiodic Schr6dinger Operators 1993ХХ
123812 Werner Horsthemke Noise-Induced Clumping in the One-Dimensional Reversible Diffusion-Limited Single-Species Coagulation Process 1993ХХ
123813 Gammaitoni L., Martinelli M. Stochastic Resonance in Paramagnetic Resonance Systems 1993ХХ
123849 Kumar S. Errata: Properties of a Three-Dimensional Poisson-Voronoi Tesselation: A Monte Carlo Study 1993ХХ
123886 Baker G. A Markov-Property Monte Carlo Method: One-Dimensional Ising Model 1993ХХ
123896 Markos P. Weak Disorder Expansion of Lyapunov Exponents of Products of Random Matrices: A Degenerate Theory 1993ХХ
123899 Fioretti A., Guidoni L., Mannella R. Evidence of Stochastic Resonance in a Laser with Saturable Absorber: Experiment and Theory 1993ХХ
123920 Collet P., Galves A. Statistics of Close Visits to the Indifferent Fixed Point of an Interval Map 1993ХХ
123947 Ziegler D. Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann Simulations 1993ХХ
123977 Percus J.K. Inhomogeneous Random Sequential Adsorption on a Lattice 1993ХХ
123980 Spohn H. Large Scale Dynamics of Interacting Particles 1993ХХ
123991 Bandt C., Pompe B. The Entropy Profilem - A Function Describing Statistical Dependences 1993ХХ
124019 Stillinger F., Lubachevsky B. Crystalline-Amorphous Interface Packings for Disks and Spheres 1993ХХ
124029 Szatzschneider W. The Motion of a Tagged Particle and Nonhomogeneous Media in R 1993ХХ
124040 Basor E.L., Tracy C.A. Variance Calculations and the Bessel Kernel 1993ХХ
124052 Rothman D.H. From Ordered Bubbles to Random Stripes: Pattern Formation in a Hydrodynamic Lattice Gas 1993ХХ
124094 Sheng P. Scattering and Localization of Classical Waves in Random Media 1993ХХ
124106 Ray T.S., Moseley L.L. Nonequilibrium Dynamics of a Diffusion-Limited Reaction Driven by a Cluster-Memory Mechanism 1993ХХ
124142 Radons G. A New Transition for Projections of Multifractal Measures and Random Maps 1993ХХ
124151 Bezandry P.H., Fernique X. A Functional Central Limit Theorem for a Nonequilibrium Model of Interacting Particles with Unbounded Intensity 1993ХХ
124172 Eu B.C. Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics 1993ХХ
124190 Careta A., Sagues F., Ramirez-Piscina L. Effective Diffusion in a Stochastic Velocity Field 1993ХХ
124192 Privman V. Discrete to Continuous-Time Crossover Due to Anisotropy in Diffusion-Limited Two-Particle Annihilation Reactions 1993ХХ
124207 Stella A.L., Seno F., Vanderzande C. Boundary Critical Behavior of d = 2 Self-Avoiding Walks on Correlated and Uncorrelated Vacancies 1993ХХ
124240 Shukla P. Theory of the Dynamics of the Hopfield Model of Associative Memory 1993ХХ
124278 Bunde A. Fractals and Disordered Systems 1993ХХ
124294 Teich M., Khanna S. Spectral Characteristics and Synchrony in Primary Auditory-Nerve Fibers in Response to Pure-Tone Acoustic Stimuli 1993ХХ
124361 Gu X.-Y., Kalman G. Response Function of the Second Kind in Many-Body Systems 1993ХХ
124379 Longtin A. Stochastic Resonance in Neuron Models 1993ХХ
124388 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
124394 Fronzoni L., Mannella R. Stochastic Resonance in Periodic Potentials 1993ХХ
124446 Anishchenko V. S., Neiman A. B., Safanova M. A. Stochastic Resonance in Chaotic Systems 1993ХХ
124495 Landsberg P.T. Classical Fluids of Negative Heat Capacity 1993ХХ
124498 Chernov N.I. Addendum: Ergodic and Statistical Properties of Piecewise Linear Hyperbolic Automorphisms of the 2-Torus 1993ХХ
124532 Pomeau Y. Periodic Behavior of Cellular Automata 1993ХХ
124543 Kurten K.E., Klingen N. Hadamard Design and Artificial Neural Nets 1993ХХ
124547 Martinelli F., Olivieri E. Some Remarks on Pathologies of Renormalization-Group Transformations for the Ising Model 1993ХХ
124557 Belitsky V. A Stochastic Model of Deposition Processes with Nucleation 1993ХХ
124565 Kaufman M., Stauffer D. A Dilute Bootstrap Percolation: Lattice Model for Unresponsiveness in T-Cell Immunology 1993ХХ
124582 Grimm U., Schutz G. The Spin-1/2 XXZ Heisenberg Chain, the Quantum Algebra Uq[sl(2)], and Duality Transformations for Minimal Models 1993ХХ
124593 Cao M.S. The Phase Transition of the Directed Polymer on Disordered Hierarchical Lattices 1993ХХ
124611 Lauritsen K.B., Fogedby H.C. Critical Exponents from Power Spectra 1993ХХ
124632 Samaj L., Percus J.K. New Collective Modes of Interaction Nature in Inhomogeneous Ising Networks 1993ХХ
124663 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 68th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1993ХХ

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