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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125100 Zhang M.Q., Marr T.G. Genome Mapping by Random Anchoring: A Discrete Theoretical Analysis 1993ХХ
125104 Klein D., Yang W.-S. A Characterization of First-Order Phase Transitions for Superstable Interactions in Classical Statistical Mechanics 1993ХХ
125130 Yoshikazu Giga, Zensho Yoshida A Bound for the Pressure Integral in a Plasma Equilibrium 1993ХХ
125142 Kim S.R., Woodcock L.V. Kinetic Theory of Granular Shear Flow: Constitutive Relations for the Hard-Disk Model 1993ХХ
125184 Owczarek A.L., Prellberg T. Exact Solution of the Discrete (1 + 1)-Dimensional SOS Model with Field and Surface Interactions 1993ХХ
125224 Patrick A. E. On Phase Separation in the Spherical Model of a Ferromagnet: Quasiaverage Approach 1993ХХ
125271 Kedem R., McCoy B. Construction of Modular Branching Functions from Bethe's Equations in the 3-State Potts Chain 1993ХХ
125292 Pesin Ya.B. On Rigorous Mathematical Definitions of Correlation Dimension and Generalized Spectrum for Dimensions 1993ХХ
125305 Geldart D.J.W., De'Bell K. Logarithmic Corrections for Dilute Uniaxial Ferromagnets at the Critical Dimension 1993ХХ
125309 Nylund E., Lindenberg K. Proton Dynamics in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems 1993ХХ
125314 Kamien R., Nelson D. Directed Polymer Melts and Quantum Critical Phenomena 1993ХХ
125335 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
125343 Oshanin G., Mogutov A., Moreau M. Steady Flux in a Continuous-Space Sinai Chain 1993ХХ
125369 O'Carroll M. Multiscale Representation of Generating and Correlation Functions for Some Models of Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory 1993ХХ
125371 Redig F. An Exponential Upper Bound for the Survival Probability in a Dynamic Random Trap Model 1993ХХ
125427 Robert S. Sinkovits, Ras B. Pandey Computer Simulation of Random Sequential Adsorption of Two Interacting Species on a Lattice 1993ХХ
125448 Figotin A. Existence of Gaps in the Spectrum of Periodic Dielectric Structures on a Lattice 1993ХХ
125461 Book Review: The Transition to Chaos in Conservative Classical Systems: Quantum Manifestations 1993ХХ
125501 Garcia-Pelayo R., Salazar I., Schieve W.C. A Branching Process Model for Sand Avalanches 1993ХХ
125521 Widder M.E., Titulaer U.M. Kinetic Boundary Layers in Gas Mixtures: Systems Described by Nonlinearly Coupled Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Equations and Applications to Droplet Condensation and Evaporation 1993ХХ
125551 Crisanti A., Vulpiani A. On the Effects of Noise and Drift on Diffusion in Fluids 1993ХХ
125566 Xin J.X. Existence and Nonexistence of Traveling Waves and Reaction-Diffusion Front Propagation in Periodic Media 1993ХХ
125580 Kedem R. Thermodynamics of the 3-State Ports Spin Chain 1993ХХ
125598 Markus Kreer, Oliver Penrose Proof of Dynamical Scaling in Smoluchowski's Coagulation Equation with Constant Kernel 1993ХХ
125601 Daniel Danchev Finite-Size Dependence of the Helicity Modulus within the Mean Spherical Model 1993ХХ
125623 Cornille H., Platkowski T. Riccati-Coupled Similarity Shock Wave Solutions for Multispeed Discrete Boltzmann Models 1993ХХ
125632 Kuzovkov V., Kotomin E. Effect of Nonequilibrium Charge Screening in A + B -> 0 Bimolecular Reactions in Condensed Matter 1993ХХ
125633 Olivieri E., Piceo P., Suhov Yu.M. On the Gibbs States for One-Dimensional Lattice Boson Systems with a Long-Range Interaction 1993ХХ
125635 Bambusi D., Giorgilli A. Exponential Stability of States Close to Resonance in Infinite-Dimensional Hamiltonian Systems 1993ХХ
125714 Gerasimov A. Resonant Response of a Thermalized Ensemble of Nonlinear Oscillators 1993ХХ
125752 van Beijeren H. Book Review: Fundamental Problems in Statistical Mechanics VII 1993ХХ
125769 Newhouse S., Pignataro T. On the Estimation of Topological Entropy 1993ХХ
125789 Preface 1993ХХ
125805 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
125911 Jukka A. Ketoja, Juhani Kurkijfirvi Binary Tree Approach to Scaling in Unimodal Maps 1993ХХ
125991 Book Review: Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemhtry 1993ХХ
126005 Reichl L. E. A Delta-Kicked Brownian Rotor 1993ХХ
126010 George H. Weiss, Moshe Gitterman Motion in a Periodic Potential Driven by Rectangular Pulses 1993ХХ
126021 Murphy T.J., Cohen E.G.D. Maximum Number of Collisions among Identical Hard Spheres 1993ХХ
126046 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
126064 Bonilla L.L., Vicente C.J.P., Rubi J.M. Glassy Synchronization in a Population of Coupled Oscillators 1993ХХ
126103 Jancovici B., Joel L. Lebowitz, Manificat G. Large Charge Fluctuations in Classical Coulomb Systems 1993ХХ
126122 Giancarlo Benettin, Antonio Giorgilli On the Hamiltonian Interpolation of Near-to-the-Identity Symplectic Mappings with Application to Symplectic Integration Algorithms 1993ХХ
126148 Raymond Kapral, Simon J. Fraser Dynamics of Oscillators with Periodic Dichotomous Noise 1993ХХ
126153 Michael C. Mackey, Helmut Schwegler Ensemble and Trajectory Statistics in a Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation 1993ХХ
126162 Petracchi D., Ascoli C., Barbi M. Periodic Forcing of Ion Channel Gating: An Experimental Approach 1993ХХ
126225 Main Joye Absence of Absolutely Continuous Spectrum of Floquet Operators 1993ХХ
126254 Georgi H. Physics of waves 1993ХХ
126354 ѕетрухин ќ.ћ. (ред.) јналитическа€ хими€. ’имические методы анализа 1993ХХ
126379 V. I. Arnol'D Dynamical Systems 6: Singularity Theory 1 1993 ХХХ

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