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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
75260 Wald R.M. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics 1994ХХ
113083 Wald R.M., Zoupas A. General Definition of Conserved Quantities in General Relativity and Other Theories of Gravity 2001ХХ
115234 Wald R. M. The thermodynamics of black holes 1998ХХ
188873 Wald R. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics 1994ХХ
50746 Walczak B. Wavelets in Chemistry 2000ХХ
68072 Walco G.A. (ed.), Goldschneider K.R. (ed.) Pain in Children: A Practical Guide for Primary Care 2008ХХ
75791 Walcher W. Praktikum der Physik 1994ХХ
28488 Walch R., Lafferty M. Tricks of the Podcasting Masters 2006ХХ
58354 Walberg H.J., Bast J.L. Education and Capitalism: How Overcoming Our Fear of Markets and Economics Can Improve America's Schools (Hoover Institution Press Publication) 2003 ХХХ
52449 Walas S.M. Chemical Reaction Engineering Handbook of Solved Problems 1995ХХ
18061 Walas S.M. Chemical Process Equipment 1990ХХ
44052 Walas M.S. Chemical Process Equipment. Selection and Design 1990ХХ
127855 Waksmundzka-Hajnos M., Sherma J., Kowalska T. CHROMATOGRAPHIC SCIENCE SERIES. Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry. (є99 2008) 2008ХХ
41618 Waksman S.A. What Is Humus? 1925ХХ
124514 Wakou J., Brito R., Ernst M. H. Towards a LandauЦGinzburg-Type Theory for Granular Fluids 2001ХХ
55085 Wakimoto M. Infinite-Dimensional Lie Algebras 2001ХХ
75693 Wakimoto M. Lectures on Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebra 2002ХХ
47849 Wakihara M. Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Performance 1998ХХ
67959 Wakhloo A.K., Mericle R.A., Lieber B.B. Thrombus and Stroke 2008ХХ
20896 Wakerly J.F. Digital Design: Principles and Practices 1999ХХ
155484 Wakelyn P.J., French A.D. Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology (International Fiber Science and Technology) 2006 ХХХ
149820 Wakeford J. Flytying techniques: A full color guide 1981ХХ
29085 Wakefield T., Mane A., Bowler D. Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets 2006ХХ
39743 Wakefield J., Shaddick G. Health-exposure modeling and the ecological fallacy 2006ХХ
17869 Wakefield C., Sonder H.-E., Lee W.M. VB.Net Developer's Guide 2001ХХ
47982 Wakefield B.J. Organolithium Methods 1988 ХХХ
145771 Wakefield B.J. Organomagnesium Methods in Organic Synthesis (Best Synthetic Methods) 1995ХХ
156914 Wakefield B. Organomagnesium Methods in Organic Chemistry 1995ХХ
27464 Wake W.C. Refactoring Workbook 2003 ХХХ
9991 Wake W.C. Extreme programming explored 2000ХХ
141658 Wake W. Extreme Programming Explored 2000ХХ
190479 Wake W. Extreme programming explored 2000ХХ
173608 Wake W. Extreme Programming Explored 2001ХХ
173692 Wakamiya N., Solarski M., Sterbenz J. Active Networks 2004ХХ
62249 Wakaki M., Kudo K., Shibuya T. Physical Properties and Data of Optical Materials (Optical Science and Engineering, 125) 2007ХХ
34650 Wakabayashi S. Classical Microlocal Analysis in the Space of Hyperfunctions 2000ХХ
197669 Wakabayashi S. Classical Microlocal Analysis in the Space of Hyperfunctions 2000ХХ
134429 Wajnberg E., Scott J.K., Quimby P.C. Evaluating Indirect Ecological Effects of Biological Control 2001ХХ
149770 Wajcman J. Feminism Confronts Technology 1991ХХ
74833 Waitley D., Witt R. The Joy of Working: The 30-Day System to Success, Wealth, and Happiness on the Job 1985ХХ
75143 Waite W.M., Goos G. Compiler Construction 1983 ХХХ
74799 Waite W.M., Goos G. Compiler construction 1983ХХ
9774 Waite M., Prata S., Martin D. C Primer Plus. User Friendly Guide to the C Programming Language 1987 ХХХ
188639 Waite J., Burch J., Moore R. Solar system plasma physics 1989ХХ
157074 Waite G. Nietzsche's Corps e: Aesthetics, Politics, Prophecy, or, the Spectacular Technoculture of Everyday Life (Post-Contemporary Interventions) 1996ХХ
131736 Waite G., Waite L. Applied Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers 2007ХХ
837 Wait R. The numerical solution of algebraic equations 1979ХХ
31389 Wait R. Numerical solution of algebraic equations 1979ХХ
28327 Wainwright P., Calpini A., Corliss A. Professional Perl Programming 2001ХХ
28319 Wainwright P. Pro Perl 2005ХХ

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