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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
185207 Wagner D. Trading ETFs: Gaining an Edge with Technical Analysis, Second Edition 2012ХХ
40096 Wagner C.A. (Ed), Sagaut P. (Ed) Large-Eddy Simulation for Acoustics 2007ХХ
125119 Wagner C. Traffic Flow Models Considering an Internal Degree of Freedom 1998ХХ
124476 Wagner C., Stoop R. Renormalization Approach to Optimal Limiter Control in 1-D Chaotic Systems 2001ХХ
121472 Wagner C. Lyapunov Instability for a Hard-Disk Fluid in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Thermostated by Deterministic Scattering 2000ХХ
3917 Wagner B. Effective C#: 50 specific ways to improve your C# 2004ХХ
132376 Wagner N., Balberg I. Anomalous Diffusion and Continuum Percolation 1987ХХ
147601 Wager K.A., Wickham F. Managing†Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Executives 2005ХХ
16830 Wager E., Godlie F., Jefferson T. How to Survive Peer Review 2002ХХ
114498 Waerden B.L. Die Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften in Einzeldarstellungen mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Anwendungsgebiete. Band LI (51) - Einfuhrung in die algebraische Geometrie 1939ХХ
138097 Waerden B., Thompson V., Sherman E. Mathematical statistics 1969ХХ
158736 Waerden B. Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften) 1974ХХ
179333 Waerden B. Group theory and quantum mechanics 1974ХХ
32719 Waelder O. Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Geoscientists 2008ХХ
39317 Waelbroeck L. Summer School On Topological Vector Spaces 1973ХХ
36416 Waelbroeck L. Topological Vector Spaces and Algebras 1971ХХ
41366 Waelbroeck L. Holomorphic functions with limited growth n/aХХ
148177 Waelbroeck L. Summer School on Topological Vector Spaces 1973ХХ
41782 Wadlund A.P.R. Absolute X-Ray Wave-Length Measurements 1928ХХ
32138 Wadia S.R. (Ed) Legacy of Albert Einstein: A Collection of Essays in Celebration of the Year of Physics 2006ХХ
132987 Wadia S.R. The legacy of Albert Einstein: A collection of essays in celebration of the year of physics 2006ХХ
49085 Wadhawan V.K. Smart Structures: Blurring the Distinction Between the Living and the Nonliving 2007ХХ
182328 Wadge W., Ashcroft E. Lucid, the Dataflow Programming Language 1985ХХ
29747 Wadell B.C. Transmission Line Design Handbook 2003ХХ
190859 Wadell B. Transmission Line Design Handbook (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library) 1991ХХ
110058 Wade W.R. Solution manual, Introduction to Analysis 2004 ХХХ
146400 Wade V., Ashman H., Smyth B. Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems: 4th International Conference, AH 2006, Dublin, Ireland, June 21-23, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
19753 Wade N. Perception and Illusion: Historical Perspectives 2004ХХ
76752 Wade Luquet Short-term couples therapy: the Imago model in action 2006 ХХХ
194970 Wade L.G. Organic Chemistry 2005 ХХХ
80704 Waddington A. The Creative Calligraphy Sourcebook: Choose from 50 Imaginative Projects and 28 Alphabets to... 1996ХХ
122658 Wadati M., Nishino A., Nishino H. Symmetric and Non-Symmetric Bases of Quantum Integrable Particle Systems with Long-Range Interactions 2001ХХ
62691 Wada Y., Foster N., Yoshida T. Safety of Reactive Chemicals and Pyrotechnics 1995ХХ
119441 Wada K., Kaburagi M., Uchida T. Reformulation of the Path Probability Method and Its Application to Crystal Growth Models 1988ХХ
177837 Wada K., Combes F. Mapping the Galaxy and Nearby Galaxies (Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings) 2008ХХ
83120 Wada H. Biomechanics at micro and nanoscale levels. Volume 4 2007ХХ
176754 Wada E. Logic Programming '85, 4 conf. 1986ХХ
48950 Wachtman J.B. (ed.), Haber R.A. (ed.) Ceramic Films And Coatings 1993ХХ
115673 Wachtman J.B., Cannon W.R., Matthewson M.J. Mechanical Properties of Ceramics 2009 ХХХ
194266 Wachtman J., Haber R. Ceramic Films and Coatings 1993ХХ
179575 Wachter A. Liquid Interfaces in Chemical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Applications (Surfactant Science Series) 2001ХХ
172102 Wachter A., Hoeber H. Compendium of Theoretical Physics 2006ХХ
142038 Wachter A., Hoeber H. Compendium of Theoretical Physics 2006ХХ
129393 Wachter A., Hoeber H. Compendium of Theoretical Physics 2006ХХ
134083 Wachspress E.L. A rational finite element basis 1975ХХ
143400 Wachspress E. A rational finite element basis 1975ХХ
157858 Wachsmuth I., Sowa T. Gesture and Sign Languages in Human-Computer Interaction 2002ХХ
157453 Wachsmuth I., Rollinger C., Brauer W. KI-95: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 19th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Bielefeld, Germany, September 11 - 13, 1995. ... - Proceedings 19th 1995ХХ
191543 Wachsmuth I., Frohlich M. Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction: International Gesture Workshop, Bielefeld, Germany, September 17-19, 1997, Proceedings 1998ХХ
147725 Wacey D. Biology - Early Life On Earth - A Practical Guide 2009ХХ

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