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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
165657 Harwood S. ERP: The Implementation Cycle (Computer Weekly Professional) 2003ХХ
155305 Harwood S. ERP: The Implementation Cycle (Computer Weekly Professional) 2003ХХ
163158 Harzheim E. Ordered Sets (Advances in Mathematics) 2005ХХ
173838 Harzheim E. Ordered Sets 2005ХХ
187282 Harzheim E. Ordered Sets 2005ХХ
35011 Harzheim E. Ordered Sets 2005ХХ
57522 Harzing A.-W.K., Van Ruysseveldt J. International Human Resource Management 2004 ХХХ
18233 Hasan J., Duran M. Expert Service-Oriented Architecture in C# 2005 2006 ХХХ
13272 Hasan J., Tu K. Performance Tuning and Optimizing ASP.NET Applications 2003ХХ
28024 Hasan J., Ballinger K. Expert Service-Oriented Architecture in C#: Using the Web Services Enhancements 2.0 2004ХХ
142759 Hasan M.A., Helleseth T. Arithmetic of Finite Fields 2010ХХ
152066 Hasan S., Rutten R. J. Magnetic Coupling between the Interior and Atmosphere of the Sun 2010ХХ
55805 Hasan S. (ed.), Onyx J. (ed.) Comparative Third Sector Governance In Asia: Structure, Process, and Political Economy 2008 ХХХ
158419 Hasan W. Optimization of SQL Queries for Parallel Machines 1996ХХ
4577 Hasanali F., Leavitt P. Competitive intelligence: a guide for your journey to best-practice processes 2004ХХ
54566 Hasbrouck J. Empirical Market Microstructure: The Institutions, Economics, and Econometrics of Securities Trading 2007 ХХХ
170194 Hasegawa A. Massive WDM and TDM soliton transmission systems 2002ХХ
177626 Hasegawa A. Plasma Instabilities and Nonlinear Effects 1975ХХ
115336 Hasegawa A., Sato T. Space Plasma Physics. Stationary Processes 1988ХХ
19064 Hasegawa F., Hashima M., Kanda Sh. A Stereo Vision System for Position Measurments and Recognition in an Autonomous Robotic System for Carrying Food Trays 1999ХХ
147991 Hasegawa F., Hiki H. Content Production Technologies 2004ХХ
120084 Hasegawa H., Nakagomi T. On the Characterization of the Stationary State of a Class of Dynamical Semigroups 1980ХХ
96336 Hasegawa H., Nakagomi T. Semiclassical Laser Theory in the Stochastic and Thermodynamic Frameworks 1978ХХ
124244 Hasegawa H., Nakagomi T. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Lasing and Bistable Optical Systems 1980ХХ
49441 Hasegawa I. Itsuko Hasegawa: Selected and Current Works 2008ХХ
50947 Hasegawa M., Horie K. Photophysics, Photochemistry, and Optical Properties of Polyimides 2000ХХ
132356 Hasegawa M., Watabe M. On Surface Properties of a Weakly-Coupled Classical One-Component Plasma: The Size Effect in Finite Systems 1985ХХ
54630 Hasegawa T., Hibino S., Hosoda Y. An extended doubly-adaptive quadrature method based on the combination of the Ninomiya and the FLR schemes 2007ХХ
132511 Hasegawa Y., Suzuki T. Realization Theory and Design of Digital Images 2006ХХ
16411 Haselden K. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services 2006ХХ
55357 Haseler S. Super-State: The New Europe and Its Challenge to America 2004ХХ
180517 Haselkorn M. Strategic Management of Information and Communication Technology: The United States Air Force Experience with Y2K 2007ХХ
122496 Hasenbusch M., Meyer S., Putz M. The Roughening Transition of the Three-Dimensional Ising Interface: A Monte Carlo Study 1996ХХ
27946 Hashiimi S. Deploying .NET Applications with MSBuild and ClickOnce 2006ХХ
24215 Hashimi S.Y., Steffan S.J. Pro Service-Oriented Smart Clients with .NET 2.0 2005ХХ
173020 Hashimoto K. Rf Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters for Communications (Artech House Microwave Library) 2009ХХ
144801 Hashimoto M. Auslander-Buchweitz approximations of equivariant modules 2000ХХ
184796 Hashimoto Y. The Computerized greenhouse: automatic control application in plant production 1993ХХ
27950 Hashmi N. Business Information Warehouse for SAP 2000ХХ
135582 Haskell Brooks Curry, Robert Feys, William Craig Combinatory Logic, Volume I (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, 22) 1958ХХ
32776 Haskell D., Hrushovski E., MacPherson D. Stable Domination and Independence in Algebraically Closed Valued Fields 2008ХХ
148504 Haskell D., Pillay A., Steinhorn C. Model Theory, Algebra, and Geometry 2000ХХ
181355 Hasker W. Metaphysics 1983ХХ
192848 Haskins D. C programming in Linux 2009ХХ
52271 Haskins D. C Programming in Linux 2009 ХХХ
47408 Haskins H., Battaglia V., Christophersen J. Battery Technology Life Verification Test Manual 2005ХХ
3979 Haskins R., Nielsen D. Slamming spam: A guide for system administrators 2004ХХ
157039 Hasle G., Lie K., Quak E. Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation, and Optimization: Applied Mathematics at SINTEF 2007ХХ
35587 Hasle G. (ed.), Quak E. (ed.) Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation, and Optimization: Applied Mathematics at Sintef 2007ХХ
143520 Hasman A., Haux R., Van Der Lei J. Ubiquity: Technologies for Better Health in Aging Societies 2006ХХ

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