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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
54396 Gujer W. Systems Analysis for Water Technology 2008 ХХХ
120339 Gujrati P.D. Lower Bounds on Entropy for Polymer Chains on a Square and a Cubic Lattice 1982ХХ
155898 Gul A. Agha, Fiorella De Cindio, Grzegorz Rozenberg Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming and Petri Nets 2001 ХХХ
170183 Gulati R., Lammens E., DePauw N. Shallow Lakes in a Changing World: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Shallow Lakes, held at Dalfsen, The Netherlands, 5-9 June 2005 (Developments ... Hydrobiology) (Developments in Hydrobiology) 2007ХХ
185142 Guldentops E., Devos J., Landeghem H. Information Systems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: State of Art of IS Research in SMEs 2014ХХ
110314 Gulevich N.M. Fixed points of nonexpansive mappings 1994ХХ
47964 Gulian A.M., Zharkov G.F., Wolf S. Nonequilibrium Electrons And Phonons In Superconductors 1991 ХХХ
176501 Guliato D., Rangayyan R. Modeling and Analysis of Shape: with Applications in Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (Synthesis Lectures on Biomedical Engineering) 2011ХХ
36152 Gulick D., Lipsman R.L. (eds.) Conference on Harmonic Analysis 1972ХХ
33687 Gulisashvili A., van Casteren J.A. Non-Autonomous Kato Classes and Feynman-Kac Propagators 2006ХХ
41353 Gulkan P. (Ed), Anderson J.G. Directions in Strong Motion Instrumentation: Proceedings of the NATO SFP Workshop on Future Directions in Instrumentation for Strong Motion and Engineering Seismology,Kusadasi, Izmir, May 17-21 2004 2005 ХХХ
33787 Gullberg J. Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers 1997ХХ
180642 Gullberg J., Hilton P. Mathematics: from the birth of numbers 1997ХХ
153350 Gullberg J. Mathematics: from the birth of numbers 1997ХХ
162457 Gulliksen J., Harning M.B., Palanque P. Engineering Interactive Systems: EIS 2007 Joint Working Conferences EHCI 2007, DSV-IS 2007, HCSE 2007, Salamanca, Spain, March 22-24, 2007. Selected ... Programming and Software Engineering) 2009ХХ
32825 Gulliksen T.H., Levin G. Homology of Local Rings 1969ХХ
49402 Gulliver J.S. Introduction to Chemical Transport in the Environment 2007 ХХХ
136383 Gulliver T., Secord N. Information Theory and Applications: Third Canadian Workshop, Rockland, Ontario, Canada, May 30 - June 2, 1993. Proceedings 1994ХХ
76588 Gullo A., Lumb P.D. Intensive and Critical Care Medicine: Reflections, Recommendations and Perspectives 2005ХХ
80428 Gullo A. (ed.), Berlot G. (ed.) Perioperative and critical care medicine. Educational issuess 2005 2006ХХ
173206 Gullotta T., Bloom M., Gullotta C. A Blueprint for Promoting Academic and Social Competence in After-School Programs (Issues in Children's and Families' Lives) 2009ХХ
84007 Gultepe I. Fog and boundary layer clouds: fog visibility and forecasting 2007ХХ
17705 Gulutzan P., Pelzer T. SQL Performance Tuning 2002ХХ
24608 Gumaste A., Antony T. DWDM Network Designs and Engineering Solutions 2002ХХ
4171 Gumaste A., Antony T. First mile access networks and enabling technologies 2004ХХ
58603 Gumerov N.A., Duraiswami R. Fast Multipole Methods for the Helmholtz Equation in Three Dimensions 2004ХХ
156171 Gumley L. Practical IDL programming 2001ХХ
127485 Gumley L.E. Practical IDL programming: creating effective data analysis and visualization applications 2001ХХ
200655 Gummadi Nancharaiah B.R. Ambedkar, Economic Development and Dalits in Post-Independence India n/aХХ
36153 Gumowski I., Mira Ch. Recurrences and Discrete Dynamic Systems 1980ХХ
184101 Gump B., Pruett D. Beer and Wine Production. Analysis, Characterization, and Technological Advances 1993ХХ
53652 Gumport R.I., Deis F.H., Gerber N.C. Student Companion to Accompany Biochemistry 2002 ХХХ
60179 Gunasekaran A. Agile Manufacturing: The 21st Century Competitive Strategy 2001ХХ
140522 Gunasekaran A., Khalil O., Rahman S. Knowledge and Information Technology Management: Human and Social Perspectives 2003ХХ
142243 Gunasekaran A. Techniques and Tools for the Design and Implementation of Enterprise Information Systems 2008ХХ
160636 Gunasekaran A., Sandhu M. Handbook on Business Information Systems 2010ХХ
174752 Gunasekaran A. Global Implications of Modern Enterprise Information Systems: Technologies and Applications 2009ХХ
195361 Gunasekaran A. Modelling and Analysis of Enterprise Information Systems 2007 ХХХ
162764 Gunasekaran S. Nondestructive Food Evaluation: Techniques to Anyaluze Properties and Quality (Food Science and Technology) 2001ХХ
82268 Gunasekaran S. Cheese rheology and texture 2002ХХ
145048 Gundavaram S. CGI programming on the World Wide Web 1996ХХ
29293 Gundavaram S., Birznieks G., Guelich S. CGI Programming with Perl 2000ХХ
22578 Gundavaram S., Sharma K., Thomas D. Beginning Fedora 2 2004ХХ
146049 Gunde-Cimerman N., Oren A., Plemenitas A. Adaptation to Life at High Salt Concentrations in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya 2005ХХ
56434 Gundelfinger D. (ed.), Seidenbecher C.I. (ed.), Schraven B. (ed.) Cell Communication in Nervous and Immune Systems 2006ХХ
27631 Gunderloy MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (Exam 70-310): Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Framework 2002ХХ
30020 Gunderloy M. Painless Project Management with Fogbugz 2007 ХХХ
27630 Gunderloy M. MCAD 70-305 Training Guide 2002ХХ
28259 Gunderloy M., Jerke N. .NET E-Commerce Programming 2002ХХ
28286 Gunderloy M. Painless Project Management with FogBugz 2005ХХ

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