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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
162086 Fox M. Including Children 3-11 With Physical Disabilities: Practical Guidance for Mainstream Schools 2004 ХХХ
201113 FRIEND M., BURSUCK W. Including Students with Special Needs 2012ХХ
50275 Greed C. Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets 2003ХХ
48692 Elizabeth Burton, Lynne Mitchell Inclusive Urban Design: Streets for Life 2006ХХ
49086 Van Smaalen S. Incommensurate Crystallography 2007ХХ
122129 Karasova I., Surda A. Incommensurate Structure in the Lattice-Gas ANNNI Model 1993ХХ
124358 Surda A. Incommensurate-Commensurate Phase Transitions in an Anisotropic Antiferromagnetic Model on Triangular Lattice 1994ХХ
96895 J. Patera Incompatibility of gauge invariance and nonrelativistic locality in path integral formulation 1972ХХ
59563 Bernheim B.D., Whinston M.D. Incomplete Contracts and Strategic Ambiguity (from The American Economic Review, Vol. 88, No.4, Sep., 1998) 1998ХХ
41373 Thomas J.M. Incomplete Systems of Partial Differential Equations 1928ХХ
155517 Miller J., Haynes J. Inconceivable Conceptions: Psychological Aspects of infertility and Reproductive Technology 2003ХХ
78474 Bertossi L., Hunter A., Schaub T. Inconsistency Tolerance 2004 ХХХ
193042 Parker P., Parker J. Incontinentia Pigmenti - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers 2007ХХ
57047 Mancuso A. Incorporate Your Business: A Legal Guide to Forming a Corporation in Your State 2007 ХХХ
39754 Armstrong N.J. Incorporating interference into linkage analysis for experimental crosses 2006ХХ
39755 Scharfstein D.O. Incorporating prior beliefs about selection bias into the analysis of randomized trials with missing outcomes 2003ХХ
39756 Copas A.J., Farewell V.T. Incorporating retrospective data into an analysis of time to illness 2001ХХ
177854 Miller G. Incorporating Spirituality in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique 2003ХХ
193119 Miller G. Incorporating Spirituality in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique 2003ХХ
39757 O'Sullivan F., Roy S., Vernon C. Incorporation of tumor shape into an assessment of spatial heterogeneity for human sarcomas imaged with FDG-PET 2005ХХ
124183 Berlyand L., Mityushev V. Increase and Decrease of the Effective Conductivity of Two Phase Composites due to Polydispersity 2005ХХ
146783 Lutz N.J., Schlesinger A.M. Increase Mather: Clergyman and Scholar 2001ХХ
39864 Maze R., Carney J.P. Increasing DNA repair methyltransferase levels via bone marrow stem cell transduction rescues mice from the toxic effects of 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea, a chemotherapeutic alkylating agent 1996ХХ
177659 Mucciarelli M., Herak M., Cassidy J. Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security) 2009ХХ
179938 Kettlewell J. Increasing the Competitive Edge in Math and Science 2009ХХ
21054 Fritzke B. Incremental Neuro-fuzzy Systems 1997ХХ
153366 Amtrup J. Incremental Speech Translation 1999ХХ
32667 Dlab V. Indecomposable Representations of Graphs and Algebras 1976ХХ
4286 Bognar J. Indefinite Inner Product Spaces 1974ХХ
54431 Gohberg I., Lancaster P., Rodman L. Indefinite Linear Algebra and Applications 2000 ХХХ
158577 Hassibi B., Sayed A., Kailath T. Indefinite-quadratic estimation and control 1999ХХ
183963 Hassibi B., Sayed A., Kailath T. Indefinite-quadratic estimation and control: a unified approach to H? and H [infinity] theories 1999ХХ
198791 Victor Bryant, Hazel Perfect Independence Theory In Combinatorics 1980ХХ
196201 V. Bryant Independence theory in combinatorics: An introductory account with applications to graphs and transversals (Chapman and Hall mathematics series) 1980Х-
4347 Hyvarinen A. Independent Component Analysis 2001ХХ
140979 Rosca J., Erdogmus D., Principe J.C. Independent Component Analysis and Blind Signal Separation 2006ХХ
175892 Puntonet C., Prieto A. Independent Component Analysis and Blind Signal Separation: Fifth International Conference, ICA 2004, Granada, Spain, September 22-24, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
80524 Davies M.E.(ed.) Independent Component Analysis and Signal Separation 7th International Conference, ICA 2007 London, UK, September 9-12, 2007 Proceedings 2007ХХ
159059 Adali T., Jutten C., Marcos J. Independent Component Analysis and Signal Separation: 8th International Conference, ICA 2009, Paraty, Brazil, March 15-18, 2009, Proceedings 2009 ХХХ
126108 Ford G. W., Lewis J. T., O'Connell R. F. Independent Oscillator Model of a Heat Bath: Exact Diagonalization of the Hamiltonian 1988ХХ
181686 Braverman M. Independent random variables and rearrangement invariant spaces 1994ХХ
157363 Braverman M. Independent Random Variables and Rearrangement Invariant Spaces (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) 1994ХХ
59076  елби —., ”айт “. InDesign CS. —оветы знатоков 2005ХХ
24651 LoCascio T. InDesign CS2 at Your Fingertips 2005ХХ
133223 Barbara Assadi, Galen Gruman InDesign CS2 For Dummies 2005ХХ
134739 Assadi B., Gruman G. InDesign CS2 For Dummies 2005ХХ
16270 Cohen S. InDesign CS2 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide 2005ХХ
157193 Gruman G. InDesign CS4 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer Tech)) 2008ХХ
179550 Gruman G. InDesign CS4 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer Tech)) 2008ХХ
138049 Gruman G. InDesign CS5 For Dummies 2010ХХ

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