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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
34323 Valls C., Barreira L. Stability of Nonautonomous Differential Equations 2007ХХ
141868 Vallyathan V., Castranova V., Shi X. Oxygen Nitrogen Radicals: Lung Injury and Disease 2004ХХ
68143 Valman B., Thomas R. ABC of the First Year 2008ХХ
179049 Valmari A. Model Checking Software: 13th International SPIN Workshop, Vienna, Austria, March 30 - April 1, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
178207 Valpuesta V. Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology 2002ХХ
176563 Valpuesta V. Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology 2002ХХ
16719 Valpuesta V. Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology 2002ХХ
121917 Valsakumar M. C. Solution of Fokker-Planck Equation Using Trotter's Formula 1983ХХ
128477 Valsakumar M. C., Murthy K. P. N., Ananthakrishna G. Journal of Statistical Physics. Volume 30 (є3 1983). On the Linearization of Nonlinear Langevin-Type Stochastic Differential Equations 1983ХХ
119447 Valsakumar M.C. Unstable State Dynamics: Treatment of Colored Noise 1985ХХ
123879 Valter Franceschini, Fernando Zironi On Constructing Markov Partitions by Computer 1984ХХ
96176 Valter Franceschini, Claudio Tebaldi Sequences of infinite bifurcations and turbulence in a five-mode truncation of the Navier-Stokes equations 1979ХХ
21998 Valve C. Flow of Fluids Through Valves, Fittings & Pipe TP-410 Metric 1999ХХ
138365 Vamos T. Knowledge and Computing: A Course on Computer Epistemology 2010ХХ
37595 van Aken H.M. The Oceanic Thermohaline Circulation: An Introduction 2006ХХ
127269 Van Allen J.A. Origins of magnetospheric physics 2004ХХ
170622 van Ameringen M. Building a New South Africa : Volume 3 (Science and Technology Policy) 1995ХХ
123613 Van Assche W. On the Nature of the Lee-Yang Measure for Ising Ferromagnets 1986ХХ
9404 van Baal P. (ed.) Confinement, duality, and non-perturbative aspects of QCD 2002ХХ
8513 Van Balken J.A.M., Van Dam Miers R.C., Currel B. Biotechnological innovations in chemical synthesis 1997ХХ
145805 van Beek P. (ed.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science (3709). Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2005 2005ХХ
125987 van Beijeren H. Fluctuations in the Motions of Mass and of Patterns in One-Dimensional Driven Diffusive Systems 1990ХХ
125752 van Beijeren H. Book Review: Fundamental Problems in Statistical Mechanics VII 1993ХХ
124627 van Beijeren H. The Uphill Turtle Race; On Short Time Nucleation Probabilities 2003ХХ
120291 van Beijeren H. Long-Range Spatial Correlations in a Simple Diffusion Model 1990ХХ
119742 van Beijeren H., Ernst M.H. Diffusion in Lorentz Lattice Gas Automata with Backscattering 1993ХХ
124185 van Beijeren H., Dorfman J.R. Kinetic Theory of Hydrodynamic Flows, III. The Torque on a Rotating Sphere or Cylinder 1982ХХ
123555 van Beijeren H., Lanford III O.E., Lebowitz J.L. Equilibrium Time Correlation Functions in the Low-Density Limit 1980ХХ
120237 van Beijeren H., Dorfman J.R. Kinetic Theory of Hydrodynamic Flows. II. The Drag on a Sphere and on a Cylinder 1980ХХ
122788 van Beijeren H., Cohen E.G.D. The Effects of Thermal Noise in a Rayleigh-Benard Cell Near Its First Convective Instability 1988ХХ
121511 van Beijeren H., Dorfman J.R. A Note on the Ruelle Pressure for a Dilute Disordered Sinai Billiard 2002ХХ
15738 van Beijnum I. Running IPv6 2005ХХ
83417 van Bekkum H., Roper H., Voragen A.G.J. Carbohydrates as Organic Raw Materials III 1996ХХ
9252 van Belle G., Fisher L.D., Heagerty P.J. Biostatistics. A methodology for the health sciences 2004 ХХХ
32680 van Benthem J. Handbook of Logic and Language 1997ХХ
136859 van Benthem J. A manual of intensional logic 1988ХХ
83672 van Boekel M.A.J.S. Kinetic modeling of reactions in foods 2009ХХ
29608 van Bosse J.G., Devetak F.U. Signaling in Telecommunication Networks 2006 ХХХ
75018 van Breugel F., Chechik M. CONCUR 2008 - concurrency theory 19th international conference, CONCUR 2008, Toronto, Canada, August 19-22, 2008: proceedings 2008 ХХХ
21818 van Bruggen N., Roberts T.P.L. Biomedical Imaging in Experimental Neuroscience 2002ХХ
110516 van Brunt B. The Calculus of Variations 2004ХХ
77837 van Caenegem R.C. European Law in the Past and the Future: Unity and Diversity over Two Millennia 2001ХХ
48483 Van Cleave J. Janice VanCleave's 200 Gooey, Slippery, Slimy, Weird and Fun Experiments 1992ХХ
122276 van Coevorden D.V., Ernst M.H., Brito R. Relaxation and Transport in FCHC Lattice Gases 1994ХХ
10999 van Creveld M. The Rise and Decline of the State 1999ХХ
174633 Van D. Differential equations: Classical to controlled 1982ХХ
29716 Van D.L., Ito M. Mathematical Foundation of Informatics: Proceedings of the Conference Hanoi, Vietnam 25 - 28 October 1999 2005ХХ
141153 van Dalen B., Dauben J.W., Dold-Samplonius Y. From China to Paris: 2000 Years Transmission of Mathematical Ideas 2002ХХ
19232 van Dam N. The E-Learning Fieldbook : Implementation Lessons and Case Studies from Companies that are Making E-Learning Work 2003ХХ
78500 Van Dam R. The Roman revolution of Constantine 2007ХХ

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