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Ridley A., Clark P., Peckham M. Ч Cell motility: from molecules to organisms
Ridley A., Clark P., Peckham M. Ч Cell motility: from molecules to organisms

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Ќазвание: Cell motility: from molecules to organisms

јвторы: Ridley A., Clark P., Peckham M.


Recent advances in molecular and biophysical techniques, particularly fluorescence and live cell imaging, are revolutionizing the study of cell motility. New bioprobes not only reveal simple intracellular localization, but also contain details of post-translational modifications, conformational state and protein-protein interactions. Coupling these insights with complementary advances in genetic and biochemical methods is enabling scientists to understand the processes involved in cell motility - from molecular motors to cell movements in vivo in a range of organisms and cell types.

This book features landmark essays that provide an up to date and fascinating account of current research and concepts in cell motility.These cover the roles of molecular motors that drive movement and their interactions with the cytoskeleton as well as membrane dynamics that allow cells to change shape and to move.

Cell motility plays a key role in development - there are chapters on the genetics of cell migration, the regulation of contact repulsion in growth cones, and the progression from cell migration to cell-cell adhesion. Cell motility is directional - experts describe the molecules that regulate chemotaxis, allowing cells to migrate along pathways specified by chemical gradients. Finally, cell motility can be perturbed by mutationЧmetastasis occurs when cells lose their normal intercellular interactions and invade other tissue types. All these processes are regulated by signals from the environment, including other tissues in the body, and the various molecules that transmit and transduce these signals are discussed.

This book is a Сmust readТ for cell biologists working in a variety of fields, from development to wound healing, at all levels - post-doctoral fellows, post-graduate students and lab technicians. It is also stimulating reading for molecular and developmental biologists, biophysicists and biochemists.

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 342

ƒобавлена в каталог: 10.12.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$ADP-P_{i}$      9
$Fc\gamma R$-mediated phagocytosis      170
$GFP-PKC\alpha$ activity      122
$GFP-\beta$-actin      125
$p75^{NTR}$      322
$PIP5KI\alpha$      194Ч195
$PIPK1\gamma$      25
$PIP_{2}$      9Ч10 30 111 157 171 183 194Ч195 225 238 249Ч250
$PIP_{3}$      30 180 182 185
$PKC\alpha$      122
$\alpha 5$-integrin      305 308
$\alpha 5$-integrin in vesicles in fibroblasts      306Ч307
$\alpha 5$-integrin-GFP      304 307
$\alpha$-actinin      3 301 303Ч304
$\alpha$-adaptin      192
$\alpha$-catenin      104
$\alpha$-catenin, TX-insoluble      104
$\beta 3$-integrin dynamics      82
$\beta$-Catenin      104 112
$\beta$-catenin, TX-insoluble      104
$\mathrm{BeF_{3}}$      9
$\mathrm{Mg^{2+}}$-dependent adhesion      22
$\mu$-calpain (calpain I)      222Ч223
A-kinase anchoring protein (AKAP)      249
Aardvark      21
Abi2      141
AbLIM      238
Abp1      193 255
Acan125      51
Acanthamoeba      44 48 52
Acanthamoeba castellanii      137
ActA      143
Actin      1Ч2 4 УG-actinФ)
Actin cytoskeleton      71 75Ч99
Actin disassembly      241
Actin dynamics      39Ч59 130
Actin dynamics and class I myosins      49Ч52
Actin dynamics in Dictyostelium      252Ч253
Actin dynamics, actors      240Ч241
Actin dynamics, background on      240Ч241
Actin dynamics, controlled by actin-binding proteins      243
Actin dynamics, summary of process      40
Actin dynamics, villin as regulator of      240Ч242
Actin dynamics, villin enhancement during cell motility      241Ч242
Actin filament network, branched      10
actin filaments      5Ч6 8 184 236 300
Actin filaments in lamella      11
Actin filaments, ageing, remodelling and disassembly      10Ч12
Actin filaments, assembly      135Ч151
Actin filaments, polymerization      204
Actin microfilaments      76
Actin microfilaments, role of villin in dynamics of      235Ч245
Actin molecule      131
Actin monomers      136Ч138 241
Actin nucleation      51
Actin nucleation and elongation model      41
Actin nucleation, Arp2/3 complex-independent      143Ч144
Actin organization      243
Actin polymerization      140 247 251
Actin polymerization and actin structures      256Ч257
Actin polymerization and depolymerization      248
Actin polymerization as initial asymmetry generating event      180Ч182
Actin polymerization transients, early and late mechanisms      182Ч184
Actin polymerization, coupling signalling pathways to Arp2/3 dependent      255
Actin polymerization, de novo      137
Actin polymerization, EGF receptor-associated      181Ч182
Actin polymerization, WASp/WAVE-Arp2/3 complex-mediated      153
Actin remodelling      239
Actin reorganization in fibroblasts      66
Actin stress fibres      66Ч67
Actin structures and actin polymerization      256Ч257
Actin structures, disassembly of      64
Actin, assembly of filamentous structures in fibroblast cells      65
Actin, control by Rho GTPases in migrating cells      204Ч205
Actin, filament dynamics      1Ч17
Actin, X-rhodamine-labelled      126
Actin-associated proteins      82
Actin-based membrane dynamics, participation of dynamin in      193Ч194
Actin-bundling proteins      236
Actin-related protein 1 (Arp1)      89
Adenomatous polyposis coli protein (APC)      212
Adenylyl cyclase      20
ADF/cofilin      1 3Ч4 9 11Ч12 240Ч242
Adherent cells      81
Adhesion components, trafficking in complexes      309
Adhesion disassembly      301 304Ч306
Adhesion dynamics      301Ч304
Adhesion formation      227 301Ч303
Adhesion formation, disassembly and turnover, working model of      306
Adhesion molecules, intracellular trafficking of      306Ч309
Adhesion receptors for vegetative cells      23
Adhesion receptors in Dictyostelium      22Ч24
Adhesion turnover      303Ч304
Adhesion, calcium-dependent      22
Adhesion, molecules involved      22
Adhesion, role of talin and myosin VII      19Ч37
Adhesions, $\mathrm{Mg^{2+}}$-dependent      22
ADP-actin subunits, recycling      12
ADP-ribosylation factor 6 (ARF6)      165Ч172
Adseverin      236
Advillin      236 238
Aequorea victoria      117
Aluminium fluoride (A1F)      169
Ambystoma maculatum      279
Ambystoma mexicanum      279
Amino acids      237Ч238
Amoeboid chemotaxis      175 262Ч263
AMPA      21
Amphiphysin      192
APC      88
Apical membrane      102
ARF1      165Ч168
ARF3      165Ч166
ARF5      165Ч166
ARF6, events downstream of activation      170Ч171
ARF6, function in polarized membrane delivery at plasma membrane      168
ARF6, intracellular localization      166
ARF6, regulation of activation      167Ч168
ARF6Q67L      169
ARF6T27N      166 168
Arg(GPR)      45
ARIA (Acetylcholine Receptor Inducing Activity)      319
ARNO      167
ARNO-GEF activity      167
Arp2      77
Arp2/3 complex      1Ч5 41 50Ч53 85 112 135 137Ч138 140Ч142 183 205 241 247Ч260
Arp2/3 complex activation      8Ч9 155Ч159
Arp2/3 complex in de novo actin nucleation      248
Arp2/3 complex regulation in Dictyostelium      253
Arp2/3 complex, nucleation-promoting factors      7
Arp2/3 complex, WASp family in activation of      255Ч256
Arp2/3 complex-dependent actin polymerization, coupling signalling pathways      255
Arp2/3 complex-independent actin nucleation      143Ч144
Arp3      77
ARPC1      5 137
ARPC2      5
ARPC3      5
ARPC4      5
ARPC5      5
Aspergillus      44 49Ч50 84
Assembly-disassembly dynamics      76
ATP hydrolysis      11
ATP-actin      12
ATP-actin, subunits      11
ATP-G actin      40Ч41
ATP-sensitive plus end cap      209
Axial protocadherin (AXPC)      292
Axon guidance, Eph receptor/ephrin regulation of      62-63
Axon pathfinding      62Ч64
Axonal retraction      71
B-FABP      322
Bacterial motility      2
Barbed ends      135Ч151
Barbed ends, uncapping      240
Basal-lateral membrane      102
BDM      82
Bi-directional signalling      62Ч63
Bioprobe techniques      117Ч134
Bipolar protrusive activity      293
Bipolar traction      286Ч287
Bipolarity, special function of      293
Bleaching      129
Body axis formation      277
Brush border architecture      236
C-cadherin      291
c-ErbB      317
c-Met      317 324Ч327
c-Ret      322Ч323
C-terminal acidic domain      52
Cadherin superfamily      103
Cadherin-6      322
Cadherin-dependent cell-cell adhesion in MDCK cells      107
Cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesion      221
Cadherin/catenin complex      103Ч104
Cadherins molecular interactions and functions      103Ч104
Cadherins subcellular distribution      104
Caenorhabditis elegans      52 84 137 196 251
Calcium transients in adhesive release      226
Calcium-dependent adhesion      22
Caldesmon      81Ч82
Calpain activation in migrating cell      230
Calpain activity and cell migration speed      228
Calpain effect on rear detachment      227
Calpain effects of external factors      224
Calpain in adhesion formation and direction migration      227Ч230
Calpain in regulating neutrophil chemotaxis      229
Calpain inhibitors      226
Calpain isoforms      222
Calpain regulation of cell migration      219Ч233
Calpain, overview      222Ч225
Calpain, role in cell detachment and focal adhesion      225Ч227
Calpain-calpastatin system      222 225
Calpastatin      225
cAMP      263 268
Cancer cells, chemotaxis during invasion and metastasis      175Ч188
Candida albicans      50
CapG      236
Capping protein      1 3 10
Capping rate      10
CapZ family      241-242
cAR1      20
Carcinoma cells, chemotactic to EGF      179
Carcinoma cells, chemotactic to EGF in vitro      178
Carcinoma cells, interaction with blood vessels      176
Carcinoma cells, motility cycle in response to EGF      181
CARMIL      51Ч53 253Ч254
CD44 hyaluronan receptor      122
Cdc42      9 65 67 107 112 154 208Ч209 228 249 252 282
Cdc42-activated N-WASp      142
Cdc42-GTP      84
Cdc42-WASp-Arp2/3 pathway      112
Cdc42H      203
Cell detachment      225Ч227
Cell intercalation      289
Cell intercalation and extracellular matrix      292Ч293
Cell intercalation by cell-on-cell traction model      289
Cell intercalation, migration on one another      287Ч289
Cell migration during mouse development      317Ч330
Cell migration in vitro and in vivo      299Ч315
Cell migration in vivo      309-311
Cell migration to cell-cell adhesion      101Ч116
Cell migration, basic steps      220
Cell migration, calpain regulation of      219Ч233
Cell migration, classic three-step      220
Cell migration, contact-mediated inhibition      221
Cell migration, external factors regulating      220Ч221
Cell migration, molecular basis      300
Cell migration, neuronal precursors in rostral migratory stream (RMS)      310Ч311
Cell migration, overview      300Ч301
Cell migration, regulation of      203Ч217
Cell migration, speed and calpain activity      228
Cell migration-inhibiting cues      221
Cell motility regulation, general model for      76
Cell motility, leading edges      1
Cell segregation, Eph receptor/ephrin mediated control of      63Ч64
Cell spreading      227
Cell-cell adhesion      19 170 221
Cell-cell adhesion in convergent extension      291Ч292
Cell-cell adhesion junctions      103
Cell-cell adhesion, cell migration to      101Ч116
Cell-cell adhesion, E-cadherin distribution during      104Ч106
Cell-cell adhesion, epithelial complexes      102Ч103
Cell-cell adhesion, initiation      103
Cell-cell adhesion, mechanics of      102
Cell-cell adhesion, membrane dynamics in      106Ч107
Cell-cell adhesion, Racl complexes in MDCK cells during      109
Cell-cell adhesion, Rho family small GTPases in      106Ч107
Cell-cell adhesion, role of      101
Cell-cell contact      19 61 69
Cell-cell contact and Rac1 complexes      108
Cell-cell contacts, concerted formation      107
Cell-cell interactions      102
Cell-cell repulsion      64
Cell-matrix adhesions, in convergent extension      291Ч292
Cell-matrix adhesions, in crawling cell locomotion      78Ч81
Cell-surface contact      19
Centractin      89
Centrosome      87
Centrosome reorientation downstream of      207Ч209
Centrosome reorientation downstream of Cdc42      207Ч209
CFP      128Ч129 131
CFP-actin      128Ч130
Chemoattractant gradient      153Ч154 229
Chemoattractants, reaction to      12
Chemoattractants, reaction to withdrawal      12Ч13
Chemotaxis      153 262
Chemotaxis of amoeboid cells      262Ч263
Chemotaxis of carcinoma cells      175Ч188
Chemotaxis, events defining leading edge during      179
Chemotaxis, GPCR downstream effectors during      261Ч275
Chemotaxis, PI3K in      263Ч265
Chemotaxis, PTEN as negative regulator of D3-PI signalling pathway in      267Ч269
Chemotaxis, regulated by MEK kinase signalling      269Ч271
Chemotaxis, to EGF      175Ч179
Chick RGC growth cone collapse      68
CHOK1 cells      222 229
CLASPs      88 213
Clathrin-coated pits (CCPs)      193Ч191
Clathrin-dependent pathway      169
Clathrin-dsRed      123 125
CLIP-170      88 90 213
CLIP-170 associated proteins (CLASPs)      88 213
ClustalW sequence alignment      266
Cofilin      136 182 184
Complex A      109Ч111
Complex B      108Ч111
Complex C      108Ч111
Confocal microscopy      9
Contact site A (csA)      23
Convergence      277Ч297
Convergence in sandwich explants      287
Convergence, active, force-producing      285
Convergence, definition      289
Convergence, diversity and complexity of      283Ч286
Convergence, teleost germ ring      288
Convergent extension      283
Convergent extension, cell-cell adhesion in      291Ч292
Convergent extension, cell-matrix adhesion in      291Ч292
Cortactin      159Ч160
Cortactin, interaction with dynamin      192Ч193
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