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Waite M., Prata S., Martin D. Ч C Primer Plus. User Friendly Guide to the C Programming Language
Waite M., Prata S., Martin D. Ч C Primer Plus. User Friendly Guide to the C Programming Language

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Ќазвание: C Primer Plus. User Friendly Guide to the C Programming Language

јвторы: Waite M., Prata S., Martin D.


The C language combines the efficiency and speed of assembly language with the structure and conciseness of Pascal. Consequently, over 80 percent of the software community is using C today. This revised and expanded edition of C Primer Plus presents everything that you need to immediately start using this exciting language, and more. The book's time-tested organization encourages you to solve problems, ask questions, and work exercises. Used in schools as a complete course in C programming, the book offers these features:
Ј Compatibility with UNIXЩ and MS-DOS@
Ј Organization suited to beginners as well as advanced users
Ј Well-proven approach to such introductory concepts as data, I/O, strings, and loops
Ј Explanations of arrays and pointers, file I/O, bit fiddling, storage classes, macro functions, access to 8088 ports, structures, redirection, IBM@ PC sound, and graphics access

New topics added to this updated edition include:
Ј Information on C++, the successor to the C language, recently created by AT&T for "object-oriented programming"
Ј Details on the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C language standard-what is new and how to write programs that conform to it C Primer Plus, Revised Edition, is the perfect companion to the Sams/Waite UNIX Primer Plus, and is compatible with any IBM PC implementation of C that conforms to the Kernighan and Ritchie standard.

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»здание: revised edition

√од издани€: 1987

 оличество страниц: 557

ƒобавлена в каталог: 10.12.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
#define directive, and C preprocessor      325Ч331
#define directive, and symbolic constants      71Ч74
#define directive, compared to typedef      435
#elif directive      337
#else directive      336Ч337
#endif directive      336Ч337
#if directive      336Ч337
#ifdef directive      336Ч337
#ifndef directive      336Ч337
#include directive      18
#include directive, and file input-output      333Ч335 447Ч448
#undef directive      335Ч336
A mode, with fopen( ) function      450
A+ mode, in ANSI C      486
Absolute value function      259Ч261
Actual arguments      257Ч258 277
Addition operation      97Ч98 102Ч104
Addition operation, array and pointer      348Ч349
Additive assignment operation      214 218 220
Addresses and address operation      262Ч263 513
Addresses and pointers      265Ч272 354
Addresses and scanf( ) function      37 66 84
Addresses of variables, and names      271Ч272
Addresses, structure, as arguments      430Ч431
Alarm, escape sequence for      490
Algorithms, and pseudocode      208
Alphabetic characters, testing for      459
Alphanumeric characters, testing for      460
American National Standards Institute, and C language standards      479Ч494
And operation, bitwise      528
And operation, logical      180Ч181 513
Angle brackets, and #include      333
Animal names program      192Ч197
ANSI C language standards      479Ч494
Argc, and main( ) function      402
Arguments and function overloading, in C++      496Ч497
Arguments and functions      24Ч25 255Ч259 277
Arguments and increment operation      111Ч112
Arguments for fgets( ) function      455
Arguments for fopen( ) function      450
Arguments for fprintf( ) function      454Ч455
Arguments for fscanf( ) function      454Ч455
Arguments for fseek( ) function      457
Arguments for printf( ) function      75 77
Arguments for scanf( ) function      83Ч84
Arguments with macros      328Ч331
Arguments, arrays as      349Ч351
Arguments, arrays of structures as      431Ч433
arguments, command-line      400Ч403
Arguments, structure addresses as      430Ч431
Arguments, structure members as      428Ч430
Arguments, structure, and ANSI C      482Ч485
Arguments, type-checking of, in ANSI C      487Ч490
Arguments, with #define      328Ч331
Argv, and main( ) function      402
Arithmetic operations      95Ч112 121 512
Arithmetic operations in ANSI C      491
Arrays      233Ч241 343Ч347
Arrays and pointers      347Ч367
Arrays of character strings      66Ч67 381Ч382
Arrays of structures      419Ч424 431Ч433
Arrays, and functions, and pointers      349Ч367
Arrays, compared to pointers      379Ч380
Arrays, input for      311Ч314
arrays, multidimensional      356Ч367
Arrays, protection of, with const      492Ч493
ASCII codes and characters      49
ASCII codes and characters, and printf( ) function      82Ч83
ASCII codes and characters, conversion of, to integer      307
ASCII codes and characters, table of      543Ч546
ASCII codes and characters, testing for      460
Assembly code files      12
Assembly language, and ports      155
Assignment operations      96Ч97 121 214Ч215 218 220 512Ч513
Assignment operations in expressions      112Ч113
Assignment operations, compared to equality operators      173Ч174
Assignment operations, pointer      354
assignment statements      20 24Ч25 114
associativity, of operators      103Ч104 511Ч512
Asterisk modifier in printf( ) function      85
Asterisk modifier in scanf( ) function      85Ч86
Asterisk modifier in type declarations      437Ч438
Atof( ) function      462Ч464
Atoi( ) function      307 462Ч465
Auto and automatic variables      289 295 519
Automatic arrays, initialization of      344
Backslash character for double quotes      377
Backslash character for nonprinting characters      50Ч52
Backslash character with macro definitions      325Ч326
Backslash character, escape sequence for      26 51
Backspace, escape sequence for      51
Base 10 numbers      533
Base 16 numbers      535 see
Base 2 numbers      533Ч535
Base 8 numbers      535 see
Base conversions, and printf( ) function      45
BASIC language, assignment and equality operators in      173
BASIC language, compared to C      3 12
Bell Labs, and C      3
Binary files, and fopen( ) modes      487
Binary files, end of file in      141
Binary files, library functions for      469
Binary numbers      533Ч535
Binary operations      98Ч99
Binary tree structures      433Ч434
Bit operations      527Ч531
bits      40
Black box concept, of functions      252 258Ч259
Blank lines, for readability      27
Blanks, and scanf( ) function      68
Blanks, for output spacing      87
BLOCKS      115Ч118
Body, of functions      26Ч27
Braces and functions      21 26
Braces in while loops      95
Braces, for array initialization      344Ч345
Braces, for statements      19Ч20 115Ч116
Braces, for structure members      415
Brackets as array indicator      67
Brackets in type declarations      437Ч438
break statement      227Ч228 232 525
Break statement, avoiding goto statements with      231
Break statement, with switch      194Ч197
Buffers, for text files      451
Buffers, input      136Ч137
bytes      40
C language      3
C language and C++      501Ч502
C language, sources of information for      507Ч508
C language, standards for      479Ч494
C language, virtues of      4Ч6
C Programming Language, The (Kernighan and Ritchie)      223 479
C suffix, for program files      21
C++      494Ч502
C++ Programming Language, The (Stroustrup)      494
Calloc( ) function      468Ч469
Calls, function      25 253
Calls, macro      330Ч331
Carriage return, escape sequence for      51
Case conversion program      460Ч462
Cast operations      120Ч121 515
Cat, UNIX command      146
Cc compile command      9
char      see "Characters and char data type"
character strings      65Ч70 375Ч376
Character strings and arrays      234Ч235 378Ч379 381Ч382
Character strings and command-line arguments      401Ч404
Character strings and pointers      382Ч384
Character strings, compared to characters      68Ч69
Character strings, control      see "Control strings"
Character strings, conversions involving      304Ч307 462Ч465
Character strings, defining      377Ч384
Character strings, input of      84 384Ч388
Character strings, library functions for      391Ч397
Character strings, output of      81 388Ч391
Character strings, replacement, and macros      326
Character strings, sorting, program for      398Ч400
Characters and char data type      36 39 49Ч52 56 66Ч67 518
Characters and char data type in for statements      214
Characters and char data type, compared to character strings      68Ч69
Characters and char data type, conversion of      459Ч462
Characters and char data type, pointers to      386
Characters and char data type, ranking of      117
Characters and char data type, sketch program using      184Ч191
Characters and char data type, testing of      459Ч462
Characters and char data type, variables      36
Closing, file      451
Colons in bit structures      530
Colons with labels      193Ч195 229Ч230 524Ч525
Colons, :: notation, in C++ classes      499
Combined redirection      146Ч147
Comma operation      217Ч220 515
command-line arguments      400Ч403
Commas as operator      217Ч220 515
Commas as variable separator      28 43 219 518
Commas in array initialization      344Ч345
Commas, for multiple arguments      259
Comments      18Ч19 21 335
Compare function, string      393Ч396
Compile time substitution      71
Compiled languages      5 8
Compiling C and speed      12
Compiling C on IBM PC      10Ч12 279
Compiling C on UNIX systems      9Ч10 279
compound statements      115Ч118
Concatenation function      392Ч393
Conditional compilation, and portability      337
conditional loops      207
Conditional operation      191Ч192 515
Const modifiers      492Ч493
Constants, capitalization of      72
Constants, character      49Ч50
Constants, character string      68 377Ч378
Constants, compared to variables      37
Constants, enumerated      491Ч492
Constants, floating point      54
Constants, integer      44 48
Constants, named      492
Constants, pointer      266 348
Constants, symbolic, and preprocessor      66 70Ч75 325Ч328
Constructors, in C++      498Ч499
continue statement      229 231Ч232 525
Control characters, testing for      460
Control strings, for printf( ) function      75Ч77
Control strings, for scanf( ) function      83
Control structures, break statement      227Ч228
Control structures, continue statement      229 231Ч232 525
Control structures, do while loops      222Ч225 523
Control structures, for loops      212Ч220 522
Control structures, goto statement      229Ч233
Control structures, if statements      see "If statements"
Control structures, jumps      227Ч233 525Ч526
Control structures, switch and break      192Ч197 524Ч525
Control structures, while loops      see "While statements"
Control-d, as end-of-file indicator      143
Control-z, as end-of-file indicator      141 143
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function      77 83
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %c      36 52 75 84
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %d      20 26 45 75 82
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %e      55 75
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %f      36 55 72 75
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %g      75
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %ld      48
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %lu      48
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %o      45 75 82
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %s      66 68 75
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %u      48 75 82
Conversion specifications, and printf( ) function, %x      45 75 82
Conversions, base      45
Conversions, of character strings      304Ч307 462Ч465
Conversions, of characters      459Ч462
Conversions, type      82Ч83 117Ч121
Copy function, string      396Ч397
Copying, of files, using redirection      146Ч147
Cypher program      148Ч149 165Ч166
Data identifiers      45 66 77 82Ч83
Data integrity, and C++      501
Data types      37Ч42 56Ч59
data types, CHAR      see "Characters and char data type"
Data types, checking of      480 487Ч489
Data types, choosing      310
Data types, conversions      82Ч83 117Ч121
data types, Double      53Ч54 117 491 518
Data types, enumerated      491Ч492
data types, float      see "Floating-point numbers and float data type"
Data types, in ANSI C      490Ч494
data types, INT      see "Integers and int data type"
Data types, keywords for      517
Data types, specifiers      518
Data types, unsigned      see "Unsigned types"
data types, user-defined      435Ч438 494Ч501
DEC systems, data type sizes in      57
Declarations      22Ч23 114
Declarations, compared to definitions      290
Declarations, forward      275 489
Declarations, of array of type char      67
Declarations, of arrays of structures      420Ч424
Declarations, of character variables      49
Declarations, of class functions, in C++      498
Declarations, of enumerated types      492
Declarations, of external variables      289Ч290 295
Declarations, of floating-point constants      54
Declarations, of floating-point variables      53Ч54
Declarations, of function types      274Ч277
Declarations, of integer variables      43 47
Declarations, of pointers      267Ч268
Declarations, of simple variables      57 518
Declarations, of structure pointer      426
Declarations, of types      437Ч438
Decrement operation      109Ч112
Decrement operation, and pointers      355
Decrement operation, in for statements      214
Default options, and printf( ) function      80Ч81
Default values, in enumerated data type      492
Default, in switch statements      194 524Ч525
defensive programming      313
Definitions, character string      377Ч384
Definitions, compared to declarations      290
Definitions, function      254
Definitions, macro      326
Definitions, of class functions, in C++      498Ч500
Definitions, simple variable      43Ч44
Definitions, structure variable      417Ч418
Demotion, and type conversions      117Ч119
Dice-rolling simulation      298Ч301
Differencing operation, for pointers      355
Digits, testing for      459
Direct input      136Ч137
Directives, preprocessor, #define      71Ч74 325Ч331
Directives, preprocessor, #elif      337
Directives, preprocessor, #else      336Ч337
Directives, preprocessor, #endif      336Ч337
Directives, preprocessor, #if      336Ч337
Directives, preprocessor, #ifdef      336Ч337
Directives, preprocessor, #ifndef      336Ч337
Directives, preprocessor, #undef      335Ч336
Directives, preprocessor, include      333Ч335
Division operations      101Ч104
Division operations, by powers of two      529
1 2 3 4
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