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Murphy R., Altman R. — Grammar in Use: Reference and Practice for Intermediate Students of English
Murphy R., Altman R. — Grammar in Use: Reference and Practice for Intermediate Students of English

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Название: Grammar in Use: Reference and Practice for Intermediate Students of English

Авторы: Murphy R., Altman R.


This American English edition of English Grammar in Use can be used both as a classroom text and as a grammar reference for students. Each unit deals with a particular grammar point (or points), providing clear explanations and examples on the left-hand page, with exercises to check understanding on the facing right-hand page. The book covers many of the problems intermediate students of American English encounter, including tense usage, modals, conditionals, the subjunctive and prepositions. A separate answer key is available for self-study, individual work in the language laboratory and as an easy reference for teachers.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Разное/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1989

Количество страниц: 267

Добавлена в каталог: 16.11.2009

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Предметный указатель
's (apostrophe s)      75
-ed clauses      89
-ing, -ing clauses      64 89
-ing, being (done) (passive)      42c
-ing, expressions + -ing      58
-ing, prepositions + -ing      56
-ing, to -ing      56c
-ing, used to -ing      59
-ing, verbs + -ing      51
-ing, verbs + preposition + -ing      57
-ing, verbs followed by -ing or the infinitive      54—55
A/an      65—67
A/an, a/an and the      67
Able (be able to)      25
Accuse (of)      57b 122
Adjectives      90—100
Adjectives, adjectives + infinitive      96
Adjectives, adjectives + preposition      117—118
Adjectives, adjectives after verbs      91c
Adjectives, adjectives and adverbs      92—93
Adjectives, adjectives ending in -ing and -ed      90
Adjectives, comparatives      97—99
Adjectives, order of adjectives      91
Adjectives, superlatives      100
Adjectives, the + adjective      69b
Admit      51
Advantage (of/info)      115
Adverbs      92—93
Adverbs, adverbs and adjectives      92—93
Adverbs, comparatives      97—98
Adverbs, position of adverbs with the verb (always, also etc.)      102
Advice (uncountable)      65d
Advise      53c
Afraid (of)      117
Afraid (of), I'm afraid so/not      49d
After, after -ing      56b
After, followed by present simple/present perfect      9
Ago      19a
Agree (+ infinitive)      52a
ALL      78 83 102c
All, all (of)      78
All, all, every, and whole      83
All, position of all      102c
Alleged      43a
ALLOW      53c
Already      13c
Also (position of also)      102
Although      104
Always (position of always)      102
Amazed, amazed + infinitive      96c
Amazed, amazed at/by      117
AN      see "A"
Angry (about/with/for)      117
Annoyed (about/with/for)      117
ANY      78 80—81
Any, any (of)      78
Any, any + comparatives      81d
Any, any and no      81a
Any, any and some      80
Any, any more/any longer      103b
Any, anyone/anybody/anything/anywhere      80—81
Any, not...any      81
Apologize (for)      57a 119
Apostrophe s ('s)      75
Appear (+ infinitive)      52
Apply for      119
Approve (of -ing)      57a
Arrive      113f
Articles (a/an/the)      65—73
Articles (a/an/the), a/an      65—67
Articles (a/an/the), a/an and the      67
Articles (a/an/the), flowers/the flowers etc.      70
Articles (a/an/the), hospital/the hospital etc.      71
Articles (a/an/the), the      68—73
Articles (a/an/the), the + adjective      69b
Articles (a/an/the), the + nationality words      69c
Articles (a/an/the), the with geographical names      72
Articles (a/an/the), the with streets, buildings etc.      73
As, as (reason)      106c
As, as (time)      106a—106b
As, as and like      107
As, as if/as though      108
As, as long as      39b 39c
As, as soon as      9
As, as...as (in comparative sentences)      99
Ashamed (of)      117
Ask, ask (someone) to do something      46c 53a
Ask, ask for      122
Ask, ask how/what + infinitive      52d
Ask, ask in passive sentences      42a
Astonished, astonished + infinitive      96c
Astonished, astonished at/by      117
At, at (position)      112—113
At, at (time)      109
Attitude (to/toward)      115
Auxiliary verbs in short answers etc.      49
Avoid (-ing)      51a
Aware (of)      117
Back (inion the back, in back of)      112b
Bad (at)      117
Bear (can't bear)      54a
Bed (in bed/to bed)      71b 113b 114a
Been to      114b
Been to and gone to      13d
Before (followed by the present simple)      9
Before (followed by the present simple), before -ing      56b
Begin (begin doing/to do)      55a
Believe (in)      119
Believed (it is believed...)      43a
Belong (to)      119
Better      98a
Better, had better      62a
blame      124
Bored, bored and boring      90
Bored, bored with      117
Born      42b
Borrow (from)      124
Both (of)      79
Both (of), both...and      79e
Both (of), position of both      102c
Bread (uncountable)      65d
Business (on business)      116
By, a play by Shakespeare etc.      116
By, by (the time)      111
By, by -ing      56c
By, by accident/by chance/by mistake      116
By, by after the passive      40a
By, by and until      111a
By, by car/by bus etc.      114d
By, by my self/yourself etc.      76e
Can      25 30
Can't      25 27 30
Can't, can't bear      54a
Can't, can't stand      54a
Capable (of)      118
Care (care about, care for, take care of)      119
Case (in case)      38
Case (in case), in case of      38e
Causative have (have something done)      44
Cause (of)      115
Chance      60b
Charge (with)      122
Check, a check for...      115
Check, by check      116
Church (church/the church)      71a
College, college/the college      71a
College, in/at college      113c
Collide (with)      119
Comparatives      97—99
Comparatives, comparatives with any/no      81d
Comparatives, comparatives with even      105c
Complain (to/about)      119
Concentrate (on)      119
Conditional sentences (if sentences)      9 34—36
Congratulate (on)      57b 122
Connection (with/between)      115
Conscious (of)      117
Consider (-ing)      51
Considered (it is considered that)      43a
Consist (of)      119
Contact (with)      115
Continue (+ infinitive or -ing)      55a
Corner (in/at/on the corner)      112e
Could      25 26 27b 28c 30
Could, could in if sentences      34c 35d 36c
Countable and uncountable nouns      65
Crash (into)      119
Crazy (about)      118
Crowded (with)      118
Damage (to)      115
Dare      52c
Decide, decide + infinitive      52
Decide, decide against -ing      57a
Delighted, delighted + infinitive      96c
Delighted, delighted with      117
Demand, a demand for      115
Demand, demand + subjunctive      33
DENY      51
Depend (on)      119
despite      104
Did (in past simple questions and negatives)      11c 47b
Die (of)      119
Diet (on a diet)      116
Difference (between)      115
Different (from/than)      118
Difficulty (have difficulty -ing)      58
Direct speech and reported speech      45—46 48b
Disappointed, disappointed + infinitive      96c
Disappointed, disappointed with      117
Discuss (no preposition)      121
Dislike (-ing)      54b
Divide (into)      122
Do/does (in simple present questions and negatives)      2b 47b
Dream, dream about/of      120
Dream, dream of -ing      57a
During      110
Each (of)      78
Each other      76c
Either (of)      79
Either (of), either...or      79e
Either (of), not...either      49c
Elder      98b
Eldest      100c
Encourage      53c
Engaged (to)      117
Enjoy (-ing)      51a 54b
Enough      95
Enter (no preposition)      121
Envious (of)      117
Even      105
Even, even if/when      105d
Even, even though      104c 105d
Ever (with the present perfect)      14a
Every      83
Everyone/everybody/everything      83
Excited (about)      117
Excited (about), excited and exciting      90
Expect (+ infinitive)      53a
Expected (it is expected that)      43a
Experience (countable and uncountable)      65c
EXPLAIN      52d 122
Fail (+ infinitive)      52a
Famous (for)      118
Farm (on a farm)      113b
FAST      93b
Fed up (with)      117
Feel, feel + adjective      91c
Feel, feel like      57a
Few (of)      78 82
Few (of), few and a few      82d
Few (of), few and little      82a
Finish (-ing)      51a
Fire (on fire)      116
First, it's the first time I've...      14b
First, the first/second + infinitive      96b
Fond (of)      118
for      110
For, for and during      110a
For, for and since      19b
For, for with the present perfect      14c 16b 18 19
Forget (+ infinitive)      52
Forgive (for)      57b
Frightened (of)      117
Front (in/on the front, in front of)      112b
Full (of)      118
Furious (about/with/for)      117
Furniture (uncountable)      65d
Further      98a
future      4—10
Future, going to      5
Future, present tenses for the future      4
Future, when and if sentences      9
Future, will      6—7
Future, will and going to      8
Future, will and shall      7b
Future, will be doing (future continuous)      10
Future, will have done (future perfect)      10d
Generous      96d 117
Geographical names with and without the      72
Gerund      see "-ing"
Get, get + adjective      91c
Get, get in the passive      42d
Get, get in/out/on/off      114d
Get, get someone to do something      53b
Get, get something done      44b
Get, get used to      59
Give (in passive sentences)      42a
Give up (-ing)      51a
Glad (+ infinitive)      96c
Go, go -ing      58
Go, go on -ing      51a
Go, go on vacation/go for a walk etc.      116
Going to      5 8
Going to, going to and will      8
Going to, was/were going to      5c
Gone to and been to      13d
Good, good and well      93a
Good, good at      117
Good, good of someone to do something, (be) good to someone      117
Good, it's no good -ing      58
Got (have got)      23b 31d
Guess (I guess so/not)      49d
Had (I had done - past perfect)      21
Had better      62a
Hair (countable and uncountable)      65c
Half (of)      78c
Happen (to)      120
hard      93b
Hardly      93c
Hate, hate doing/to do      54a
Hate, would hate      54c—54d
Have/has      23
Have/has, have (questions/negatives)      23a
Have/has, have got/has got      23b
Have/has, have something done      44
Have/has, have to (and must)      31
Have/has, having (done)      51b 64c
Have/has, I have done (present perfect)      13—20
Hear, hear of/about/from      120
Hear, hear someone do/doing      63
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