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Ahrens T.J. Ч A Handbook of Physical Constants: Rock Physics and Phase Relations
Ahrens T.J. Ч A Handbook of Physical Constants: Rock Physics and Phase Relations

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Ќазвание: A Handbook of Physical Constants: Rock Physics and Phase Relations

јвтор: Ahrens T.J.


All volumes include tutorial material that make the data understandable to non-specialists in the subjects. Several generations of Earth scientists have found the previous two versions of The Handbook of Physical Constants to be the most frequently used volumes in their personal libraries.

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–убрика: ‘изика/√еофизика/

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√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 236

ƒобавлена в каталог: 21.07.2005

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Absorption bands, crystal structure and chemistry      183Ч184
Absorption bands, reflectance spectra      183
Absorption, reflectance spectra      178Ч183
Accumulation rates, sediments in ocean basins      12
Acetylene tetrabromide, ultrasonic velocity      221
Acoustic emission, fault formation      131Ч132
Acoustic velocity      see also "Sound speed"
Acoustic velocity, polycrystals      215Ч218
Acoustic velocity, porous rocks      20Ч34
Actinides, partitioning in rock-forming minerals      81Ч85
Actinolite, reflectance spectra      184
Agglomerate, composition      3
Aggregates, monomineralic, thermal conductivity      123
Air      see also "Water/air mixtures"
Air velocity      218
Albite, synthetic, diffusion flow      151
Albite, synthetic, diffusion flow, phase equilibria      174
Albite, synthetic, diffusion flow, stability relations with clay minerals      16
Albitite, equations of state      37
Alfisol, distribution      14
Alkali basalts, composition      3
Alkali basalts, phase equilibria      169Ч170
Alkali feldspar, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Alkali feldspar, phase equilibria      174
Alkali feldspar, rare-earth partitioning      81
Alkali feldspar, thermal conductivity      123
Alkali olivine basalt, partition coefficients      77
Alloys, magnetic properties      196
Aluminum silicates, thermal conductivity      118
Alunite, reflectance spectra      181
Amphibole, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Amphibole, phase equilibria      173
Amphibole, thermal conductivity      119
Amphibole, weathering reactions      15
Amphibole/carbonate liquid, partitioning      98
Amphibolite, classification      6
Amphibolite, thermal conductivity      115
Amplitude variation with offset, velocity model      31
Andesite, equations of state      37
Andesite, partition coefficients      77
Andesite, phase equilibria      171 173
Angle of incidence, compressional waves      30
Anhysteretic remanent magnetization, grain-size dependence for magnetite      199
Anhysteretic remanent magnetization, minerals      198
Anisotropy      see also "Magnetocrystalline anisotropy"
Anisotropy, acoustic properties      22
Anisotropy, effect of thermal conductivity      115
Anorthite, phase equilibria      169
Anorthosite, composition      2
Anorthosite, equations of state      37
Anthracite, classification      5
Antigorite, reflectance spectra      182 184
Aphanitic rocks, classification      2
Aplite, magmatic rocks      2
Arc volcanism, phase equilibria      173
Archean, phase equilibria      173
Arenites, classification      4
Argon, solubility in silicate melts      93
Aridisol, distribution      14
Arkose, classification      4
Armalcolite, rare-earth partitioning      94
Attenuation      see also "Shear wave attenuation" "Stoneley
Attenuation vs. frequency      25
Attenuation vs. frequency x dynamic viscosity      28
Attenuation vs. strain amplitude      24
Attenuation vs. water saturation      28
Attenuation, porous rocks      20Ч34
Augite, rare-earth partitioning      96
Augite, trace-element partitioning      76
Augite/carbonate liquid, partitioning      98
Australia, Torrongo Granodiorite      17
AVO      see "Amplitude variation with offset"
Azimuth, vs. compressional wave velocity      23
Barium, partitioning      83Ч86
Barre granite, velocities vs. azimuth      23
Basaltic andesite, phase equilibria      171 173
Basalts      see also "Alkali olivine basalt" "Andesite" "Eucrite" "Komatiite" "MORB" "Shergottite"
Basalts, equations of state      37
Basalts, iron partitioning between olivine and liquid      75
Basalts, phase equilibria      168Ч172
Berea sandstone, compressional wave velocity      22Ч23
Berea sandstone, extensional wave attenuation and modulus vs. product of frequency and viscosity      28
Berea sandstone, phase velocity and attenuation vs. frequency      25
Berea sandstone, Stoneley wave slowness and attenuation vs. frequency      26
Beryl, reflectance spectra      181
Beta-spinel, rare-earth partitioning      80Ч83
Beta-spinel, trace-element partitioning      77Ч78
Biot theory, attenuation      27Ч28
Biot Ч Gassmann theory, solid/fluid mixtures      219Ч223
Biotite, reflectance spectra      181
BiotТs equations, poroelasticity      220
Bituminous coal, classification      5
Boise sandstone, compressional and shear wave velocities vs. temperature      29
bounds      see also "Hashin Ч Shtrikman bounds"
Bounds, compressional wave velocity      216Ч217
Bounds, electrical conductivity      207
Bounds, fluid permeability      224Ч225
Bounds, poroelasticity      221Ч222
Bright spots, pore fluid      31
Brittle fracture, model      128
Brittle-ductile transition      158 160Ч162
Brittle-ductile transition, intact rocks      161
Brittle-plastic transition      158 160Ч162
Bronzitite, equations of state      37Ч38
Brucite, phase equilibria      168
BudianskyТs theory, porous silicon nitride      215
bulk modulus      see also "Jacketed bulk modulus" "Unjacketed
Bulk modulus, acoustic velocity      215
Bulk modulus, isothermal, porous glass      214
Bulk modulus, mixtures      206
Bulk modulus, nonspherical inclusions      213Ч214
Bulk modulus, polycrystals      210
Bulk modulus, pore fluid      30
Bulk modulus, spherical inclusions      212Ч213
Calcite rocks, power law creep constants      156
Calcite, synthetic, diffusion flow      151
Calcite, synthetic, diffusion flow, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Calcite, synthetic, diffusion flow, reflectance spectra      181
Calcium, partitioning      83Ч86
Carbon      see also "Iron-nickel-carbon system"
Carbon dioxide, shock-compressed, PVT data      64 see "Water-carbon
Carbon dioxide, shock-compressed, PVT data, dielectric constant      62 64Ч65
Carbon dioxide, shock-compressed, PVT data, equations of state      68 71
Carbon dioxide, shock-compressed, PVT data, PVT properties      62Ч65
Carbon dioxide, shock-compressed, PVT data, volume      62Ч64
Carbonaceous rocks, classification      5
Carbonate liquid      see also "Augite/carbonate" "Olivine/carbonate"
Carbonates, magnetic susceptibility      190
Carbonates, partitioning      97Ч98
Carbonates, reflectance spectra      182
Carbonates, thermal conductivity      121
Carbonatite, phase equilibria      173
Cenozoic sediments, mass by tectonic/sedimentary setting      9
Cesium, partitioning      83Ч86
Chalk, equations of state      38
Charcoal, reflectance spectra      185
Chemical/biochemical rocks, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Chemical/biochemical rocks, classification      4
Chert, classification      4Ч5
Chlorites, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Chondrites, phase equilibria      167Ч168
Chromium, partitioning      74Ч78
Chromium, partitioning at ultrahigh pressures      78
Chrysotile, reflectance spectra      182 184
Cinnabar, reflectance spectra      180
Classification, rocks      1Ч7
Clausius Ч Mossotti formula, nonspherical inclusions      208
Clausius Ч Mossotti formula, spherical inclusions      207Ч208
Clay minerals, magnetic susceptibility      191
Clay minerals, stability relations with albite      16
Clay minerals, ternary plots of A-CN-K and A-CNK-FM      16
Clays, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Clays, equations of state      38
Clinopyroxene, actinide partitioning      81 84Ч85
Clinopyroxene, high field strength element partitioning      83Ч84
Clinopyroxene, phase equilibria      166Ч168
Cobalt, partitioning      74Ч78
Coercive force, grain-size dependence      193
Compatible elements, partitioning      74Ч78
Compressibility, porous glass      214
Compression curves, pressure-volume      36
Compressional wave slowness vs. porosity      21
Compressional wave slowness vs. shear wave slowness      21
Compressional wave velocity, bounds      216Ч217
Compressional wave velocity, elastic solids      215
Compressional wave velocity, poroelasticity      223
Compressional wave velocity, vs. azimuth      23
Compressional wave velocity, vs. external confining pressure for water-saturated Berea sandstone      22
Compressional wave velocity, vs. temperature      29
Compressional wave velocity, vs. uniaxial stress      23
Compressional wave velocity/shear wave velocity, vs. lithology      22
Compressional waves, angle of incidence vs. reflection coefficient      30
Compressive strength, rocks      140
Conductivity mixtures      206
Conductivity spherical inclusions      208
Confined modulus, poroelasticity      221
Continental crust, upper, average composition      12
Continental crust, upper, average composition, phase equilibria      171
Continental crust, upper, average composition, rock types and minerals      6
Continuum models, rock failure      130
Corundum, thermal conductivity      123
Cotectic curve, phase equilibria      173
creep      see also "Dislocation creep"
Creep constants, power law      156Ч157
Creep, differential stress vs. temperature      158
Crust      see also "Continental crust" "Oceanic
Crust phase equilibria      166Ч177
Crust rheology      148Ч165
Crystal chemistry, absorption bands      183Ч184
Crystal structure, absorption bands      183Ч184
Curie temperature, minerals      194Ч195
Curie temperature, pressure dependence      197
Curie temperature, variation with degree of oxidation      195
Damage models, rock failure      130Ч131
DarcyТs constant, polycrystals      224Ч225
DarcyТs law, polycrystals      224
Deformation, mechanisms      149
Density, shock-compressed water      51
Diabase, equations of state      38
Diamagnetic magnetic susceptibility, rocks      189
Diamictite, classification      4
Diamond, thermal conductivity      118
Dielectric constant, carbon dioxide      62 64Ч65
Dielectric constant, water      51 60Ч62
Dielectric constant, water-carbon dioxide mixtures      69Ч70
Dielectric permittivity, mixtures      207Ч210
Differential approximation, formation factor      209
Differential approximation, porous glass      214
Differential approximation, porous silicon nitride      215
Differential effective medium theory, nonspherical inclusions      208
Differential effective medium theory, spherical inclusions      208Ч210 213
Differential stress vs. confining pressure      141
Differential stress vs. temperature      158
Diffusion creep, experiments      151Ч152
Diffusion flow, crust      149Ч151
Diopside, phase equilibria      169Ч170 173
Diopside, rare-earth partitioning      78Ч80
Dioritic rocks, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Dislocation creep, constitutive laws      154
Dislocation creep, mechanisms      153Ч155
Dislocation flow, mechanisms      152Ч155
Dispersion, mechanism      26
Dolomarble, classification      6
Dolomite, abundance in continental crust      6Ч7
Dolomite, equations of state      38
Dolomite, reflectance spectra      181
Dolostone classification      4
Dolostone shear wave slowness      21Ч22
Dunite, equations of state      38
Dunite, synthetic, diffusion flow      151
Dynamic viscosity, vs. attenuation      28
Earth, rock abundance      1Ч7
EarthТs interior, rheology      127Ч165
Eclogite, classification      6
Eclogite, equations of state      39
Eclogite, phase equilibria      171
Edge dislocations, cubic material      152
Effective stress, acoustic properties      22
Elastic anisotropy, polycrystals      210
Elastic constants, polycrystals      210Ч215
Elastic moduli, polycrystals      210Ч212
Elastic solids, compressional wave velocity      215
Elasticity, spherical inclusions      212Ч213
Electrical conductivity, mixtures      207Ч210
Electrical conductivity, pore fluid      209
Electrical tortuosity, pore fluid      209
Enstatite, phase equilibria      173
Enthalpy, water      51Ч53
Entisol, distribution      14
Entropy, water      51 54Ч55
Epidote, reflectance spectra      181
Epidote, thermal conductivity      119
Equations of state, carbon dioxide      68 71
Equations of state, rocks      35 37Ч42
Equations of state, water      68
Equations of state, water-carbon dioxide fluids water-carbon dioxide mixtures      71
Eucrite, partition coefficients      77
Eutectic curve, phase equilibria      173
Exchange coefficient, trace elements      73Ч74
Exchange constant, Curie temperature      195
Extensional wave attenuation, vs. water saturation      28
Extensional wave velocity, vs. strain amplitude      24
Faulting, acoustic emission      131Ч132
Faulting, normal, stress      136
Faulting, reverse, stress      136
Feldspar      see also "Alkali feldspar" "Plagioclase"
Feldspar, actinide partitioning      83
Feldspar, thermal conductivity      119
Feldspar, weathering reactions      15
Felsic rocks, magmatic rocks      2
Felsic rocks, thermal conductivity constants      116
FermatТs principle, acoustic velocity      216
Flow      see also "Diffusion flow" "Dislocation "Fluid
Flow rheology      127Ч165
Fluid flow      see also "Local flow" "Macroscopic
Fluid flow attenuation      28Ч29
Fluid permeability, polycrystals      224Ч225
Fluid suspension, acoustic velocity      215
Fluid viscosity, polycrystals      224Ч225
Fluid-solid interactions, frequency dependence      24
Foliated rocks, classification      5
Foliation, metamorphic rocks      5
Formation factor, glass-bead packings      209
Forsterite, phase equilibria      173
FourierТs law, thermal conductivity      105Ч106
Fracture      see also "Brittle fracture"
Fracture strength, differential stress vs. confining pressure      141
Frequency dependence of susceptibility      192
Frequency effect on magnetic susceptibility      192
Frequency vs. attenuation      28
Frequency vs. phase velocity and attenuation      25
Frequency vs. Stoneley wave slowness and attenuation      26
Friction, attenuation      26Ч27
Friction, internal vs. mean pressure      133
Friction, internal vs. normal stress      134
Friction, rock failure      131Ч136
Friction, sliding, granite      134
Gabbro, enstatite, equations of state      39
Gabbro, equations of state      39
Gabbro, phase equilibria      171
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