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Содержимое каталога
1. Ahrens T.J. A Handbook of Physical Constants: Mineral Physics and Crystallography1995
2. Ahrens T.J. A Handbook of Physical Constants: Rock Physics and Phase Relations1995
3. Ahrens T.J. Global Earth physics. A handbook of physical constants1995
4. Bairstow L. Frommer's Portable Acapulco, Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo (3rd edition)2003
5. Baum K. Glossary of physical oceanography and related disciplines2004
6. Blackwell E.C. Frommer's Portable Chicago2004
7. Blore S De Vries A. Frommer's Vancouver & Victoria 20042003
8. Bramblett R. Frommer's Memorable Walks in New York2003
9. Brekhovskikh L.M. Lysanov Y.P. Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics (3rd edition)2003
10. Christensen S. Frommer's Grand Canyon National Park2004
11. Christie M. The ozone layer: a philosophy of science perspective2001
12. Conord B. Conord J. Adventure guide to Costa Rica (fourth edition)2002
13. Davidson H. Frommer's Toronto 20042003
14. de Bruyn P. Bain K. Frommer's India2004
15. Dickson A. (ed.) Bidigare R. (ed.) Hedges J. (ed.) Chemical reference materials: setting the standards for ocean science2002
16. Dijkstra H.A. Nonlinear physical oceanography2000
17. Ford E.H. Frommer's Washington, D.C. From $80 a Day (12th Edition)2004
18. Foster J. Frommer's Kauai2004
19. Foulke R. Foulke P. Adventure guide to the Champlain & Hudson river valleys2003
20. Herczog M. Frommer's Las Vegas 20042004
21. Hobbs P.V. Aerosol - Cloud - Climate Interactions1993
22. Howard B. Adventure Guide to the Bahamas (3rd edition)2003
23. Howard B. Renouf N. Renouf K. Adventure Guide to the Georgia & Carolina Coasts (2nd Edition)2000
24. Howard B. Adventure Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains (2nd edition)2001
25. Howard B. Burnham M. Burnham B. The Virginia Handbook2001
26. Huber J. Huber J. Adventure Guide to The Florida Keys & Everglades National Park (3rd edition)2001
27. Janssen P. Interaction of ocean waves and wind2004
28. Jolliffe I.T. Stephenson D.B. Forecast verification2003
29. Kelleher S.R. Frommer's Ireland 2004: With Coverage of Northern2004
30. Kyle T.G. Atmospheric transmission, emission and scattering1991
31. Laine D. Laine B. Peterson E. Frommer's Yosemite & Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks (4th Edition)2004
32. Laine D. Laine B. Frommer's Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks (4th Edition)2004
33. Livesey H.B. Frommer's Montreal and Quebec City 20042003
34. Llewellyn M. Kruger N. Mylne L. Frommer's Australia from $50 a Day2002
35. Lomnitz C. Fundamentals of earthquake prediction1994
36. McCoy J.F. Geo-Data. The world Geographical Encyclopedia (third edition)2002
37. McKinnon D. Safe air travel companation2002
38. Milsom J. Field geophysics (3rd edition)2002
39. Morris B. Costa Rica Alive!2003
40. Mroue H. Frommer's Paris from $90 a day2004
41. O'Donnell K. Pefkaros S. Adventure Guides to Trinidad & Tobago (2nd edition)2000
42. Olson D. Frommer's London from $90 a Day (9th Edition)2003
43. Pastor M. Tamagnini C. Numerical modelling in geomechanics2004
44. Pedlosky J. Waves in the ocean and atmosphere: introduction to wave dynamics2003
45. Permenter P. Bigley J. Adventure guide to Anguilla, Antigua, St. Barts, St. Kitts, St. Martin: including Sint Maarten, Barbuda & Nevis (second edition)2001
46. Pitzer K. Stevens T. Adventure Guide to Puerto Rico (4th Edition)2001
47. Porter D. Prince D. Frommer's Portable Berlin (3-rd edition)2003
48. Porter D. Prince D. Frommer's Portugal (18th edition)2004
49. Porter D. Prince D. Frommer's Scotland (8th Edition)2003
50. Porter D. Prince D. Frommer's Switzerland: With the Best Hiking & Ski Resorts (11th Edition)2004
51. Readicker-Henderson E. Readicker-Henderson L. Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway (3rd edition)2001
52. Reckford L.M. Frommer's Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard2004
53. Reddy M.P.M. Descriptive physical oceanography2001
54. Reiber B. Frommer's(R) Portable Hong Kong (2nd edition)2003
55. Renouf N.P.T. Copenhagen and the best of Denmark alive!2003
56. Rewi A. Frommer's New Zealand2004
57. Rogers B.R. Rogers S. Adventure guide to Canada's atlantic provinces2002
58. Rogers B.R. Rogers S. Adventure Guide to Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines2003
59. Rogers B.R. Rogers S. Adventure guide to New Brunswick & Prince Edward island2001
60. Rogers B.R. Rogers S. Adventure Guide to the Chesapeake Bay2000
61. Samson K. Aukshunas J. Frommer's Arizona 20042003
62. Samson K. Frommer's Seattle 20042003
63. Savelyev S.A. Taylor P.A. Internal boundry layers: I. Height formulae for neutral and diabatic flows2005
64. Schlecht N.E. Beattie R. Silverman B. Frommer's New York State2003
65. Seinfeld J.H. Pandis S.N. Atmospheric chemistry and physics: from air polution to climat change1998
66. Simundson L. Miami & the Florida Keys Alive!2001
67. Smith G. Neville-Hadley P. Chin J. Frommer's Beijing (3rd edition)2004
68. Stewart R.H. Introduction to physical oceanography2002
69. Sullivan L. Adventure guide to Barbados2000
70. Sverdrup H.U. Johnson M.W. Fleming R.H. The Oceans: their physics, chemistry, and general biology1942

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