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Karassik I.J., Cooper P., Messina J.P. — Pump Handbook
Karassik I.J., Cooper P., Messina J.P. — Pump Handbook

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Название: Pump Handbook

Авторы: Karassik I.J., Cooper P., Messina J.P.


Your Best-Bet Guide to Essential Machinery—Updated

Whenever and wherever fluids must be moved, a pump — next to the electric motor, the second most common machine used today — must be there. And if you work with pumps, the Pump Handbook, the field's hands-down reference leader, must be there, too.

Newly revised, and bringing together the resources of international experts, this job-critical guide is the one and only guide to the design, application, specification, purchase, operation, and maintenance of pumps of all kinds. Covering everything from advanced seals to basic design paradigms, the Pump Handbook takes you through all the latest developments in pump technologies. This important update, the first in 14 years, offers practical guidance to help you:

*Design leading-edge pumps of all types for any uses.
*Select and purchase the right pump for your application.
*Specify materials, drivers, valves, piping, intakes, and other components—using both SI and Customary Units.
*Choose and apply controls and valves
*Install and operate any type of pump.
*Test, maintain, and troubleshoot pumping equipment and peripherals.
*Find details on centrifugal, jet, positive displacement, and other pumps.
*Keep state-of-the-art reference data and resources always at hand.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 3

Год издания: 2000

Количество страниц: 600

Добавлена в каталог: 10.04.2009

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Предметный указатель
Abnormal operations, centrifugal pumps      2.376
Aboveground discharge pumps      2.99
Abrasive wear      5.16 5.18
Abrasive wear, composite pumps      5.50
Abrasive wear, packings      2.192
Abrasive wear, particulates      5.20
Abrasive wear, rotary pumps      3.137
Abrasive wear, slurry pumps      9.364
Abrasive wear, water supply systems      9.9
Absolute viscosities      8.32
AC adjustable-voltage drives      6.110—6.111
AC electric motors      6.3
Acceleration, electric motors      6.23—6.24
Accelerators, solutions      9.115
accelerometers      2.422
Accessories, fire protection systems      9.70
accumulators      9.464
Accuracy in testing pumps      13.8
Acid sulfite pulping process      9.160
Acidic solutions      9.114
Acoustic filters, displacement pumps      3.68
Acoustic treatments, gas turbines      6.93
Acoustic velocities, displacement pump piping systems      3.64—3.65
Active magnetic bearings      2.282
Actuators, control valves      7.23 7.26
Adhesive wear      5.14—5.15
Adjustable blade propeller turbines      6.79
Adjustable rigid couplings      6.176
Adjustable vanes, centrifugal pumps      2.367
Adjustable-speed belt drives      6.167
Adjustable-speed belt drives, applications      6.173
Adjustable-speed belt drives, control systems      6.173
Adjustable-speed belt drives, gear reduction      6.169
Adjustable-speed belt drives, input speed      6.168
Adjustable-speed belt drives, operations      6.170
Adjustable-speed belt drives, output torque      6.172
Adjustable-speed belt drives, ratings      6.172
Adjustable-speed belt drives, service factoring      6.172
Adjustable-speed belt drives, speed control      6.169
Adjustable-speed belt drives, V belts      6.170
Adjustable—frequency drives, frequency inverters      6.118
Adjustable—frequency drives, solid state adjustable—frequency inverters      6.119—6.120
Aerated solutions      9.114
Affinity laws, rotary pumps      3.132
Affinity laws, turbines      6.84
Agricultural pumps, transfer systems      9.441—9.442
Agricultural pumps, water usage      9.5
Air admission, centrifugal pumps      2.367
Air chambers, waterhammer prevention      8.101—8.103
Air cleaners, engines      6.69
Air conditioning chilled water marine pumps      9.236
Air conditioning pumps      9.257
Air intake systems, engines      6.68
Air leakage, stuffing boxes      2.192
Air lift eductors      4.47
Air motor starters, engines      6.71
Air siphons      4.47
Air ventilation, hot water pumps      9.254
Air-cooled eddy current couplings, enclosures      6.105
Air-separating tanks      2.465
Airborne noise      8.117—8.122
Aircraft fuel pumps      9.409—9.411
Aircraft fuel pumps, altitude climb performance      9.415—9.416
Aircraft fuel pumps, boost pumps      9.412—9.414 9.418
Aircraft fuel pumps, constant altitude performance      9.416
Aircraft fuel pumps, contaminated fuels      9.429
Aircraft fuel pumps, gear stage cyclic durability      9.428
Aircraft fuel pumps, gear stage volumetric performance      9.428
Aircraft fuel pumps, low lubricity fuels      9.429
Aircraft fuel pumps, main fuel pump      9.416—9.417 9.420—9.427
Aircraft fuel pumps, motor speeds      9.414
Aircraft fuel pumps, performance      9.414
Aircraft fuel pumps, pressure rise      9.414—9.415
Aircraft fuel pumps, types of fuel      9.415
Aircraft fuel pumps, vapor lock      9.419
Aircraft refueling cryogenic pumps      9.401
Aircraft-derivative split shaft gas turbines      6.91
Alignment issues, screw pumps      3.120
Alignment, engines      6.74
Alignment, gear reducers      6.160
Alignment, mechanical performance impact      2.412—2.417
Alignment, pumps      12.3—12.4 12.7
Alkaline solution chemical pumps      9.114 9.117
Alkalinity, water supply systems      9.9
Alloys, corrosion factors      5.7
Alternators, multipump control systems      7.7
Altitude climb performance, aircraft fuel pumps      9.415—9.416
Amnifold pumps, piping      10.29
Amplitude, vibration analysis      2.419—2.424
Angular contact bearings      2.151—2.152
Angular misalignment      2.228
Annual inspections      12.17
Annular siphons      4.44
Antifriction bearings, power pumps      3.34
Antifriction bearings, vibration      2.434
AODPs (air-operated diaphragm pumps), applications      3.95
AODPs (air-operated diaphragm pumps), ball valves      3.92
AODPs (air-operated diaphragm pumps), check valves      3.93
AODPs (air-operated diaphragm pumps), flap valves      3.92
AODPs (air-operated diaphragm pumps), limitations      3.97
AODPs (air-operated diaphragm pumps), pumping dry powders      3.97
API Standard      682 2.215
Applications, adjustable-speed belt drives      6.173
Applications, canned motor pumps      2.318
Applications, eddy current couplings      6.106
Applications, eductors      4.30
Applications, flexible couplings      6.181—6.182
Applications, food/beverage pumps      9.188
Applications, gas turbines      6.94—6.96
Applications, hydraulic water pumps      6.193
Applications, jet pumps      4.20
Applications, rigid couplings      6.176
Approach channels, intake design      10.46
ARC valves (Automatic Recirculation Control)      2.444
Archimedean screw      1.2
Area ratio, LJL pumps      4.12 4.16
Artificial lift, oil well pumps      9.377
Ash handling pumps      9.111
Atmospheric gases, cryogenic pumps      9.400
Austenitic iron casings      5.29
Austenitic stainless steel, casings      5.29
Austenitic stainless steel, impellers      5.27
Austenitic stainless steel, stress corrosion cracking      5.7
Automatic controls, mining pumps      9.211
Automatic packings      2.183
Auxiliary bearings      see "Catcher bearings"
Auxiliary circulating pumps, steam turbogenerators      9.228
Auxiliary condensate pumps, steam turbogenerators      9.228
Auxiliary services, standby pumps      12.16
Auxiliary starters, engines      6.71
Average daily demand, water supply systems      9.5
Axial clearances, wearing rings      2.121
Axial lengths, centrifugal pumps      2.29
Axial magnet forces, sealless magnetic drive pumps      2.304
Axial thrust      2.401
Axial thrust, axial-flow impellers      2.127
Axial thrust, boiler circulating pumps      2.127
Axial thrust, centrifugal pumps      2.53—2.54
Axial thrust, double-suction impellers      2.124
Axial thrust, high-energy pumps, recirculation response      2.79
Axial thrust, hydraulic balancing devices      2.129
Axial thrust, impellers      2.124—2.125
Axial thrust, multistage pumps      2.128
Axial thrust, overhung impellers      2.126
Axial thrust, radial impellers      2.127
Axial thrust, semiopen impellers      2.127
Axial thrust, single-stage pumps      2.124
Axial thrust, single-suction impellers      2.126—2.128
Axial thrust, vertical pumps      2.171—2.172
Axial unbalances      2.125
Axial unloading, ball bearings      2.152
Axial-flow impellers      2.113 2.127
Axially split casings      2.102
Axially split casings, interstage passages      2.108
Axially split casings, throat bushings      2.141
Axially split pumps      2.99
Babbitted bearings      2.149
Babitts      2.273
Backflow, high-energy pump cavitation      2.86
Backflow, preventers      2.143
Backup systems, magnetic bearings      2.279
Backward curved blades, centrifugal pumps      2.331
Balance, couplings      6.182
Balance, seals      2.200—2.201 2.211
Balanced piston valves, duplex steam pumps      3.44
Balancing drum/disk units, hydraulic balancing devices      2.129—2.131
Ball bearings      2.149
Ball bearings, angular contact      2.151
Ball bearings, double-row angular contact      2.152
Ball bearings, electric motors      6.17
Ball bearings, lubrication      2.153
Ball bearings, sealed      2.150
Ball bearings, self-aligning      2.151
Ball bearings, single-row angular contact      2.151
Ball bearings, single-row deep-groove      2.151
Ball thrust bearings      2.150
Ball valves, AODPs      3.92
Ball valves, control valves      7.16
Ballast pumps      9.234
Bar racks, head losses      8.73
Barrier fluid      2.216
Baseplates      2.156
Baseplates, drain pockets      2.156
Baseplates, vibration      2.435
Beam pumping units      9.386
Bearing cases, single-stage steam turbines      6.41
Bearings      2.149
Bearings, ball bearings      2.150
Bearings, canned motor pumps      2.316
Bearings, canned motor pumps, environment control      2.321
Bearings, critical mass      2.270—2.271
Bearings, cross coupling      2.267
Bearings, defective      2.406
Bearings, electric motors      6.17—6.18
Bearings, gears, lubrication      6.161
Bearings, heat balancing      2.263—2.266
Bearings, hydrokinetic drives      6.129
Bearings, inboard      2.149
Bearings, line      2.149
Bearings, lubrication      2.152
Bearings, magnetic      see "Magnetic bearings"
Bearings, outboard      2.149
Bearings, pedestal      2.149
Bearings, propulsion marine pumps      9.219
Bearings, rolling element      2.149
Bearings, rotor whirl      2.266
Bearings, sealless magnetic drive pumps      2.308—2.310
Bearings, self-aligning      2.149
Bearings, sewage systems      9.42
Bearings, slurry pumps      9.357
Bearings, spring and damping coefficients      2.268
Bearings, squeeze film effect      2.252
Bearings, stability      2.270—2.273
Bearings, stability analyses      2.268
Bearings, static radial load damage      2.403
Bearings, static thrust      2.401
Bearings, thrust      2.149
Bearings, vertical dry-pit pumps      2.160
Bearings, viscosity      2.258
Bedplates      2.155
Bedplates, composite pumps      5.61
Bedplates, drain surfaces      2.157
Below-ground discharge pumps      2.99
Bends in pipes, resistance coefficients      8.65
BEP (Best Efficiency Point)      2.327 2.437
Bernoulli constant      2.15
BEs (operating Basis Earthquakes), seismic nuclear pumps      9.304
Beverage pumps      9.187—9.188
Beverage pumps, positive displacement      9.190
Beverage pumps, rotodynamic      9.189
Beverage pumps, seals      9.193
Beverage pumps, types      9.189—9.190 9.193
Bhp (brake horsepower), power pumps      3.4
Bid requisitions      see "RFQs"
Bidders lists, RFQs      11.20—11.22
Bilge pumps      9.232
Biologically-induced corrosion      5.10
Black liquor, paper mill pumps      9.163—9.164
Blades, centrifugal pumps      2.33
Blades, centrifugal pumps, determining number      2.36—2.38
Blades, centrifugal pumps, determining shape      2.39—2.40
Blades, centrifugal pumps, inlet      2.34
Blades, centrifugal pumps, outlet      2.34—2.35
Blades, high-energy pumps, vane combinations      2.76—2.77
Bleach liquors, paper mill pumps      9.164
Bleaching pulp      9.160
Blockages, centrifugal pumps      2.61
Blow tanks, paper mill pumps      9.163
Boiler circulating pumps      2.127 9.108—9.109
Boiler feed pumps, cavitation      9.92 9.94
Boiler feed pumps, constant speed control systems      7.11—7.13
Boiler feed pumps, drivers      9.90
Boiler feed pumps, efficiencies      9.94—9.95
Boiler feed pumps, reduced flow operation      9.90
Boiler feed pumps, steam power plants      9.77
Boiler feed pumps, steam power plants, capacities      9.78
Boiler feed pumps, steam power plants, load reduction      9.79—9.81
Boiler feed pumps, steam power plants, NPSH      9.78—9.79
Boiler feed pumps, working pressures      9.87
Boiler injectors      4.48
Boiler-feed water condensate      5.35
Booster pumps, aircraft fuel systems      9.412—9.414 9.418
Booster pumps, steam power plants      9.84
Booster pumps, water treatment plants      9.19
Boron injection recirculation pumps, PWR plants      9.280
Bottom-suction pumps      2.106
Boundary blockages, centrifugal pumps      2.61
Boundary layer theory, fluid mechanics      2.249
Bourdon gages, measuring head      13.35
Brake horsepower (bhp), gas turbines      6.96
Brake horsepower (bhp), steam pumps      3.58
Branch-line pumping systems, closed loop      8.83—8.84
Branch-line pumping systems, flow control      8.88
Branch-line pumping systems, open-ended systems      8.84 8.86
Branch-line pumping systems, total head      8.90
Brayton cycle, gas turbines      6.89
Breakaway torque, centrifugal pumps      2.360
Breakaway torque, power pumps      3.8
Breakaway torque, sealless magnetic drive pumps      2.303
Brine pumps      9.259
Bronze casings      5.29
Bronze impellers      5.26
Bronze wear rings      5.31
Brushless DC motors      6.10—6.12
Brushless synchronous motors      6.7
Buffer fluids      2.216
Building water pressure control systems      7.14
Butterfly control valves      7.16
BWR plants (boiling water reactor)      9.279
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), closed cooling water pumps      9.284
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), control rod drive pumps      9.284
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), fuel pool cooling pumps      9.285
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), high-pressure core spray pumps      9.285
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), jet pumps      9.283
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), low-pressure core spray pumps      9.285
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), main coolant pumps      9.287 9.290
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), reactor core isolation cooling pumps      9.285
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), reactor water cleanup pumps      9.284
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), recirculation pumps      9.283
BWR plants (boiling water reactor), RHR pumps      9.285
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