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Fowler R.H. Statistical thermodynamics: A version of statistical mechanics for students of physics and chemistry
Fowler R.H.  Statistical thermodynamics: A version of statistical mechanics for students of physics and chemistry


: Statistical thermodynamics: A version of statistical mechanics for students of physics and chemistry

: Fowler R.H.

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: 26.03.2008

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Absolute activity of electrons      458
Absolute activity of gases      170
Absolute activity, statistically defined      66
Absolute temperature scale      39
Absolute zero, extrapolation of thermodynamic functions to      192194
Absolute zero, unattainability of      224 655
Accessibility      1017
Accessibility, effect of symmetry type on      16
Accessibility, effect of uniform integrals on      11
Accessible states for localized systems      20
Accessible states, enumerated      1922
Activated complex in bimolecular reactions      510 535
Activation energy for transport in imperfect crystals      549
Activation energy of unimolecular reactions      520
Activity coefficients in electrolytes      381383
Activity coefficients in electrolytes from Debyes approximation      399401
Activity coefficients in electrolytes, compared with experiment      401403
Activity coefficients, ionic, Guentelbergs evaluation      407
Adhesion, free energy of, between liquid and vapour      445448
Adsorption isotherm, atomic, for diatomic molecules      428
Adsorption isotherm, Langmuirs      427
Adsorption isotherm, refined formula      441443
Adsorption, Gibbs formula for      423 444
Alloys      see metallic alloys
Amagat unit of volume, defined      282
Antisymmetrical Eigen functions      16
Assemblies gaseous dissociating      158160
Assemblies gaseous dissociating, thermodynamic functions for      160162
Assemblies, classical behaviour of      810
Assemblies, defined      1
Assemblies, external reactions of      54
Assemblies, obeying Bose Einsteins statistics      45
Assemblies, obeying Fermi Dirac statistics      47
Assemblies, Schroedingers equation for      5 sqq.
Assemblies, stationary states of      47
Associated ion pairs, defined      411
Assumptions, fundamental, of statistical mechanics      3 7 18
Atomic constitution of matter      3
Averages, relevance of      2
Averaging, rules for      7
Avogadros law      71
Avogadros law, Perrins determination of      77
Avogadros number      69
Bands of electron states in crystals      466
Bands of electron states in metals      469471
Barclay and Butler, Troutons rule      335
Beattie and Bridgman equation of state      276
Beattie, table of Debyes function      144
Bernal classification of liquids      320
Bernal structure of water      380
Berthelot equation of state      274
Bethes method for order-disorder      589595
Bethes method, equivalent of quasi-chemical method      595598
Bimolecular reactions in solutions      530536
Bimolecular reactions, activated complex in      510
Bimolecular reactions, activation energy for rate of      504
Bimolecular reactions, associated complex in      510
Bimolecular reactions, empirical form for rate of      504
Bimolecular reactions, kinetic salt effects on      536540
Bimolecular reactions, refined theory of rate of      509512
Bimolecular reactions, refined theory of rate of, applied      514517
Bimolecular reactions, second order      501505
Bimolecular reactions, simple and refined theories of, compared      512514
Bimolecular reactions, simple collision theory of      505509
Bimolecular reactions, temperature coefficient of rate of      503
Binary mixtures, second virial coefficient for      296300
Bjerrum relation between osmotic and activity coefficients      382
Bjerrum theory of ionic association      409412
Blackman heat capacity of crystals      126 131
Bohrs correspondence principle      9
Boltzmanns constant      68
Boltzmanns constant distribution law      77
Boltzmanns constant hypothesis      65
Boltzmanns constant integro-differential equation      519
Born and Fuchs equation of state      301
Born and Goeppert-Mayer atomic theory of crystals      126
Born atomic theory of crystals      126
Born exposition of thermodynamics      38 56
Bose Einstein statistics      45 49 159
Bose Einstein statistics, obeyed by $H_2$, He      125
Boyle point, defined      281
Boyles law      71
Bragg and Williams approximation for order      570574
Brillouins functions      630 676
Broensted and la diameter of ions      403
Broensted kinetic salt effects      536540
Buckingham intermolecular energies      279
Caratheodory principles of thermodynamics      56
Carnots theorem      57
Cauchys theorem, use of      34 48
Changs combinatory formula      696698
Charles law      71
Chemical constants      171
Chemical constants in practical unite      197
Chemical constants of isotopic mixtures      174
Chemical equilibria      156 sqq.
Chemical equilibria in imperfect gases      271
Chemical kinetics      489 sqq.
Christiansen unimolecular reactions      519
Classical statistics      5052
Clusius and Bartholeme heat capacity of HD, $D_2$      93
Clusius and Bartholeme, and others vapour pressure data      200
Cluster of molecules, defined      305
Cluster of molecules, irreducible, defined      306
Cockcroft condensation temperatures on solids      436
Collisions in gas, classification of      491494
Collisions in gas, number of energetic      494
Collisions in gas, number of head on energetic      494
Collisions in gas, number of, with internal energy      497499
Collisions in solution, number of      531534
Collisions in solution, number of energetic      533
Complexions, defined      10
Complexions, enumerated      29
Compressed gases, critical point for      345
Compressed gases, refined model for      336350
Compressibility, effect of, on thermodynamic functions for electrolytes      398
Condensation, critical temperature of, on solid      435437
Condensation, general theory of      301 sqq.
Condensation, theoretical point of, for vapour      311
Contact potential difference      486488
Continuum, elastic, normal modes qf      127
Continuum, partition function for      129
Cooling by adiabatic demagnetization      653655
Cooperative assemblies, defined      245
Correspondence principle      9
Corresponding states for heat capacities of crystals      145
Corresponding states of liquid and compressed gas      342345
Crack field      640 671
Critical temperature for compressed gas      302 345
Critical temperature of condensation on solid      435437
Critical temperature, customary theory of      314318
Critical temperature, derived from $\Omega$      303
Critical temperature, nature of isotherms near      311 316
Critical temperature, surface tension near      450
Crystal-vapour equilibrium      175177 179181
Crystal-vapour equilibrium with inert gas      177
Crystalline field, asymmetry of      628
Crystalline field, effect on entropy of      656658
Crystalline field, effect on paramagnetic susceptibility of      626629
Crystalline field, Jahn and Tellers theorem on      628
Crystalline field, Kramers theorem on      627
Crystals $Cu_3Au$, comparison of theory and experiment for      604 606
Crystals bands of electron states in      466
Crystals, distribution laws in      135
Crystals, equation of state of      149
Crystals, heat capacities of      141149
Crystals, heat capacities of, for molecular, $T^3$-law      153
Crystals, heat capacity of, from elastic constants      148
Crystals, heat capacity, law of corresponding states for      145
Crystals, molecular, thermodynamic functions for      150154
Crystals, normal model of, Debyes approximation for      133
Crystals, normal model of, Einsteins approximation for      131
Crystals, partition function of, Debyes approximation      133
Crystals, perfect      126 sqq.
Crystals, perfect mixed, partition function for      154
Crystals, perfect mixed, thermodynamic functions for      137140 184
Crystals, reactions between, transition points of      198
Crystals, solutions of impurities in      552
Crystals, vapour pressure of      see vapour pressure
Curie temperature for ferromagnetism      677
Curie temperature for order      573
Curie temperature for order, variation with composition      589
Curies law for paramagnetic susceptibility      619 626 629
Daltons law      71
Deactivation rate, importance of      520
Debye approximation for normal modes of crystals      133
Debye electrolytes, theory of      see electrolytes
Debye heat capacity of crystals      126
Debye second virial coefficient for polar molecules      294296
Degenerate systems      50
Degrees of freedom, classical      78
Degrees of freedom, electronic      79
Degrees of freedom, unexcited      79
Delbrueck and Moliere grand partition functions      232
Demagnetization, cooling by adiabatic      653655
Demagnetizing coefficient      671
Dennison heat capacity of $H_2$      91
Desorption, energy of      444
Devonshire mobile monolayers      425
Diamagnetic susceptibility of electron gas      668670
Diamagnetic susceptibility, atomic      613615
Diamagnetic susceptibility, defined      610
Diamagnetic susceptibility, eliminated from paramagnetic      616
Diatomic molecules, dissociation of      165169
Diatomic molecules, heat capacity of      see heat capacity
Dielectric constant in theory of electrolytes      394396
Dielectric constant of imperfect gases      650
Dielectric constant of liquids      643650
Dielectric constant of liquids, Debyes formula for      644646
Dielectric constant of liquids, Onsagers and Debyes, compared      648
Dielectric constant of liquids, Onsagers and van Vlecks, compared      649
Dielectric constant of liquids, Onsagers formula for      646649
Dielectric constant of water      405
Dieterici equation of state      275
Dilute solutions      370374
Dilute solutions, heat of dilution of      374
Dilute solutions, homogeneous chemical equilibria in      375
Dipole moments      639 (see also electric susceptibility)
Dispersion energy      277
Dissociation of diatomic molecules      165169
Dissociation of isotopic diatomic molecules      167169
Dissociative equilibrium in electrolytes      377379
Dissociative equilibrium, constant of      173
Dissociative equilibrium, simple examples      158
Distribution laws Fermi Dirac for electron gas      454461
Distribution laws for electron velocities      459461
Distribution laws in crystals      135
Distribution laws in imperfect gases      259261
du Bridge photoelectric effect      483
Dulong and Petits law      142
Ehrenfest and Oppenheimer accessible states      20
Ehrenfest and Trkal dissociation theory      156 162
Ehrenfest and Trkal symmetry numbers, classical      87
Ehrenfest meaning of adiabatisch-reversibel      255
Eigen functions, antisymmetrical      16
Eigen functions, defined      4
Eigen functions, symmetrical      16
Einstein heat capacity of crystals      126
Einstein normal modes of crystals      131
Elastic constants, heat capacity of crystals from      148
Electric field inside matter      640
Electric susceptibility      608 sqq.
Electric susceptibility for independent systems      633639
Electric susceptibility for independent systems effects due only to non-rotating systems      636638
Electric susceptibility for independent systems experimental values      638
Electric susceptibility for independent systems, Debyes formula for      634
Electric susceptibility for independent systems, quantal theory of, for rigid rotator      635
Electric susceptibility, atomic, defined      613
Electrolytes      377 sqq.
Electrolytes anomalies of strong      381383
Electrolytes Boltzmanns formula, use of, in      388
Electrolytes dissociation, degree of, in      377379
Electrolytes dissociation, hydration effects on      379
Electrolytes Poissons equation, use of, in      385387
Electrolytes, activity coefficients in      381383
Electrolytes, Debyes theory of      385 sqq.
Electrolytes, Debyes theory of, critique of      405409
Electrolytes, Debyes theory of, dependence on dielectric constant of      394396
Electrolytes, Debyes theory of, self-consistency of      391
Electrolytes, heat of dilution in      403405
Electrolytes, osmotic coefficients in      381383 (see osmotic)
Electrolytes, partition functions for      see partition function for electrolytes
Electronic heat capacity for $0_2$ at high temperatures      104106
Electronic heat capacity for NO at low temperatures      104
Electronic heat capacity in diatomic gases      102106
Electrons in metals, heat capacity of      472475
Electrons in metals, thermodynamic functions for      472
Electrons rate of evaporation of      477
Electrons, absolute activity of      458
Electrons, atmosphere of, elementary theory of      475
Electrons, degrees of freedom of, partition function for      79
Electrons, free, in metals, defined      465469
Electrons, gas of, diamagnetic susceptibility of      668670
Electrons, gas of, formulae for, adapted to metals      463465
Electrons, gas of, paramagnetic susceptibility of      667
Electrons, gas of, statistics of      453461
Electrons, gas of, thermodynamic functions for      461463
Electrons, transmission coefficient of, across barriers      478
Electrons, vapour pressure constant of      476
Encounters in solutions, defined      534
Energy of activation      see activation energy
Energy of vibrations, distribution of      495497
Energy, equipartition of      121124
Entropy of evaporation at boiling point      334
Entropy of liquids, glasses and solutions      217219
Entropy of melting      329
Entropy of mixing      163
Entropy of paramagnetic salts      652
Entropy, absolute      191
Entropy, calorimetric and spectroscopic, compared      210215
Entropy, calorimetric, defined      196
entropy, defined      57
Entropy, effect of crystalline field on      656658
Entropy, effect of magnetic interactions on      658660
Entropy, general form of, below 1 K.      661
Entropy, molecular, of gas and crystal      189191
Entropy, spectroscopic (spins omitted), defined      196
Equation of state of crystals      149
Equation of state of imperfect gases, empirical      273276
Equation of state of perfect gases      71
Equation of state, reduced      316
Equilibrium between vapour and crystal      175177
Equilibrium for heterogeneous reactions      183
Equilibrium for orderdisorder      567 sqq.
Equilibrium orthopara separations, effect of, on      187
Equilibrium phase, condition for      64
Equilibrium theory, applicability of, to reaction rates      517519
Equilibrium, chemical      156 sqq.
Equilibrium, chemical, general      164
Equilibrium, equivalence of thermodynamic and statistical laws for      6265
Equilibrium, homogeneous gaseous in external fields      229
Equilibrium, homogeneous gaseous, comparison of theory and experiment      215217
Equilibrium, thermodynamic form of laws of      6567
Equipartition of energy      121124
Eucken heat capacity of diatomic gases      101 104
Eucken vapour pressure constants      204 216
Eulerian angles      106
Evaporation, entropy of, at boiling point      334
Exclusion principle      17
External fields, classical hamiltonian for systems in      608610
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