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Ghazala R. — Circuit-bending
Ghazala R. — Circuit-bending

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Название: Circuit-bending

Автор: Ghazala R.


* Fans will get bent out of shape if they miss the first book to cover circuit-bending-"bending," for short-the method by which an electronic toy or a device such as a keyboard is short-circuited and modified to create an entirely different sound
* Written by the inventor of the technology, this book covers the tools of the trade, shows how to build a bending workshop, and reveals secrets that will have readers of all levels making sweet music in no time
* Readers learn basic bends, body contacts, and other bending skills, as well as ways to create bent instruments from a variety of popular toys and electronic devices
* Features some of the author's own unique creations

Язык: en

Рубрика: Строительство и архитектура/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 450

Добавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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Предметный указатель
Abstract painting      15
AC adapters      146—147
ACE Electronics      354
Ace Wire and Cable Co.      354
Acrylic latex spray paints      176
Action-Electronics      360
Advice about parts      202—203
Aging of instruments      17—18
Air flow in paint booth      182
Aleatoric (chance) music      23
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, bending diagram      267
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, case      268
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, circuits      266
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, control layout      268
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, control mounting      269
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, drilling holes      268—269
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, marking the board      268
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, musicality      270
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, opening up      265—266
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, painting      269
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, parts      265
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, reassembly      270
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, soldering      269
Aleatrons, Casio MT-140 Aleatron, testing      270
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, bending diagram      241
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, case      242
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, circuits      241
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, control layout      242
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, control mounting      243
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, drilling holes      242
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, marking the board      242
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, musicality      239 244
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, opening up      240
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, painting      242
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, parts      240
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, reassembly      244
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, soldering      243
Aleatrons, Casio SA-2 Aleatron, testing      243—244
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, bending diagram      246
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, case      247
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, circuits      245—246
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, control layout      247
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, control mounting      248
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, drilling holes      247
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, marking the board      247
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, musicality      249
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, opening up      245
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, painting      248
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, parts      245
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, reassembly      249
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, soldering      248
Aleatrons, Casio SA-5 Aleatron, testing      248—249
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, bending diagram      274
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, case      273
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, circuits      273
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, control layout      273
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, control mounting      275
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, drilling holes      273 275
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, marking the board      273
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, musicality      276
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, opening up      273
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, original equipment      271—272
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, painting      275
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, parts      272
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, reassembly      276
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, soldering      275
Aleatrons, Casio SK-1 Aleatron, testing      275—276
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, bending diagram      259
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, case      260
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, circuits      259
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, control layout      260
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, control mounting      262
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, drilling holes      260—261
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, marking the board      260
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, musicality      264
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, opening up      258—259
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, painting      261
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, parts      257
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, reassembly      264
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, soldering      262
Aleatrons, Casio SK-60 Aleatron, testing      263
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, bending diagram      252
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, case      253
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, circuits      252
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, control layout      252—253
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, control mounting      253
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, drilling holes      253
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, marking the board      253
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, musicality      255
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, opening up      252
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, painting      253
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, parts      251
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, reassembly      255
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, soldering      254
Aleatrons, Concertmate 380 Aleatron, testing      254
Aleatrons, defined      239
Alex Kung’s DIY Booth      360
Alien music engines      14
All Electronics Corp.      354 359
Allied Electronics, Inc.      354
Alligator clip leads      107—108
Alltronics      354
Almost All Digital Electronics      359
Ambiance synthesizers      173
American Bright Optoelectronics Corp.      358
American Design Components      354
American Electronic Resource      354
American Science Surplus      354
Ampere      48
Analyzing circuit boards      114—115
Anchor Electronics      354
Anti-Theory Web site      353 361
Antique Electronic Supply      354
Apex Jr.      355
ApogeeKits      359
Art Nouveau      16
Audio cable      68—69
Audio circuits      331
Audio hum or buzz      331
Audio jacks      See guitar jacks
Audio taper potentiometers      58
Audition/hold array      348
Auxiliary power input      143—146
Availability of parts      25—26
B.G. Micro      355
Bare finger body-contact      111—112
Barron, Bebe, musician      6
batteries      104 143—147 301
Batteries, schematic symbol      376
Battery holders      72—73
Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”      6 7
BEAsape (Bio-Electronic Audiosapian)      16—17
Bell Telephone Laboratories      208
Benders’ resources, body-contacts      354
Benders’ resources, discussion groups      353
Benders’ resources, metal knobs      354
Benders’ resources, radio stations      353
Bending diagrams, book strip bend      298
Bending diagrams, Casio MT-140 Aleatron      267
Bending diagrams, Casio SA-2 Aleatron      241
Bending diagrams, Casio SA-5 Aleatron      246
Bending diagrams, Casio SK-1 Aleatron      274
Bending diagrams, Casio SK-60 Aleatron      259
Bending diagrams, Concertmate 380 Aleatron      252
Bending diagrams, Cool Keys Bent Music Stick      305
Bending diagrams, Fisher Price Electronic Womb      311
Bending diagrams, Harmonic Window      319
Bending diagrams, Hyper Sax      328
Bending diagrams, Inverter      286
Bending diagrams, Mall Madness      279
Bending diagrams, Speak & Math Incantor      233
Bending diagrams, Speak & Read Incantor      227
Bending diagrams, Speak & Spell Incantor, common version      219
Bending diagrams, Speak & Spell Incantor, pushbutton version      211
Bending probe      105—107
Bending through a potentiometer      343
Bends, best generic bends      339—351
Bends, best generic bends, audition/hold array      348
Bends, best generic bends, bending through a potentiometer      343
Bends, best generic bends, chance triggers      346
Bends, best generic bends, line output      340
Bends, best generic bends, patch bay      351
Bends, best generic bends, pitch dial and body-contacts      345
Bends, best generic bends, reset button      350
Bends, best generic bends, resistor replacement      349
Bends, best generic bends, trimmed potentiometer      347
Bends, best generic bends, two-way choice      344
Bends, best generic bends, “1 to X”      341
Bends, best generic bends, “X to X”      342
Bends, looping      115
Bends, one-shot      116
Bends, patch bay      117—119 351
Bends, streaming      115
Bends, “1 to X”      116—117 341
Bent book strip, batteries      301
Bent book strip, bending diagram      298
Bent book strip, case      299
Bent book strip, circuits      298
Bent book strip, control layout      298—299
Bent book strip, control mounting      300
Bent book strip, drilling holes      299
Bent book strip, marking the board      299
Bent book strip, musicality      301
Bent book strip, opening up      297
Bent book strip, painting      300
Bent book strip, parts      295—297
Bent book strip, reassembly      300
Bent book strip, soldering      300
Bent book strip, testing      300
Bent music radio stations      353
Bio-Electronic Audiosapian (BEAsape)      16—17
bits      135—137
Bivar, Inc.      358
Blending Incantors      216
Body-contacts, bare fingers      111—112
Body-contacts, finding      110—113
Body-contacts, mounting      142
Body-contacts, ornamentation      188—191
Body-contacts, pitch dial and body-contacts      345
Body-contacts, potentiometers      120
Body-contacts, retailers      354
Body-contacts, schematic symbol      371
Body-contacts, screwdriver      112—113
Book strip bend, batteries      301
Book strip bend, bending digram      298
Book strip bend, case      299
Book strip bend, circuits      298
Book strip bend, control layout      298—299
Book strip bend, control mounting      300
Book strip bend, drilling holes      299
Book strip bend, marking the board      299
Book strip bend, musicality      301
Book strip bend, opening up      297
Book strip bend, painting      300
Book strip bend, parts      295—297
Book strip bend, reassembly      300
Book strip bend, soldering      300
Book strip bend, testing      300
Boondog Automation      359
Booths for painting      See paint booths
Bore      41 139—140
Brigar Electronics      355
Brightness of LEDs      62
Bud Industries, Inc.      355
Bulb schematic symbols      369—370
Bull Electrical      361
Burnkit2600 Web site      353
Burr bits      136
Bus wire      67—68
Business considerations, availability of parts      25—26
Business considerations, customer service      27
Business considerations, guarantees      27
Business considerations, pricing      26
Business considerations, sales policies      27
Business considerations, sounds      26
Business considerations, specializing      26
Button ornamentation      191—192
C & H Sales Company      355
Cable (shielded audio)      68—69
Cadmium sulfide photocells      63
Cal West Supply, Inc.      359
capacitors      59—61
Capacitors, schematic symbol      365—366
Carl’s Electronics      359
Cascade Surplus Electronics      355
Cases, book strip bend      299
Cases, Casio MT-140 Aleatron      268
Cases, Casio SA-2 Aleatron      242
Cases, Casio SA-5 Aleatron      247
Cases, Casio SK-1 Aleatron      273
Cases, Casio SK-60 Aleatron      260
Cases, clearances      131—132
Cases, component locations      132—134
Cases, Concertmate 380 Aleatron      253
Cases, Cool Keys Bent Music Stick      306
Cases, Electronic Rap Pad      292
Cases, Fisher Price Electronic Womb      312
Cases, Harmonic Window      158—159 321
Cases, Hyper Sax      329
Cases, Inverter      287
Cases, Mall Madness      279—280
Cases, rehousing circuits in another case      153—154
Cases, rib surgery      132
Cases, Speak & Math Incantor      234
Cases, Speak & Read Incantor      228
Cases, Speak & Spell Incantor, common version      220
Cases, Speak & Spell Incantor, pushbutton version      212
Casio DH 100, crystal swapping      333
Casio DH 100, original equipment      325
Casio DH 100, squeal fix      332—333
Casio DH 100, tweaking the breath control      334
CD adapters      146—147
CE Distribution      205
Cementimental Web site      353
Center punch      136—137
chairs      82
Chance (aleatoric) music      23
Chance art, abstract painting      15
Chance art, Art Nouveau      16
Chance art, defined      14
Chance art, suminagashi      15
Chance triggers      346
Chicago Miniature Lamp, Inc.      358
Circuit bends      See also bends
Circuit bends, looping bend      115
Circuit bends, one-shot bend      116
Circuit bends, streaming bend      115
Circuit bends, “1 to X” bend      116—117 341
Circuit boards, analyzing      114—115
Circuit boards, bending requirements      108—110
Circuit boards, body-contact search      110
Circuit boards, marking, book strip bend      299
Circuit boards, marking, Casio MT-140 Aleatron      268
Circuit boards, marking, Casio SA-2 Aleatron      242
Circuit boards, marking, Casio SA-5 Aleatron      247
Circuit boards, marking, Casio SK-1 Aleatron      273
Circuit boards, marking, Casio SK-60 Aleatron      260
Circuit boards, marking, Concertmate 380 Aleatron      253
Circuit boards, marking, Cool Keys Bent Music Stick      306
Circuit boards, marking, Electronic Rap Pad      292
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