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Kandal A., Sugalski D., Tutsch L. — Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials
Kandal A., Sugalski D., Tutsch L. — Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials

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Название: Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials

Авторы: Kandal A., Sugalski D., Tutsch L.


The authors, members of the core development team for Perl 6, describe the newest developments in the design philosophy, basic syntax, and subroutines of the project—in particular those relating to Parrot, the language-dependent virtual machine that can be used to interpret other dynamic languages such as Python, Tel, Ruby and Java. They include descriptions of the newest upgrades to Apocalypse 12 (objects) as well as Apocalypse 5 (regular expressions) and Apocalypse 6 (subroutines). They also include resources programmers and developers can use to contribute to the project.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 2nd edition

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 279

Добавлена в каталог: 22.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (bang)      2nd
! (not)      
!= (not equal)      
# (hash sign)      
$ sigil      
% (modulus) operator      2nd
% (percent sign)      2nd
% sigil      
%= (modulus assignment)      
%flags hash      
& (ampersand)      2nd 3rd
& (bitwise AND) instruction (PIR)
&& (logical AND)
&& (logical AND), opcode
&& (logical AND), operator
&= (bitwise AND assignment) instruction (PIR)
* (asterisk)      2nd 3rd
* (multiplication)      
* (multiplication), opcode      
* (multiplication), operator      
** (exponentiation)      
** (exponentiation), opcode      
** (exponentiation), operator      
*= (multiplication assignment)      
+ (addition)      
+ (addition), opcode      
+ (addition), operator      
+ (plus sign)      2nd
++ (postfix autoincrement) operators      
+= (addition assignment)      
- (hyphen)      2nd 3rd
- (negation)      
- (subtraction)      
- (subtraction), opcode      
- (subtraction), operator      
- - (autodecrement) operators      
-= (subtraction assignment)      
. (concatenation) instruction (PIR)      
. (dot)      
.= (concatenation assignment) instruction (PIR)      
.arg directive      
.cglobalonst directive      
.const directive      2nd
.constant directive      
.dump method      
.elems method      
.emit directive      
.end directive      
.endm directive      
.eom directive      
.flatten_arg directive      
.include directive      
.invocant directive      
.keys method      
.local directive      
.local statement      
.macro directive      
.meth_call directive      
.namespace directive      
.nci_call directive      
.param directive      
.pcc_begin directive      
.pcc_begin_return directive      
.pcc_begin_yield directive      
.pcc_call directive      
.pcc_sub directive      2nd
.pragma directive      
.result directive      
.return directive      
.sub directive      2nd
.sym directive      
.values method      
.wrap method      
/ (division)      
/ (division), opcode      
/ (slash)      
// operator      
/= (division assignment)      
:= (binding) operator      
< (left angle bracket)      2nd 3rd 4th
< (less than)      
<. . .> (assertion delimiters)      
<< (bitwise left shift)      
<<= (bitwise left shift assignment)      
<= (less than or equal)      
<null> rule      
<prior> rule
= (assignment) instruction (PIR)      
= (assignment) operator      
= (equal sign)      2nd
== (equality) instruction (PIR)      
> (greater than)      
> (right angle bracket)      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
>= (greater than or equal)      
>> (bitwise right shift)      
>>= (bitwise right shift assignment)      
>>> (logical right shift)      
>>>= (logical right shift assignment)      
@ sigil      
abs opcode (PASM)      
absolute addresses      
Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)      
accessibility, attributes      
accessibility, numbered capture variables      
acos opcode (PASM)      
adaptability, principle of      
Add opcode      2nd
addattribute opcode      2nd
addition (+) operator      
addparent opcode (PASM)      
addr instruction (PIR)      
aggregates, PMCs      
alarm( ) request      
allocation, garbage collection      
allocation, registers, spilling      
alternate option syntax pairs      2nd [See also syntax]
and opcode      2nd
AND relation      
anonymous arrayref constructor ([...])      
anonymous classes      
anonymous hash reference constructor ({...})      
anonymous pairs, named argument passing      
anonymous rules matching      2nd [See also rules]
anonymous subroutines      
architecture, bytecode loader      
architecture, compiler module      
architecture, continuations      
architecture, coroutines      
architecture, design      
architecture, events      
architecture, garbage collection      
architecture, I/O      
architecture, interpreter module      2nd
architecture, multimethod dispatching      
architecture, objects      
architecture, optimizer module      
architecture, parser module      
architecture, signals      
architecture, threads      
arguments, floating-point operations      
arguments, pairs, passing as      
arguments, positional      
arguments, subroutines      
arguments, use of ^ (caret)      
arithmetic operators      
arithmetic operators, junctions      
arrays, assertions      
arrays, list context      
arrays, matching      
arrays, one-element      
arrays, PMCs      
arrays, strings, splitting      
arrow operator      
asec opcode (PASM)      
asin opcode (PASM)      
assembler code      
assembly compiler module      2nd [See also PASM]
assertions, delimiters (< . . .>)      
assertions, rules      
assign opcode (PASM)      
assignment, = operator      
assignment, arrays to lists      
assignment, binding, curried subroutines      
assignment, PMCs      
assignment, registers      
AST (Abstract Syntax Tree)      
Asynchronous I/O      
atan opcode (PASM)      
attributes, classes, PASM      
attributes, objects      
attributes, private      
autodecrement (- -) operators      
automatic referencing      
backtracking patterns      
band opcode (PASM)      
bands opcode (PASM)      
bare blocks      
Bergman, Artur      
binary junction operators      
binary logical operators      
binary math opcodes      
binding, curried subroutines      
binding, operators      
bitwise operations, PASM      
Bitwise operators      
blocks, bare      
blocks, class declarations      
blocks, control structures      
blocks, definitions      
blocks, macros      
bnot opcode (PASM)      
bnots opcode (PASM)      
Boolean context      
bor opcode (PASM)      
borrowing, principles of      
bors opcode (PASM)      
bounds opcode (PASM)      
branch opcode (PASM)      
branches, flow control      
branch_cs opcode (PASM)      
bsr opcode      2nd
bug tracking      
bugs, reporting      
BUILD method      
BUILDALL method      
built-in quantifiers      
built-in rules      
built-in types, scalars      
bxor opcode (PASM)      
bxors opcode (PASM)      
bytecode, interpreter options (Parrot)      
bytecode, loader      
bytecode, PASM      
C extensions      
call instruction (PIR)      
calling, conventions, PASM      
calling, fail function      
callmethod opcode (PASM)      
callmethodcc opcode (PASM)      
calls, indirect objects      
calls, lexically scoped subroutines      
calls, Parrot-calling conventions      
calls, private attributes      
calls, stack-based subroutine      
calls, subroutines      
calls, subroutines, anonymous      
calls, subroutines, curried      
calls, subroutines, Lvalue      
calls, subroutines, multiple      
calls, subroutines, wrapped      
can opcode (PASM)      
caret (^), placeholder variables      
CATCH block      
ceil opcode (PASM)      
chained comparison operators      
characters, assertions      
characters, compression, Huffman coding      
characters, converting      
characters, escape sequences      
characters, metacharacters      
characters, metacharacters, backtracking      
characters, metacharacters, escape sequences      
characters, sets      
checkevents opcode (PASM)      
chopn opcode      2nd
chr opcode      2nd
class opcode (PASM)      
classes, anonymous      
classes, attributes, PASM      
classes, built-in rules      
classes, characters, assertions      
classes, composition      
classes, conflicts      
classes, declarations      
classes, declarations, objects      
classes, declarations, PASM      
classes, defining      
classes, delegation      
classes, inheritance      2nd
classes, lexically scoped      
classes, methods, PASM      
classes, mixed class-type support      
classes, package-scoped subroutines      
classes, private/public methods      
classes, roles      
classes/ directory      
classname opcode (PASM)      
classoffset opcode      2nd
cleari opcode (PASM)      
clearn opcode (PASM)      
clearp opcode (PASM)      
clears opcode (PASM)      
clone opcode      2nd
close opcode (PASM)      
closing files      
closures, PASM      
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