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Brown L., Gravely J. — Using Microsoft CRM
Brown L., Gravely J. — Using Microsoft CRM

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Название: Using Microsoft CRM

Авторы: Brown L., Gravely J.


A sophisticated yet easy-to-use software program, Microsoft CRM handles the full range of Sales and Customer Service functions, and allows the user to access key customer and sales information from Microsoft Outlook and the Web. It is designed for rapid deployment, ease of use, and integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Great Plains' back-office solutions, increasing information reliability, employee usage and productivity.

Special Edition Using Microsoft CRM shows sales, service, and business development specialists how to manage small businesses with the sophisticated technology that, until now, has been reserved for large corporations. Based on the author's real-world experience building CRM systems, this book provides the expert advice that MS CRM users need. To make the move to customer-centric operations using MS CRM, companies need an in-depth guide to managing the process, using the software, and making the implementation decisions that are required.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 552

Добавлена в каталог: 14.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
# (pound sign)      
' (apostrophe)      
* (asterisk)      
*= operator      
+= operator      
-= operator      
.csv file format      
.ost file extensions      
.pst file extension      2nd
1to1service Web site      
80/20 rule      
< (less than sign)      
= operator      
AARM (Assocation for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing) Web site      
Abbreviation field (Contract Templates)      
ABC Bar (Jump Bar)      
Acceptance (testing category)      2nd
ACCESS      2nd
Access Levels      2nd
access, customer access, .NET      
access, Microsoft Outlook      
access, Web      
accessing, communities      2nd
accessing, Deployment Manager      
accessing, Web client      
account executives      2nd
account management, marketing (business processes)      2nd
Account template      
account-management systems      
accounts      2nd 3rd
Accounts, Cases      
Accounts, hierarchy      
Accounts, Opportunities      
Accounts/Contacts tab      
actio, object types      2nd 3rd
actio, workflow, Assign Object      2nd
actio, workflow, Change Status      
actio, workflow, Create Activity      2nd
actio, workflow, Create Note      
actio, workflow, Post URL      2nd
actio, workflow, Run Subprocess      2nd
actio, workflow, Send Email      2nd
actio, workflow, Stop      2nd
actio, workflow, Update Object      2nd 3rd 4th
Action Bar      2nd 3rd 4th
Action menu commands, Close Activity      2nd
Action menu commands, Convert to Kit      
Actions lists      
Actions menu comman, Deactivate Contact      
Active Contact Status      
Active Directory      2nd
Active status (Contracts)      
Active status (Service Cases)      
Activities      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Activities Cell      2nd
Activities record, Sales Opportunities      2nd 3rd
Activities Sub-Area (Workplace)      2nd
Activities tab      2nd 3rd
Activities, attaching      
Activities, canceled      
Activities, completed      
Activities, creating      2nd
Activities, creating (Sales Process)      
Activities, due dates      
Activities, emails, promoting      2nd
Activities, linked objects      
Activities, Service Cases      
Activities, tracking      
Activities, types      
Activity History tab      
activity management, Customer Service component      
activity management, Sales component      
Activity Summary customization      2nd
Activity Summary tab      
Add Mapping option      
Add Schema Field option      
administrative reports      2nd
Advanced Find      2nd 3rd
Advanced Find command (Tools menu)      2nd
Advanced Find view, customizing      
Advanced Query Builder window      
advertising specialists      
After option (wait for timer condition)      
Aggressive Browser key (web.config file)      
agreements, service vendors, RFP (requests for proposal)      
agreements, service vendors, virtual connections      2nd
AIM (Assocation for Interactive Marketing) Web site      
aligning, customer views, business processes (customer-centricity)      
Allotment Type field (Contract Templates)      2nd
Allotment Type field (Service Contracts)      
Allotments Remaining field (Contract Line Items)      
Allotments Used field (Contract Line Items)      
allotments, Service Contract Templates      
analytic applications, Corporate CRM      
analytical processing      
analyzing      2nd
analyzing, process model integration      2nd
AND NOT operator      
and operator      
Announcements Cell      2nd
anonymity, online community interactions      
answers/questions, online communities      2nd
API, external applications, preparing      
API, external applications, Run method      
API, external applications, Run method, Section 1      2nd
API, external applications, Run method, Section 2      
API, external applications, Run method, Section 3      
API, external applications, Run method, Section 4      2nd 3rd
API, external applications, writing      2nd 3rd
apostrophe (')      
Append Privilege      
Append To Privilege      
application code, installing      
application programming interfaces      
application services provider (ASP)      2nd
applications      [See also external applications]
applications, analytic, Corporate CRM      
applications, business, service vendors      
applications, business, service vendors, owners      2nd 3rd
applications, customer, integration (service vendor evaluations)      
applications, customer-facing, back-end integration (evolution)      
applications, enterprise (e-business)      
applications, integrations      
applications, intelligence, customer-centricity      
applications, operations, Data Warehousing      
applications, related, integration (service vendor evaluations)      
applications, server, Exchange Connector      2nd
applications, verticals, CRM competitors      
applying, principles, business      
applying, principles, business, making informed decisions      2nd
applying, principles, business, selling effectively      
applying, principles, business, service      
Appointment link      
appointments (Calendar), creating      2nd
approaches, change management, selecting      2nd
approaches, iterative, testing, validation/verification processes (vendors)      2nd 3rd 4th
approaches, project, change management      
approaches, project, change management, pragmatic approaches      2nd
approaches, project, change management, structured approaches      
approaches, project, change management, unstructured approaches      2nd
Archetype Discoveries Worldwide Web site      
architecture, service vendor evaluations      2nd
archive files      
Areas, Bottom Bar      
Article Queues, Subjects      
Articles, KB (Knowledge Base)      2nd 3rd 4th
articles, Knowledge Base, customer service processes      2nd
ASP (application services provider)      2nd
Assign Object (workflow action)      2nd
Assign Privilege      
Assigned folder      
Assigned Queues      
assigning, identification values      
assigning, records      2nd
assigning, workflow      
assignment, call      
Assocation for Interactive Marketing (AIM) Web site      
Assocation for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing (AARM) Web site      
associated URLs, Announcements Cell      
Associated view, customizing      
associations, online communities      2nd
associations, online communities, AARM (Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing)      
associations, online communities, Assocation for Interactive Marketing (AIM)      
associations, online communities, Business Process Management Group      
associations, online communities, CRM Assist      
associations, online communities, CRM Foundation      
associations, online communities, CRM Project      
associations, online communities, CRM-Forum      
associations, online communities, CRM2day      
associations, online communities, CRMCommunity      
associations, online communities, CRMguru.com      
associations, online communities, CRMXchange      
associations, online communities, Customer Service Network      
associations, online communities, Destination CRM      
associations, online communities, eCustomerServiceWorld.com      
associations, online communities, GreaterChinaCRM.org      
associations, online communities, Intelligent CRM      
associations, online communities, Internet Alliance (IA)      
associations, online communities, Marketing Competence      
associations, online communities, Resource Center      
associations, online communities, The Direct Marketing Association (The DMA)      
asterisk (*)      
attached documents, storing      
Attributes and Mappings folder      
Attributes node      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
audit trails, requirement communcations, planning (service vendors)      
authentication, Windows      
Auto-Numbering      2nd
auto-signature feature      
automating, business processes (Workflow Monitor)      2nd 3rd 4th
automating, customer service processes      2nd
automating, customer-centricity business processes      2nd
automating, sales processes, customer-centricity business processes      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
automation, field service automation, IBM Start Now Wireless Solutions for Small and Medium business      
automation, field service automation, ServiceHub      
automation, Sales Force Automation, salesforce.com Inc.      
automation, Sales Force Automation, SalesLogix2000      
B2B (Business to Business), versus B2C (Business to Consumer)      
B2B (business-to-business) exchange      2nd 3rd
B2B (business-to-business) exchange, Web services      2nd 3rd
B2B (business-to-business) exchange, Web services, .NET      
B2B (business-to-business) exchange, WSDL (Web Services Description Language)      
B2B (business-to-business), customer/supplier interactions      
B2C (Business to Consumer), versus B2B (Business to Business)      
back-end integration, customer-facing applications (evolution)      
bars, Report Group      
Basic (User) Access Level      
bCentral (Microsoft)      
BCP (Bulk Copy Protocol)      
Before option (wait for timer condition)      
best guess models, business processes, building (customer-centricity)      
best guess models, business processes, validating (customer-centricity)      
best guess [edit quotes] models, building (process model integration)      
best guess [edit quotes] models, validating (process model integration)      
best of breed [edit quotes] composition, service vendor integration      
Bill To Address field (Service Contracts)      
Bill to Customer field (Service Contracts)      
Billing End Date field (Service Contracts)      
Billing Frequency field (Contract Templates)      
Billing Frequency field (Service Contracts)      
Billing Start Date field (Service Contracts)      
BizTalk channels, tracking      2nd
BizTalk Document Tracking      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
BizTalk Mapper      
BizTalk Messaging Manager      2nd 3rd 4th
BizTalk Server 2002 Partner edition      2nd 3rd 4th
Blank Email option (mail merge)      
Blank Letter option (mail merge)      
Bottom Bar (home page)      
bottom-up implementation model, OLTP (online transaction processing)      
Boxes      [See also dialog boxes]2nd [See also check boxes]
boxes, Search      
boxes, time, pragmatic approach (change management)      
BPI (Business Process Integration)      
Bulk Copy Protocol (BCP)      
business alerts, thresholds      
business ambiguity, business processes      2nd
business applications, owners      2nd 3rd
business applications, service vendors      
business cases, partnership model      
business decisions, supporting      2nd
business development managers      
business exchange integration, .NET      
Business Intelligence Web site      
Business Management records      2nd
business management systems (existing), Integration component      
business models, customer-centricity      
business models, viewpoint analysis models (customer-centricity)      
business needs, establishing requirements, prioritizing (service vendors)      
business people, .NET      
business performance monitoring      
business performance, measuring      
business planning, contributor role      
business platform      
business platforms      
Business Process Integration (BPI)      
Business Process Management Group Web site      
business process models      
business process reengineering      
business processes, automating      2nd
business processes, automating (Workflow Monitor)      2nd 3rd 4th
business processes, best guess models, building (customer-centricity)      
business processes, best guess models, validating (customer-centricity)      
business processes, business ambiguity to technical precision      2nd
business processes, communication, communication activity management      
business processes, communication, email campaigns      
business processes, communication, reports      
business processes, communication, sales literature management      2nd
business processes, customer service processes, automating      2nd
business processes, customer service processes, case management      2nd
business processes, customer service processes, contract services      
business processes, customer service processes, cost levels      
business processes, customer service processes, customer feedback      
business processes, customer service processes, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)      2nd
business processes, customer service processes, Knowledge Base articles      2nd
business processes, customer service processes, performance management      
business processes, customer service processes, queuing      2nd
business processes, customer service processes, routing      2nd
business processes, customer view alignement (customer-centricity)      
business processes, customer-centricity, goals      2nd
business processes, deliverables (customer-centricity)      2nd
business processes, interviews (customer-centricity)      2nd
business processes, mapping      2nd
business processes, marketing, account management      2nd
business processes, marketing, competitor management      
business processes, marketing, contact management      2nd
business processes, marketing, customer management      2nd
business processes, marketing, lead management      
business processes, marketing, marketing list management      
business processes, marketing, opportunity management      
business processes, quiz      
business processes, recommendations (customer-centricity)      2nd
business processes, redesign, process model      
business processes, roles (business processes)      
business processes, roles, champions (business processes)      
business processes, roles, contributors (business processes)      
business processes, roles, integrators (business processes)      2nd 3rd
business processes, sales process      2nd
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