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Mitchell T. — Web Mapping
Mitchell T. — Web Mapping

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Название: Web Mapping

Автор: Mitchell T.


With the help of the Internet and accompanying tools, creating and publishing online maps has become easier and rich with options. A city guide web site can use maps to show the location of restaurants, museums, and art venues. A business can post a map for reaching its offices. The state government can present a map showing average income by area.

Developers who want to publish maps on the web often discover that commercial tools cost too much and hunting down the free tools scattered across Internet can use up too much of your time and resources. Web Mapping Illustrated shows you how to create maps, even interactive maps, with free tools, including MapServer, OpenEV, GDAL/OGR, and PostGIS. It also explains how to find, collect, understand, use, and share mapping data, both over the traditional Web and using OGC-standard services like WFS and WMS.

Mapping is a growing field that goes beyond collecting and analyzing GIS data. Web Mapping Illustrated shows how to combine free geographic data, GPS, and data management tools into one resource for your mapping information needs so you don't have to lose your way while searching for it.

Remember the fun you had exploring the world with maps? Experience the fun again with Web Mapping Illustrated. This book will take you on a direct route to creating valuable maps.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 368

Добавлена в каталог: 04.09.2007

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Предметный указатель
&& operator and spatial queries
3D perspective      
3D view      
3D view, combining DEM and drape images      
3D view, in OpenEV      
3D view, navigating      
3D view, vertical exaggeration      
< = operator      
<= operator      
= operator      
> = operator      
accuracy of data      
acquiring map data      2nd
acquiring map data, 3D perspective      
acquiring map data, air photos      
acquiring map data, appraising data needs      
acquiring map data, data exchange agreement      
acquiring map data, data repositories      
acquiring map data, derived products      
acquiring map data, GPS      
acquiring map data, Internet map data sources      
acquiring map data, premade maps      
acquiring map data, resources      
acquiring map data, satellite images      
acquiring map data, shaded surface maps      
acquiring map data, street maps      
acquiring map data, unavailable data      
ADF file extension      
air photos      
airports shapefile      
airports shapefile, layer      
Albers Equal Area Projection      
and operator      
application development frameworks      
appraising data needs      
appraising data needs, raster data, types of      
appraising data needs, scale of map      
appraising data needs, vector data      
appraising data needs, vector data, types of      
appraising data needs, vector data, versus raster data      
ARC.ADF file      
ArcGIS ArcView      
ArcIMS emulator      
areas/polygons data      
Atlas of Canada's Map Making learning resources web site      
awk command (Unix)      
base maps      
base maps, grabbing base map layer from WMS      
base maps, identifying requirements for      
base maps, photos unsuitable for      
BGC Engineering Inc.      
British Columbia (Canada)      
CADD programs      
Camptocamp SA      
Canada GeoBase Portal      
Canada, satellite imagery      
Canadian Government      
capabilities document      2nd
capabilities document, checking      
Cartesian Plane      
Cave-Ayland, Mark      
Chameleon, demo      
Chameleon, web site      
CIA World Factbook      
CLASS objects in an WMS layer      
classObj object      
color depth, increasing      
color theming map      
colorObj object      
colrm command (Unix)      
column command (Unix)      
command-line tools      
command-line tools, examples      
command-line tools, examples, adding labels to map      
command-line tools, examples, adding scale bar      
command-line tools, examples, color theming map      
command-line tools, examples, creating legend      
command-line tools, examples, creating simple MapServer map      
command-line tools, examples, final map file      
command-line tools, examples, ogrinfo, using to examine contents of world countries shapefile      
command-line tools, examples, shp2img      
command-line tools, examples, shp2img, selecting different EXTENT      
command-line tools, legend      
command-line tools, scalebar      
command-line tools, shp2img      
command-line tools, shp2pdf      
command-line tools, shptree      
command-line tools, sortshp      
command-line tools, tile4ms      
commercial GIS and mapping programs      
common mapping pitfalls      
common mapping tasks      
Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) tools      
configuration and compilation process      
conic projections      
converting and viewing      
converting map data      
converting map data, creating JPEG preview of satellite image      
converting map data, creating new file with subset of point features      
converting map data, gdal_translate      
converting map data, gdal_translate, creating JPEG preview of satellite image      
converting map data, gdal_translate, translating images to other formats      
converting map data, gdal_translate, translating portion of image      
converting map data, images to other formats      
converting map data, ogr2ogr      
converting map data, ogr2ogr, as feature extraction tool      
converting map data, ogr2ogr, using to convert shapefiles to other formats      
converting map data, PostgreSQL, converting to      
converting map data, raster data to other formats      
converting map data, reasons for converting      
converting map data, shapefile format to GML      
converting map data, shapefiles to PostgreSQL/PostGIS      
converting map data, shp2pgsql      
converting map data, supported raster output formats      
converting map data, translating portion of image      
converting map data, vector data to text-based data      
coordinate systems, transforming data between      
Coordinates, datums and transformations web site      
CSV file      
Cuba shown in UTM 18N projection      
cut command (Unix)      
Cygwin environment      
cylindrical projections      
data, accuracy      
data, content, examining      
data, format guide      
data, format types      
data, format types, database connections      
data, format types, directory-based data      
data, format types, file-based data      
data, formats      
data, formats, proprietary      
data, formats, understanding      
data, management tools, downloading      
data, mapping      
data, mapping types      
data, repositories      
data, transforming between coordinate systems      
database connections      
database query statements (SQL)      
databases, spatial      
databases, tabular      
DC Maintenance Management System (DCMMS) web site      
Debian Linux package repositories      
decimal degrees versus degrees minutes seconds      
Digital Elevation Model (DEM)      
Digital Elevation Model (DEM), combining with drape image      
Digital Elevation Model (DEM), preparing      
digital mapping tools      
digital maps      
digital maps, difficulties      
digital maps, modifying      
digital maps, personal maps      
digital maps, technology barriers      
digital maps, versus conventional maps      
digital tools, dependency on      
directory-based data      
DM Solutions Group      
DM Solutions Group, DM Solutions      
drape image      
drape image, combining with DEM      
Draw Area tool (OpenEV)      
Draw Line tool (OpenEV)      
Draw ROI tool (OpenEV)      
Draw ROI tool (OpenEV), defining region of interest      
duplicate lines, removing      
Earth Observation Portal      
elevation datasets      
END keyword      
EPSG, code system      
EPSG, codes      
EPSG, European Petroleum Survey Group      
EPSG, European Petroleum Survey Group code number      
EPSG, projection codes versus project details      
eq operator      
Equidistant Cylindrical projections      
ESRI ArcInfo Coverage files      
ESRI ArcInfo Coverage files, data access/connection method      
ESRI ArcInfo Coverage files, map file example      
ESRI ArcInfo Coverage files, ogrinfo examples      
ESRI ArcInfo Coverages      2nd
ESRI ArcMap program      
ESRI ArcSDE      
ESRI ArcSDE Database (SDE)      
ESRI ArcSDE Database (SDE), connecting to SDE      
ESRI ArcSDE Database (SDE), map file example      
ESRI ArcSDE Database (SDE), SDE support      
ESRI ArcView      
ESRI Shapefiles (SHP)      2nd 3rd
ESRI Shapefiles (SHP), data access/connection method      
ESRI Shapefiles (SHP), map file example      
ESRI Shapefiles (SHP), ogrinfo examples      
expand/unexpand command (Unix)      
Export tool (OpenEV)      
EXPRESSION keyword      
expressions, creating      
Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) web site      
FGS, FGS project      
FGS, Free Open Source Software GIS Suite      
file-based data      
FILTER keyword      
Flexible Internet Spatial Template (FIST) web site      
fonts, TrueType      
forest fire, drawing area of      
free GIS/mapping products      
free viewers      
FreeGIS, FreeGis.org list      
Freshmeat web site      
FWTools      2nd 3rd
FWTools, acquiring latest version      
FWTools, web site      
GD library      
GDAL/OGR, (see also OGR)      
GDAL/OGR, GDAL      2nd
GDAL/OGR, GDAL, support formats page      
GDAL/OGR, GDAL, utilities      
GDAL/OGR, gdalinfo command      
GDAL/OGR, gdalinfo command, -mm parameter      
GDAL/OGR, gdalinfo command, image data      
GDAL/OGR, gdalinfo command, raster data      
GDAL/OGR, gdaltindex      
GDAL/OGR, gdalwarp      
GDAL/OGR, gdalwarp tool      
GDAL/OGR, gdalwarp, requirements of      
GDAL/OGR, libraries and utilities web site      
GDAL/OGR, package      
gdal_translate, creating JPEG preview of satellite image      
gdal_translate, GDAL support formats page      
gdal_translate, reducing image size      
gdal_translate, selecting portions of data      
gdal_translate, translating images to other formats      
gdal_translate, translating portion of image      
ge operator      
geo-referencing, needed information      
GeoConnections Discovery Portal      
GeoConnections Discovery Portal, web site      
Geographic Coordinate System      
geographic data      
geographic data, detailed information using ogrinfo      
geographic databases      
geographic information and maps      
geographic information system (GIS), ix      
GeoGratis data site      
Geomatica FreeView      
GeoMedia Viewer      
geometric computations      
Geometry Engine Open Source (GEOS)      
GEOS web site      
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL)      2nd
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), programming libraries      
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), raster formats supported      
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), SWIG and      
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), utilities      
GeoTIFF images      2nd 3rd 4th
GIF format      
Gillies, Sean      2nd
GIS Data Depot      
GIS, analysis with SQL      
GIS, data file      
GIS, data formats, types      
GIS, server-based      
GIS, tools      
GIS, tools, commercial      
GIS, tools, open source      
Global Change Master Directory      
Global Land Cover      
Gmap demo      
GML (Geography Markup Language)      2nd 3rd 4th
GML, converting from shapefile format      
GML, data access/connection method      
GML, map file example      
GML, ogrinfo examples      
GML, text in a GML file      
GNU directory      
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