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Duncan J., Deraleau J. — Running Mac OS X Tiger
Duncan J., Deraleau J. — Running Mac OS X Tiger

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Название: Running Mac OS X Tiger

Авторы: Duncan J., Deraleau J.


Running Mac OS X Tiger is the ideal resource for power users and system administrators like you who want to tweak Tiger, the new release of Mac OS X, to run faster, better, or just differently.

If you areready to dig deep into your Mac, this book expertly guides you to the core of Mac OS X. It helps you understand the inner workings of the operating system so you can know how to get the most out of it. And it gives you countless ideas — and step-by-step instruction — for customizing and revving up Tiger to your specific needs and your liking.

Completely revised and updated for Mac OS X Tiger, Running Mac OS X Tiger covers all the new features and functionality of Tiger. You can count on authors Jason Deraleau and James Duncan Davidson to give what you need — and not bother with what you don't. They don't spend time on Finder tips and keyboard shortcuts; they focus on showing you what makes a Mac tick and, more importantly, how you can make it tick just the way you want it to.

Easy to follow and intuitively organized, Running Mac OS X Tiger is divided into three parts: "Getting Started" introduces Mac OS X and explains how it's put together and why it works; "Administration Essentials" gives you the tools you need to examine how your system is running and adjust all the knobs behind its operation; and "Networking and Network Services" covers the ways Mac OS X interfaces with the world around it, including wireless and spontaneous networking. Developer Tools for Mac OS X, including Xcode, are discussed throughout the book as appropriate.

For the growing number of intermediate to advanced users who are ready and eager to customize Mac OS X, Running Mac OS X Tiger delivers everything you need to become master of your Mac.

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Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 392

Добавлена в каталог: 23.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (bang)      
" (quotes, double)
"Show all file extensions" preference
# (hash mark)      
#! (shebang)      
#-Tab keystroke      
$ (dollar sign)      
% (percent sign)      
' (quotes, single)      
* (asterisk)      
+ (plus) button      
-- (hyphens)      
. and .. (parent directories)      
.bashrc file      
.bash_history file      
.bash_profile file      
.bom files      
.dmg file      
.Mac (dotMac)      
.Mac (dotMac), .Mac synchronization      
.Mac, .Mac synchronization      
.pkg files      
.plist (property list) files      
.sh file extension      
/ (forward slash)      
1984 commercial      
6to4 tunnel interface      
: (colon)      
> (angle bracket, right)      
> (angle bracket, right), console command      
>> (angle brackets, right)      
? (question mark)      
About This Mac menu      
absolute path      
Accounts preference panel      
ACEs (Access Control Entries)      
ACLs (access control lists)      
Active Directory      2nd
active network connections      
Activity Monitor      
Activity Monitor, killing processes      
adaptive hot-file clustering      
ADC (Apple Developer Connection)      2nd
Address book      
administrative users      
AFP (Apple Filing Protocol)      
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)      
AirPort      2nd
aliases, alias command      
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)      
Apache web server      
Apache web server, starting and stopping      
appending output      
Apple Developer Connection (ADC)      2nd
Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)      
Apple II and Apple III      
Apple merger with NeXT      
Apple Password Server      
Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)      
AppleScript      2nd
AppleScript, commenting      
AppleScript, conditionals      
AppleScript, dictionary      
AppleScript, example scripts      2nd
AppleScript, Hello, World!      
AppleScript, lists and records      
AppleScript, loops      
AppleScript, properties      
AppleScript, user interaction      
AppleScript, variables      
AppleTalk      2nd
appletalk -s command      
AppleTalk, adding printers      
AppleTalk, Zones      
application and multimedia services      
application environments      
application switching      
Applications directory      
apropos command      
Aqua      2nd
architecture, application and multimedia services      
architecture, application environments      
architecture, Aqua      
architecture, Core Foundation      
architecture, Darwin      
architecture, foundations      
Archive and Install      
ARD (Apple Remote Desktop)      
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)      
arp -a command      
at, atq, and atrm commands      
atlookup command      
atrun command      
authentication, Kerberos      2nd
automatic file defragmentation      
Automatic Locations      
automation, cron      
automation, date and time, setting      
automation, iCal, task scheduling with      
automation, scripting      
Automator      2nd
Automator, PDF Services      
Automator, workflows      
Automator, workflows, running      
automount directory      
Avery, Tex      
backups, data, choosing for backup      
bang (!) character      
bash shell      
bash shell, aliases      
bash shell, apropos command      
bash shell, bash scripting      
bash shell, bash scripting, backup script      
bash shell, bash scripting, bash executable      
bash shell, bash scripting, case statements      
bash shell, bash scripting, changes in system hardware alert      
bash shell, bash scripting, command substitution      
bash shell, bash scripting, conditionals      
bash shell, bash scripting, conditionals, testing      
bash shell, bash scripting, diff command      
bash shell, bash scripting, disk information report      
bash shell, bash scripting, environment variables      
bash shell, bash scripting, example scripts      
bash shell, bash scripting, Hello, World!      
bash shell, bash scripting, loops      2nd
bash shell, bash scripting, quotes      
bash shell, bash scripting, read command      
bash shell, bash scripting, secure input      
bash shell, bash scripting, shebang      
bash shell, bash scripting, user interaction      
bash shell, commands, looping through      
bash shell, configuration files      
bash shell, echo command      
bash shell, environment variables      
bash shell, help command      
bash shell, history command      
bash shell, keyboard shortcuts      
bash shell, pagers      
bash shell, prompt      
bash shell, redirecting (piping) output      
bash shell, set command      
batch command      
Berners-Lee, Tim      
Bill of Materials (.bom) files      
bin directory      
bless command      
block commenting (AppleScript)      
Blue Box      
Bonjour, Bonjour-enabled printers, adding      
Bonjour, mDNS (multicast DNS)      
Bonjour, wide-area support      
boot process      
boot process, boot command keys      
boot process, boot device, changing      
boot process, firmware      
boot process, hardware boot      
boot process, Mac OS 9      
boot process, operating system boot      
boot process, operating system boot, launchd      
boot process, operating system boot, SystemStarter      
boot process, Safe Mode      
boot process, security and      
boot process, setting the boot disk      
boot process, setting the boot disk, blessed system disk      
boot process, single-user and verbose boot modes      
boot process, Startup Disk preference panel      
Bourne, Steven      
BSD flat files      
BSD layer      
bug reports, filing with Apple      
bzip2 command      
C key      2nd 3rd 4th
Carbon      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Carnegie Mellon University      
case insensitivity      
case statements      
case-preserving and case-insensitive filesystems      
cat command      
cd command      2nd
CD/DVD master disk images      
CDs, burning disk images to      
chmod command      2nd 3rd
chmod command, ACLs and      
chown command      
Class A, B, and C masks      
Classic      2nd
Classic Mac OS 9 folders      
CoCoa      2nd
colon (:) character      
command substitution      
command-line      2nd
command-line, applications      
command-line, available utilities      
command-line, defaults tool      
command-line, disk images, working with      
command-line, files, finding on      
command-line, GUI system login, bypassing      
command-line, Home folder      
command-line, kill command      
command-line, Open Directory tools      
command-line, printing from      
command-line, printing from AppleTalk-based printers      
command-line, processes, monitoring      
command-line, system_profiler tool      
commenting in AppleScript      
compiling of software      
compressed disk image      
conditionals, AppleScript      
conditionals, bash scripting      
configure script      
Console application, viewing logfiles      
Control key      2nd
Control Panels      
Copland OS      
Core Foundation, CoreAudio, CoreImage, and CoreVideo      
cores directory      
cp command      2nd
Creator codes      
cron command      
cron command, Mac OS X-specific enhancements      
cron command, sleep command and      
crontab files      
crontab files, system crontab file      
crontab files, User crontab file      
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)      2nd
curl command      
custom software installers      
Darwin      2nd
Darwin, Mach kernel      
Darwin, OpenDarwin project      
DarwinPorts package manager      
DarwinPorts package manager, port installation      
Date & Time preference panel
date command      
Debian GNU/Linux      
defaults system      
defaults tool      
delimiter between command paths      
Desktop DB and Desktop DF directories      
desktop printers      
dev directory      
Developer directory      
Developer tools      
devices, creating from disk images      
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)      
diff command      
Digital Hub      2nd
Directory Access utility      
directory domains      
Directory Services      
disk drives      
disk drives, adding drives      
disk drives, boot disk, setting      
disk drives, copying      
disk drives, erasing      
disk drives, partitioning      
disk drives, partitioning, naming of partitions      
disk images (.dmg files)      
disk images (.dmg files), burning to CD or DVD      
disk images (.dmg files), command-line management of      
disk images (.dmg files), creating      
disk images (.dmg files), devices, creating from      
disk images (.dmg files), drives, restoring to      
disk images (.dmg files), encryption and      
disk images (.dmg files), folders, creating from      
disk images (.dmg files), format conversions      
disk images (.dmg files), software installation from      
disk images (.dmg files), types      
Disk Utility      
Disk Utility, disk images      
Disk Utility, disk images, creating      
Disk Utility, disk images, devices, creating from      
Disk Utility, disk images, folders, creating from      
Disk Utility, disk partitioning      
Disk Utility, disk partitioning, during installation      
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