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Piskurich G.M. (ed.) Ч The AMA Handbook of E-Learning: Effective Design, Implementation, and Technology Solutions
Piskurich G.M. (ed.) Ч The AMA Handbook of E-Learning: Effective Design, Implementation, and Technology Solutions

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Ќазвание: The AMA Handbook of E-Learning: Effective Design, Implementation, and Technology Solutions

јвтор: Piskurich G.M. (ed.)


Piskurich, an organizational learning and performance consultant, presents original contributions by 27 authorities on issues related to e-learning technology and content in a business-training context. Contributors discuss live e-learning, show how to analyze an organization's need for e-learning, and compare outsourcing versus insourcing e-learning projects. Bandwidth issues, Webcasting, synchronous learning, software choices are also examined.

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 450

ƒобавлена в каталог: 19.08.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
Action plan      264
Added-value companies and e-learning      21
Added-value companies, values of      19Ч20
ADDIE model      319
Administrator tool LMS feature      159
Administrator tool synchronous e-learning      126
Administrator tool, implementation of      322
Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL)      155
Agenda tool asynchronous e-learning      261
Agenda tool synchronous e-learning      122
Aggregators content aggregators      212
Aggregators, role of      8Ч9
Aldrich, Clark      419 437
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), blendedlearning approach      29
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), definition of e-learning      71Ч72
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), magazine of      85
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), on e-learning growth      28
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), program reviews/ratings      345
Animation      199
Application Programming Interface (API)      126
Application service provider (ASP), role of      9
Application sharing, synchronous e-learning      123
Archive Global      306
Archiving, LMS feature      159
artificial intelligence      12 434
AskMe Enterprise      349
Aspect Communications      340 349Ч350
assessments      see also Learner evaluation
Assessments competency management systems (CMS)      216Ч217
Assessments evaluation building block      265Ч266
Assessments goals/needs of learner      212 214
Assessments in recommendations document      53
Assessments of performance improvement      364 368Ч370
Assessments online      125
Assessments self-assessments      262
Assignments, e-mail assignments      266Ч267
Asynchronous e-learning collaboration products      259 266Ч268
Asynchronous e-learning Corporate Model      257
Asynchronous e-learning dialog boxes      262
Asynchronous e-learning elicitation products      258 262Ч265
Asynchronous e-learning evaluation products      258Ч259 265Ч266
Asynchronous e-learning presentation products      258 259Ч262
Asynchronous e-learning resource area      262
Asynchronous e-learning self-assessments      262
Asynchronous e-learning tools action plan      264
Asynchronous e-learning tools agenda/map      261
Asynchronous e-learning tools discussion boards      267Ч268
Asynchronous e-learning tools document repository      268
Asynchronous e-learning tools eЧmail assignments      266Ч267
Asynchronous e-learning tools eЧmail welcome      260Ч261
Asynchronous e-learning tools home page/welcome screen      261
Asynchronous e-learning tools interview/news story      261
Asynchronous e-learning tools skeptics corner      263Ч264
Asynchronous e-learning tools slide shows      261
Asynchronous e-learning tools virtual brainstorm (flipchart)      263
Asynchronous e-learning tools what do you think section      267
Asynchronous e-learning tools what happens next section      264Ч265
Asynchronous e-learning tools what would you say section      264
Asynchronous e-learning University Model      256
Asynchronous e-learning, definition of      8
Audience analysis for blended learning project      311Ч312
Audience analysis for recommendations document      52
Audience analysis for synchronous e-learning      280Ч281
Audience analysis in needs analysis      45Ч48
Audience analysis individuals surveyed for      46Ч47
Audience analysis surveys for      47Ч50 57Ч67
Audio for Webcasts      195
Audio streaming, meaning of      8
Audio Voice over IP (VOIP)      122 284
Audio, audioЧconferencing      284
Author hiring tips      147
Author, role of      140
Authoring      324Ч326
Authoring tool selection tips      325Ч326
Authoring tools, purpose of      8
Authoring vendor role      430
Authorware Attain      325
Avergun, Amy      306
Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC)      155Ч157
Bandwidth compression versus optimization      188Ч189
Bandwidth design basics      184Ч187
Bandwidth, meaning of      8 332
Berger, Allan      353 360
Best Distance Learning Graduate Schools      345
Best use policy      347Ч348
Bitmap Image      188
Blended learning      127Ч128
Blended learning and discussion groups      308Ч309
Blended learning and learning management system (LMS)      307
Blended learning and live e-learning      309
Blended learning and Web-based training      307Ч308
Blended learning content management      127
Blended learning elements of      9 23 29 102 127 414
Blended learning pre-design information gathering      311Ч314
Blended learning, benefits of      310Ч311
BlueMissile      190 253
Books, extended books      423 427
Brainbench Test Center      216
Brandon-hall.com      316
Breakout room, synchronous e-learning      125
Broadabent, Brooke      331
Brock, Russ      99 115
Brockbank, Bray J.      151 169
Bruner, Jerome      265
Buddy system, for learners      343
budget      see Cost of e-training
Builds, Webcasting      199
Bulletin board, discussion groups      173Ч175
Bunch, Kathy      306
Burrow, Jim      393 409
Business case, in favor of e-learning      79Ч82
Business processes, e-training barriers      25Ч26
Cache and graphic content      185Ч186
Cache, operation of      185
Career plan, e-learning integration      349
Cascading style sheets (CSS), pros/cons of      186
Casting, for Webcast      201
Center for Innovation and Inquiry      115
Centra Software      130 283 308 338 431
Change management      81
Change, implementation of      18 28
Chat      177Ч180
Chat for follow-up sessions      331
Chat public versus private rooms      177
Chat text-based chat      124 125 284
Chat, e-learning activities related to      178
Chat, moderation/facilitation of      179Ч180
Chat, pros/cons of      178Ч179
ChatSpace      219
Cisco Systems      153 349 376 377 379 381
Coaching, elements of      128 414
Collaboration products      259 266Ч268
Collaboration products, examples of      266Ч268
Collaboration products, instructional outcomes      267
Collaboration products, purposes of      266Ч267
Collaborative work      113 see
Collaborative work, elements of      128 414
Collis, Betty      318
Communication strategy, in recommendations document      54
Communispond Corporation      360 377 391
Community building, extended community      424Ч425
Community building, repurposing materials      300Ч301
Competency management systems (CMS), functions of      216Ч217
Complexity, content, levels of      326Ч328
Compression, versus optimization      188Ч189
Computer games, global learning simulations      433
Computer Mediated Instruction (CMI)      2
Conduit, meaning of      338
Cone, John      350
Conference calls, and Webcasts      195
Conferencing      see Discussion groups
Connectivity LMS feature      160
Connectivity virtual classroom      159
Content aggregators      212
Content community database      427Ч428
Content complexity, levels of      326Ч328
Content editor      434
Content embedded help      426Ч427
Content expert access      425 428
Content extended books      423 428
Content extended community      424Ч425
Content extended expert access      425
Content extended lectures      424 428
Content global curriculum      428Ч429
Content interplay, examples of      427Ч429
content management      see also Learning content management systems (LCMS)
Content markup, synchronous e-learning      122
Content provider, functions of      8
Content simulations      425Ч426 428
Content specialists, role of      233
Content view, synchronous e-learning      121
Content, meaning of      338
Continuing education units, learning portals      221
Corporate Model, asynchronous e-learning      257
Cost of e-training      14 41
Cost of e-training and blended learning project      314
Cost of e-training and course management system (CMS)      295Ч296
Cost of e-training and outsourcing      133 138
Cost of e-training cost savings, scope of      77
Cost of e-training in business case      80
Cost of e-training in recommendations document      55
Cost of e-training learning content management systems (LCMS)      164
Cost of e-training learning management system (LMS)      164
Cost of e-training return on investment (ROI)      43Ч44
Cost of e-training vendor billing      250
Course management system (CMS), time/cost effectiveness      295Ч296
Course map, repurposing materials      298Ч299
Course outline, example outline      67Ч69
Course outline, preliminary outline      50Ч51
Courseware providers, role of      430
Crawford & Associates International      70
Creative Approaches, Inc.      145
Cropping, graphics      185Ч186
Curriculum design, emphasis of      40
Customization, and vendors      247 430
Customization, learning portals      221
Customization, LMS feature      160Ч161
Cutting edge companies and e-learning      21 33Ч34
Cutting edge companies, values of      18Ч21
Data analysis, in needs analysis      48Ч50
DazzlerMax      325
De Gaizo, Edward R.      306
Delivery methods for surveys      48
Delivery methods in recommendations document      53Ч54
Delivery methods, combined methods      93Ч94
Delivery methods, holistic approach      329Ч333
Delivery methods, implementation of      329Ч330
Development stage, elements of      322Ч329
Dialog boxes      262
DigitalThink      211 431
Discovery learning      265
discussion groups      173Ч177
Discussion groups and blended learning      308Ч309
Discussion groups as asynchronous communication      176 267Ч268
Discussion groups bulletin board postings      173Ч175
Discussion groups linear discussion      177
Discussion groups threaded discussion      176Ч177
Discussion groups, moderation/facilitation of      179Ч180
Discussion groups, pros/cons of      176
Distance Learning Readiness Assessment (DLRA)      92
Distance learning, definition of      8
Docent      164 431
Document repository      268
Donovan, Loretta      317 336
Downsizing      75
Dreamweaver      325
Driscoll, Marcy      257
Duckworth, Christine      331
Dunn, Nanette      255 269Ч270
Dunn, Rita      310
E-conferences, elements of      119
E-learning and business processes      25Ч26
E-learning and human performance improvement (HPI)      361Ч372
E-learning and hype      27Ч29
E-learning and learners/learning      22Ч23 30Ч31
E-learning and location of learners      40
E-learning and organizational culture      19Ч22 33Ч34 347
E-learning and trainers      24Ч25
E-learning best use policy      347Ч348
E-learning blended learning approach      23 29
E-learning compared to traditional training      12Ч14 28Ч29 78
E-learning cost factors      14 41
E-learning curriculum design      40
E-learning delivery methods      39Ч40
E-learning historical view      12 153
E-learning Leaders, rating/ranking of e-courses      346
E-learning rating/ranking of courses      345Ч346
E-learning Service      219
E-learning technologies, asynchronous e-learning      255Ч269
E-learning technologies, learning content management systems (LCMS)      162Ч163
E-learning technologies, learning management systems (LMS)      159Ч162
E-learning technologies, learning object (LO)      163Ч164
E-learning technologies, scenarios models      414
E-learning technologies, simulations      413
E-learning technologies, synchronous e-learning      118Ч128
E-learning technologies, virtual classroom      158Ч159
E-learning vendor segments      154
E-learning, applications for      414Ч415
E-learning, basic questions related to      4Ч7
E-learning, benefits of      76Ч79 420Ч422
E-learning, building blocks of      258Ч259
E-learning, business case for      79Ч82
E-learning, definition of      8 71Ч72
E-learning, deliverables of      41Ч42
E-learning, elements of      2Ч3 412
E-learning, errors in approach to      15Ч17
E-learning, extremism related to      27
E-learning, failure of      337Ч339
E-learning, increase in use of      28 72
E-learning, internal marketing of      349Ч350
E-learning, need for      see Needs analysis
E-learning, Pareto approach to      17
E-learning, readiness for      72Ч74
E-learning, resistance to      82Ч83
E-learning, terms/definitions related to      8Ч10
E-mail assignments      266Ч267
E-mail LMS feature      160
E-mail user support      333
E-mail, welcome eЧmail      260Ч261
E-meetings, elements of      119
Editing, Webcast      205
Educata      283
Efficiency machine companies and e-learning      21 33
Efficiency machine companies, values of      19Ч20
Efficiency, increased and e-training      77
Electronic performance support system (EPSS)      9
Electronic performance support systems      39
Electronic University Network      352
Element K      217 221
Elementary school, global learning, impact of      432
Elicitation products      258 262Ч265
Elicitation products, examples of      263Ч265
Elicitation products, instructional outcomes      263
Elicitation products, purposes of      262Ч263
ELIZA virtual therapist      12
Ellet, Bill      11 35Ч36
Embedded database, LMS feature      160
Enterprise information portals (EIP)      154 210
Evaluation of learning      see Learner evaluation
Evaluation products      258Ч259
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